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LLL Goodies Giveaway - Closed

By Webmistress - Posted on 24 April 2013

After my last move my LLL items have been sitting in boxes, and I am ready now to pass them on to someone who will enjoy them the way they are meant to. You do not need to pay me for the items, just the shipping. (Of course, any donations above the shipping costs are most welcome and will be used for the maintenance of this website. Eye-wink )

Just let me know which items you are interested in and in which country you live. Please note that I will be shipping from the Netherlands. If more people are interested in the same item, I will give it to the one who has the most userpoints on May 1 (you gain userpoints by interacting on the site).

Doll fashion:
- Picnic Dress (MIB)
- Slumber Set (MIB)
- Tea Time Dress (MIB)

- 1 pair of blue shoes
- 1 yellow comb (flower ball style)

- wall quilt
- 2 different bedsets: and
- bedsheets
- pair of curtains
- nightgown

- giant card game

- Lady LovelyLocks - An Enchanting Fairy-Tale Adventure
- The Golden Ball
- For the Love of LovelyLocks
- Coloring Book (mostly used)
- Coloring Book (with story in Dutch, used)
- Panini Album (animation stills and illustrations)
- Dutch comics #1-8 and annual
- German comic #2
- US Comic Annual

- metal tray
- paper napkins
- paper cups
- paper plates
- plastic table cloth
- plastic mug (has been used as a pencil holder)
- valentine cards (partially used)
- address book (mostly empty, except for my old number)
- pencil case with ruler
- pencil with mirror cap

- Vol.1 (USA NTSC)
- Vol.2: The Wishing Bone (USA NTSC)
- Vol.4: The Dragon Tree (USA NTSC)
- The Menace of Mirror Lake (Australian PAL)

- My Little Pony movie (Dream Castle)
- The Care Bears movie
- The Care Bears movie II

I just realized I don't have pics of all my stuff, so I'll snap some shots and add them later. Just let me know if you need more info on any of these items!

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To those who participated, I'm currently sorting out which items I can send to you and what the shipping costs will be. I should be able to email you the results tomorrow. Sorry for the wait!

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