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Isabell Faust

Dolls of Lady Lovely Locks, Lovely Locks as balarina, Maiden Fair Hair, Maiden Curly Crown, Prince Strongheart, Duches RavenWaves, Maden GoldenWaves,two Silkypubs, One of the dragons, three cats and about 10 or 11 comics by now.
And a video As well as the 10 Mc's of the german audio play.

Actualy the only part of the collection that's from my childhood. I bought the rest when I started working...


My real life Name is Isabell. I'm 23 years old.
I've grown up with Lady Lovely Locks. I've liked her since I was about 4. But in my childhood Ive only had the german audio play and some magazines. I guess I must have seen the LLL serie, but I can't actually remember anything about it, besides vague pictures.
My beeing Fan of LLL is due to the audio play. I simply loved it and the way the characters where personated. It was just wonderful, just the wolrd I'd liked to be and live in as a child. And I still love it. Anyone around this site who understands a little german should try to get hold of the Mcs. Its very cute, but not something you couldn't like as ann adoult- since its good enough in it to faszinate adults as well.
LLL was like my heroine when I was little, I guess. But I never had any of the dolls. I wanted the Lady herself very badly, but still, I never got it.....



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