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By galactikitty - Posted on 22 January 2010

I wish there were more customs of Lady Lovelylocks-

I have the hardest time sewing but I do so love customs, and it seems like this line just screams for someone to re-make Lady Lovelylocks' gown or Ravenwaves' gown into a fabulous gown based on the cartoon. I mean, the same design as the actual dolls- just a lot nicer and fancier. Smiling (and I have seen the barbie customs on Deviant art I think- but I really do despise Barbie, so I really can't look at them fairly).

Does someone want to make me the most fantastic custom Ravenwaves gown ever for my Moxie doll? My stuff just isn't working out...

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Smiling Hi, I hope to start making custom outfits for LLL characters again. My own original designs based on the LLL world's style & cut to LLL standard patterns. I used to do them extremely well as a child. My sewing skills have only improved since them. I'll do it for my own collection anyway. I just want to know how much interest there would be out there. Should I make extras and put them on ebay? And I would have to use soft leather-like upper shoes. I mean what's an outfit without hot shoes & accesories, right? Would you rather I sell them separate? I use quality fabrics, trims, and handstitch most at least to start with.

I'd appreciate any friendly honest opinions and ideas. So let me know.

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Hi I'm nrnfafy,
I'm still interested in designing customs for Lady LovelyLocks and Peppermint Rose Dolls. I can't believe it took so long for my profile to be approved, so glad the admin is back.

Well anyway, I'm still very interested in making custom costumes for LLL and maybe even some custom teen dolls. I've been working on lots of designs. Some basic gowns and more outlandish Masquerade gowns or Enchanted Island style costumes and even suits and capes for Prince StrongHeart. I've been gathering materials, and researching. There is definitely a set style to this doll's world and I want to preserve and further that. Finally found out what those pixietail petals were made of and got a good range of shades too. It's just not legit without a pixie petal to me. You know?

So far I've found Duchess Ravenwaves inspires lots of looks given her style on tv and in print was rather extravagant bordering on gaudy- And that nothing was ever really made for her frees up options for me for some reason. The mermaids are more or a challenge. I'm thinking some basic pretty gowns in good colors that I can keep at or below $20 and easily collectible. Some more special costumes, ensembles, and full reproductions from the old paperdoll designs for a bit more.

So I'd like to know if there are particular colors or themes anybody wants to see? These little things take so much time, effort, and expense to make happen. If I put the work in I'd like the extras to sell and sell well. I've noticed spending for LLL on ebay isn't so good lately. So I would really appreciate as much feedback and ideas as possible to help this endeavor succeed. Also does anybody know if I can post or load designs and art here for feedback? I don't know this site well and it's changed a bit since my last visit.

Thanks so much for any input Smiling

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Hi!!! I have been looking for someone to make custom outfits similar to the paper dolls. I have a FB page I would love you to join and share your ideas to the fans! Thank you! C:

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Yes yes I remember you! I'm still on your FB page and we've spoken a long while ago before about it. Oh wow, so much has happened in my life since then. But I never let go of the idea and spent the time researching and resourcing. Now it's just a matter of finding the time to actually get it done right.

Which of the papaerdoll outfits are you particularly looking for most?

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Where you been? Everything alright? C:
There is a couple I like. Did you get any made?
I would love to see pictures!

Do not steal this image.

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I'm okay. I went through a bunch of personal and family problems I'd rather not talk about on here. Ended up going back to school from 9am-10pm most days and I'll soon be done (crossed fingers). So hopefully I'll have a weekend or two soon to finally put something together. I have designs sketched out , so many supplies, and I'm reworking patterns. This site has always been such a huge help. Like I've said, I've really been wanting to do this for so long. I feel it's something I have to get done even for my own collection. Like it's not complete otherwise, and why should any other collector be left out. You know?

Anyway I'm really really itching to get something finally done. Every time I tried last year life threw me an obstacle. Now is as good a time as ever before I get busy again.


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I couldn't find your username in the list. You could try registering again (activation should be via email) or let me know if you have any other issues.

As for costumes, once you're logged in you could post a thread in this forum:

~ Manon

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I've re-registered here as SylphNSiren now. Thanxs Smiling

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I also have been looking for someone to make custom dresses. Haven't had any luck. Although I have some good news. I did have a custom Lady LovelyLocks Doll made. I should have her tomorrow. I am real excited. I wanted her a bigger size. So she was made with the Tonner Doll. I'll post pictures as soon as she gets here. ^~^

Do not steal this image.

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galactikitty, I believe daughter has such a doll. I might be able to help you out, but atm I am bit swamped with various stuff. Would you like a wig to go with it, or do you have that covered? There are some pretty nice BJD wigs out there though..

Lady Lovely Locks, the Tonner dolls, they are of the 18" kind? Or do I remember wrongly?
I'm afraid I do not have that kind of doll though, but I'm eying BJD ones...

And please do post pics asap Laughing out loud

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Their more of Barbie's size I would say, the height mainly. The body is not much different though.

I posted the pictures under "My Custom Doll <3". Laughing out loud Enjoy!

Do not steal this image.

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Aha, must be mixing them up with the Tyler dolls, although one of them had a bit of range in doll size I think!

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