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Maiden FairHair

Devoted friend of Lady LovelyLocks, Maiden FairHair does everything with a cool, serene style. Elegance and charm just come naturally to this peaceful maiden who would be perfectly content to spend her days sharing the most exquisite daydreams with whomever came her way. With such friendly qualities as these it's no wonder Maiden FairHair can plan the most splendid royal parties the Kingdom of Lovely Locks has ever seen.

Once she has made up her mind, Maiden FairHair can pull off just about any plan she invents. However, she often gets lost in the airy details of her daydreams, and when she is hard at work thinking, it's no use trying to get her to do anything else. She forgets to pay attention to other things that are going on around her, and may well end up walking with her shoes on through a babbling brook while taking a stroll through the garden.

Luckily, Lady LovelyLocks understands her friend and decided to give her the Wavy Pixietails as patient, cheerful guides. The Wavy Pixietails have a special power to smooth away any tangles or snags that might trip up their lovely mistress.


  • Maiden FairHair's hobby is painting.

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