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how to make your own lady lovely locks doll

By zenimoonchild - Posted on 08 June 2009

I have seen some one use barbie dolls
but I am thinking of useing
obistu dolls that are the same size as the lady lovely locks dolls
all I need to do is find the right colors for the hair and reroot the bald obistu doll head
since the body will be around the same size
I can find loose lady lovely locks doll clothes

I am going to try and make her look more like the cartoon version then the doll
but I will print out a few images as guides

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I think the biggest challenge is indeed (re)rooting the hair, but I take it you are not a novice when it comes to that sort of thing?

I hope this project turns out well!
Please let us know how things are progressing and if you have pics to share, even better Smiling

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well i have done different doll hair rerootings
i have done barbie dolls tho those my sene doll heads
are a bit of a problem

I have done the mattel version of the winx club dolls

I am still working on finding the bratz doll head
to finish plucking out the stubbles of hair

and the prince doll the one that was the beast
I need to send off for the hair for him

the only problem is time and of course money

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THAT Prince will indead come expencive..... Expierience speaking here....
As for the hair. You don't need saran hair, actually. You can use coman wigs!
Or these things you can klip in your hair that have these extensions o! You know, the ones you can put into your own hair to pep up your hairstyle?
They are easier to get than that saran hair, and, with a little luck, cheaper as well. Plus, you can do quiete a lot of rerooting with that much hair.
At least that's my expieriance.
As I'm living in Germany there was no specal hair to reroot to be found in the first place, so I came up with this subtitude, and it works quite well.

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