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I have come to collect everything from the 80's and then some =). I recently found all of my ladylovelylocks toys in my basement which were in very great need of cleaning. So with some shampoo and conditioner I cleaned two Lady Lovely Locks dolls, one Prince Strong Heart, one SilkyPup, one SilkyMane, and a bunch of pixietails. My hands hurt from pulling through all of the knots but it was worth it and now I have a small but proud collection of LLL toys. Now I just need somewhere to display them =P.

Besides LLL, I still try to collect My Little Pony, G.I. Joe, Littlest Pet Shop (older first generation), Moon Dreamers, and many others. I love collecting all older cartoons, from MLP, to LLL, to G.I.Joe, Garfield and Friends, and many other eclectic 80's and early 90's cartoons.

**Hopefully soon:
Enchanted Island CurlyCrown swimsuit and hairpiece, and at least one white pearl shoe with matching headpiece for my Enchanted Island Lady LovelyLocks doll


I am the biggest sucker for love stories, especially those such as Lady and Prince Strongheart. That may be why I have fallen in love with the LLL cartoon and story, the love story of a prince and princess that, for now, cannot be. But through trying and time we can only hope they find each other. And there, now everyone has seen my sappy side =P.



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