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Beauty Magic Throne - Parts or in full

By Mira - Posted on 02 March 2010

I had a not too great looking box with the Lady Lovely Locks Beauty Magic Throne, that I have now opened, and aside from a little dust and some minor and barely noticeable spots, everything is in excellent condition!

So, should anyone be looking for spare parts, now's your chance to acquire some, otherwise I'll put all the bits in this set up for auction Smiling

Oh, I just realised, the thrones do vary in colour, so I should point out my throne has blue/green interior details/chair.
Click here for photos!

Please PM / email me (miraculousm at gmail dot com) if interested, alternatively reply to this thread.

Lady LovelyLocks's picture

Hi Mira! I'll keep an eye out when you post the pictures. I might need the butter fly wing door handles! Laughing out loud

Do not steal this image.

Mira's picture

Those should be pink at least.
I'll try and upload pics tomorrow Smiling

EDIT: Photo link added!

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