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HairBall used to be an apprentice of ShiningGlory, but he is now in the employ of the Duchess RavenWaves, helping her execute her plans by making potions, using spells and bossing around the Comb Gnomes. He may seem sympathetic when he's miserable enough, but he is not to be trusted!

Comb Gnomes

The Comb Gnomes serve Duchess RavenWaves and HairBall. They are mischievous enough, but also very lazy and can be counted upon to botch a job. Even so, they are able to use magic to create whatever the Duchess or HairBall requires, and can even do magical attacks that look like lightning.

The pink one is called Snags. She always talks in rhymes, much to HairBall's annoyance.

The purple one is called Tanglet and doesn't talk, but only grumbles.

The blue one is called Dullah or Dullard?

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