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Custom or Handmade LLL Dresses

By Lady LovelyLocks - Posted on 04 August 2009

Hello there. I am looking for someone who can make custom LLL dresses. If anyone knows any information please let me know. Can't wait! ^.^

On a side note. How is everyone? I miss it here. D:

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first it depends on what size your asking about

then finding a pattern and changing it to fit the style of the dress
your asking about

then fabric or in lady lovely locks dress
small sized ribbons

now i wouldnt want to make a doll dress
like the way mattel did those ladylovely locks dolls
since the shiney mattalic stuff tends to flake
over some time

the lady lovely locks dolls
used the stacie doll body type for the time
i could size a pattern to fit that body type
tho i think the heads were a slight different in size

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Hello. For now I am just looking for someone to do the job. I have my ideas of what I would like, and I also have extra LLL parts to use for measuring if one needed it. If you are offering let me know. I am very interested.

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Hey guys, doing her dress isn't hard, really:

You'll need three layers, in different length, as you'll see on the official artwork, if you wanna go by that.
If sewn together, the skirt will fall prettily as the gathered top hem of the petticoat wil hold it. From that downward it'll fall down pretti enough and have a very nice bell shape. loke the Ladys dresses tend to.
Then you can get lace and satting ribbons to decorate it. They are availabal in a large scale of sices. The smallest I now is about 3 millimeters in bredth. So It should be small enough even for a doll in the origina size.
I think that's just the size of ribbon mattel must have used back then....

If you need help on patterns go to Denias's site here:
She has a lot of dolls made, and has a lot of her patterns online for free for others to use. So you need only change it a little and scale it down.

Then all you need to do is purchase your fabric in your local store. If you go to a fabric store they'll have all sorts of fabrics. There's such a wealth of them. So you can coose whatever strikes you as the most appropriate.....

But I'd make it in two parts. The outcome will look better if two parted. It's easier that way.
You just have to work carefully in that size so it will be a clean outcome.

Sewing isn't so hard, plus you'll know best what you do fancie.

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Hi Alarda. I would sew myself if I could. Do you happen to know where or how I can get in touch with someone who can make custom dresses. I have my own designs and some ideas... But most custom doll fashion sites I find, they only do larger scale dolls. Any information would help. Thank you.

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Well, you could ask Denisa, who owns this site But I do not know if she takes commissions, though....
And even if you find someone that'll do it for you, it'll be expensive.
But if you'd like the sew yourself, I can draw you soe scetches to teach you an easie stich that'll hold fine.
As for patterns, I think I could help you with these as well.
I can send you the patterns as a pdf, so you just need to print them to use and write you instructions for how to put it together.
You'll do youur own stuff before you know it!

What do you say?THen the only stuff you need to pay for, is your working matirial. And with just that, you'*ll always be cheaper off.

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I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try o.o
What I was looking for to be custom made were the dresses from the LLL Paper Dolls. And thank you Alarda.

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You meant these, didn't you?

I can assure you: they are easy enough.
For the blue skirt, I'd say you'll need 3 diffferent shades of blue fabric.
I'd start with a fabric thats easy to sew and iron.
I'd use cotton fabrics. They're esy to sew, rubstand don't tend to frey much. So its a good beginners fabric.
And if it comforts you: my first LLL dresses where combletly made of cotton as well.
They usually are available in a great range of clours and shades.

So, the blue skirt will have to have 3 layers of different length.
For the pink and white one, two should suffice.
For their respective bodices there are two possible approaches.
Possibility 1 (The easies one) is to make the bodice a sperate part that'll go a little bit above the uper skirt hem (The one around her waist) and close it whith snap fastners.
Possibility 2 is harder. One could make a sort of body out of the bodice, kinda like a swim suit. But id have to figure out how best to get that workingout.
And as the skirt would go over that, partially, the skirt will of course 'stike out' a bit, as its thicker as the body/swimsuit thing underneath it.

But then again, hat swimsuit thing she's wearing could be made for itself, if you like to have it.

Now, all you have to do is tell me how you wann a do it, and I can start on the patterns.
And if you dopp me your e-mail adress per PM, I can sent it to you as soon as I'fe finsihed, including the promised scetches and guidlines.

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Their from these Paper Dolls.

Just let me know if I need to scan them for you. Would I be able to do this by hand? I don't have a sewing machine. Just let me know. Here is my email address:

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It looks like the original dresses of them....
But if you've got these and could make some scans it would be helpful.
Just to be sure I'm not mistaken about that.
I'll send you my e-mail via e-mail. Seems securer that way. I wouldn't post an e-mail adress like that. Could lead to a lot of spam mail. Eye-wink
But I'm sure you'll be able to do that by hand.
Actually, that's how I started out early on. And like I said: you needn't get yourself a fabric that does fray so much.
These days it is easy enough to get by with very little sewing. I don't know about your lokation, but in germany there's glue available to glue fabric instead of sewing it....
So you could use that too, as an extra to get clear edges for the rounded parts of skirts. But then again: if you're using a fabric that doesn' fray much, like coton, and put lace ofter the seem edge, nobody will see anyhow.
So don't trouble yourself with worry so much. And look at it this way: people in the midleages had to sew all their clothes by hand. Smiling So we'll get this to work like that all right.
At any rate, the pieces shouldn't get to be too large I suppose.
I'd estimate that even the sircle for the skirts ougth to fit on a normal size sheet of paper....
But at any rate, I'll see that when I'm at the patterns themself.
When I got your scans, I'll be working on them. That's a promise. I hope I'll be able to send them to you with some speed, but I can't be sure about that as my gran has to undergo a hip-joint surgery next week, and I don't know how much time I'll be spending at the hospital. And you usually do not get an internet exess there to send anything off....
But anyways, you'll resieve them, rest asured. I'm not gonna back out of this now.
Just telling you this so you won't worry if I don't get in front of my computer for a couple of days whith gran in hospial and so forth.

But just send me the scans. And I'll do for you what I can.
I sugest you wait to buy you're fabrics till you got the patterns.
You won't be needing much fabric. For a LLL sized doll you ougth to get enough if you only buy half a meter. It may only be 50 zcentimeters lon, but hey, fabrics are usually at least 80 or 90 centimers wide. So you have PLENTY, even if you end up doing something twice wen you're not pleased with your first attempt - like me sometimes. Smiling

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