Variations of Lady Lovely Locks clothing.

I know I made mention to this somewhere else but just how many variations are there of the dresses?

Two different color pixie petals can be seen here:

And these dresses both have different overlays and base fabric.

I am really looking for any help on this would be great so I can get a clearer view of just how much more I have to collect. Smiling

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You know, I noticed the

You know, I noticed the pixie-petal variations, but never the actual fabric variations-

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doll dress diferances

this happens with some dolls
like the bratz doll the last sweet heartz line
the doll ether was missing the tights
or have a different lip gloss case color

baicly its what factory the doll clothes came from
some of them might have different items
to make the doll dresses from