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A little Troll boy. He has brown eyes, green fur, pointed ears and a long tale with a quate. He lives with his family in a treehouse and his best friends are Tatzel and Knabberjahn, Prince StrongHeart and Lady LovelyLocks, of course, whom they have found unconscious somewhere in the forest.

Other characters


LongCurl Dragon

Dragons are not native to LovelyLocks Land, but Lady LovelyLocks has befriended a couple of them, namely Longcurl Dragon and her 3 babies: Merrycurl (purple), Sweetcurl (pink), and Bouncycurl (green).

Baby Dragons

Baby dragons are born from the Dragon Tree. This tree grows from a seed planted by the mother dragon. Baby dragons are always born in three's. They actually pop out of giant flowers when those fall down from the tree.

Dragons talk common language with eachother, or say "Rak!" when they are under stress.

Lady LovelyLocks

With a pretty pink smile, gentle blue eyes, and a shimmering rainbow of silky curls tumbling down her slender back, Lady LovelyLocks is truly the most beautiful princess in the world. She is the ruler and protector of the Kingdom of LovelyLocks, where everyone and everything has long, lustrous hair.

But there is more to her than meets the eye, for she is beautiful from the inside out, and has the power to make the beauty in her heart shine brilliantly through in everything she does. It is this inner beauty that serves her when danger threatens the friends and the kingdom she loves so.

The prettily colored streaks in Lady LovelyLocks' hair were given to her as magical gifts to symbolize her royalty. The soft pink glow came from the Dawn, the Sun added the radiant gold, and Twilight bestowed the shimmering lavender. These precious streaks enable her to summon the friendly little forest creatures called the Pixietails and command them to do her bidding.

Pixietails possess the secrets of Hair Magic, which gives them the power to add enchanted curls, sparkles, and waves of color to anything they wish. In this way they help Lady LovelyLocks keep her kingdom looking as pretty as can be.

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