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Maide Misty Curls

By Alarda - Posted on 02 May 2009

He you guys!

Since I'm doing some LLL OOAK Dolls again, and I've a pretty 'black' one, I'd like to do Maiden Misty Curls.
Problem is: I've only a very unsharp picture. Not much to go with.

So anything you would have to say about her, would help - or even if someone could send me some pictures.



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She does appear to be one of the lesser known and featured characters (possibly because she was a late addition, hmm), but I do recall her being featured in at least one of the LLL comics. Hmm, seems the English volume 1 comic is in the gallery for the Dutch comicc though?

It is actual images of the original Maiden MistyCurls doll that you want, or would illustrations be of use too?
If you like, I can send you a bigger and edited version of the bottom image posted here, as soon as I get internet at home again.

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I found a better image of the doll on flicker
so here is the link

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you can always do a image search in yahoo or google
or even flicker

I can find something if you like

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No, thank yu. That picture wose link you posted really helped very much!

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