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Interest in LLL skins for Nintendo DS Lite?

By Mira - Posted on 19 April 2009

I just spotted some custom Nintendo DS Lite skins of the sticker kind.. and there are sites that offer to print custom ones made out of vinyl material, which really is thin and quite durable. But since LLL is copyrighted, it is not an option to send in LLL graphics to a third party that would charge for printing them. However, if one was to print skins oneself on transparent sheets used to make own stickers, and then laminating that, it'd still be very nice and somewhat durable.

You can find a great example of a homemade custom skin here, with the Link character from Zelda Smiling

-> Are there any gamers out there that are also LLL fans that'd want a custom LLL skin for their Nintendo DS Lite shell or Nintendo DS Lite protective [hard] case?

As I could help you with images to print out by uploading examples in the Download Goodies section, and I hope it won't interfer the more with copyright than for wallpapers that are already up here, since this would be for entertainment purposes only with no profit being made.

And speaking of Nintendo DS Lite.. if one was to make an LLL game for it, what'd it be like? Smiling
One could in theory make a virtual version of the Seek and Peek game, for one to four ish players, if one made use of the wifi connection. But, the monitor might be a tad too small for that, unless one used some kind of magnifying function to browse through the different areas on the map, making use of the lower and upper screens for that purpose.

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It's funny that you should mention a LLL game. I got myself a DSi last week and have been looking into homebrew... although I don't have much experience in programming... yet! Eye-wink

At least those homemade skins look like a cool idea! If I understand correctly, the transparent sheet already has a sticky side?

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ltns! Smiling

Yepp, one side is sticky, so one best make sure one prints on the right side, unless one doesn't mind a mirrored look. I'm not sure how well that material will handle reapplication since it wasn't really intended for such use, why I'm interested in more permanently adding a skin design on the outside of a protective hard case.

I did a test printout on plain paper earlier to cut and fit on the DSL I have available. And woes for cutting out the inside skin bits, that narrow line that goes just over top of the bottom screen, one has to be very careful when cutting there. But, one could settle for a more simple cleancut design like the Link one linked above where the outside top + upper inside surfaces had .

As the upper outside area isn't tricky at all to fit, and the inside stuff would be very easy save for finding something to poke holes with for the speakers, if placing something over them. I was thinking about finding those scans I did of pixietails for instance, as that'd be a great addon on the inside of the DSL/DSi.

Daughter got her NDSL from her father who arranged for it to have some nifty card in hers, so I'm also able to play old games that I used to play on the NES console, woohoo! I have seen a NDSL used for IRC chat, quite the surreal feel I must say. One does need the proper addon gadetry though. As there appears to be those that use their DSes to listening to MP3s and watching videos. But I think I'll have to look that up more to compare with standalone gadgets for respective.

We eagerly await an LLL DSL/DSi game then Eye-wink

What colour is your DSi? As she who did the Link skin recommended that one does "a 'test stick' to see how a piece of the paper without ink will blend with the color of ones DS. It's translucent so it basically disappears on darker colors." That is the reason why she foremost recommends custom skins for lightly coloured DSes. But, if one has a protective case that is brighter that might work better..

And if you already haven't such, I recommend you get protective sheets for the screens, 'cause they'll go through a lot of poking Smiling

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Haha, yay for emulators! Laughing out loud

I have a white DSi in a transparent pastel pink crystal case with glitters on it. The glitters cast a shade on the DS itself, so a skin would also be subject to that. In which case I'm thinking it would be best to stick a skin on the case, even though the white seems ideal. (I already got into a LLL theme by shooting pics of my LLL dolls which appear on the top screen in the DSi menu.)

I got a few protective sheets that came with a travel bag. I messed up the sheet for the top screen (didn't read the instructions properly), but fortunately applying the sheet for the bottom screen worked... which I guess is most important. It's already showing some scratches, so I did need it indeed. Shocked

I suppose that leaves the question exactly which image to use...

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Aha, white is good as background for home made skin too. I think daughter has the same kind of crystal case that you have, with glitter Laughing out loud

Hmm, had the crystal case been blue, I was thinking about that motif with LLL riding on Silkymane. But since the protective case where you plan to place the skin on is pink, maybe something with more pink in it would be good, or just otherwise not so heavy on the blue.

How about that closeup of LLL hugging Silkypup, or The Seashell or something?

btw, where did you find this image of Maiden Goldenwaves? I really love that one, but I haven't been able to find it elsewhere in a higher resolution.

Getting more protective sheets shouldn' be too pricey though. Try and go for the ones by Hori, they seem to have a good reputation.

I'm slowly working on an LLL pixietails theme for my DSL, based on the pixietails wallpaper I did. It's a DSTT theme since daughter has such a cart(ridge). What kind of cart do you have (if any that is Smiling ? I'm guessing an R4 or is it Acerkard? At least the latter seemed to be in the lead for the DSi.

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did you ever get the theme to work on your DS? I just found this topic and love the idea! =)

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