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MIB LLL, Maiden Curly Crown and Prince strong heart for sale $30 each

By StarGleamer - Posted on 18 April 2009

I found these guys at the flea market today... I was hoping they were my little pony when I saw the top of the boxes!! I will trade these for any my little ponies... especially any MIB as well. My want list for ponies is kinda small so you may not have anything I need. Worth a try if you do though!!! I am not sure on pricing, I checked ebay but the MIB prices seem to be really high. I know duchess ravenwaves is rare but I don't expect to get $100 a doll.

$30 a doll seems pretty fair, now they are mib but they may have been opened because the pixitails and combs are loose and theres more than one piece of tape on the box. I certainly have not opened them. LLL is in the wrong box which i consider a factory error but its possible in the store she got switches if a kid opened her and played with her. We may never know.

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i am new here and i dont have any MLP but i'd be glad to get the 2 ladies off your hands if you still have them. let me know if you havent sold them, i can buy them and then you'll have $ for some MLP when you find them! Smiling

Duchess Ravenwaves

Duchess Ravenwaves

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Whoa, some great finds for sure Smiling

Welcome! I wish I had some MIB MLPs now..

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Mira! Lol where have you been? Long time no see. How are you? ^.^

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Hiya Smiling
Well, here and there, uni stuff and trying to find a job mostly.. money is a necessary evil. So I guess I'm doing soso.

I hope you are doing better!

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Yeah I hear you... More businesses are closing down where I live. Thankfully I have a job still. Sad thing is... business is getting slower and slower.

Other than that I am doing good. There are always worse things... I really hope you find a job soon, I really do. I'll keep you in my prayers. ^.^

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Hello StarGleamer! Welcome to the site! ^.^
Is there any other toys you might be interested in besides My Little Pony? I have some, but from the 25th Anniversary only. Let me know!

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I only collect vintge ponies... but Im also looking for old pentax camera lenses.... lol its a long shot but thats all i really need, otherwise I need $$. Heres my pony want list... if you cant id the ones you have a pic would be fine I can Id them for you

Sweet Scoops and charm
Star Ember
Baby gametime
Baby sugarcake
Baby pony (magenta with pink hair)
August - Poppy - red
October - Cosmos - pink
December - Holly - green
NBBE Halfnote
Baby Beachball
High tide
Sand dollar
High Tide
SS Angel
Pink Dreams (Soft Sleepy Newborn)
Sweet Dreams
Baby Leaper
Wild Flower
Baby Leafy
Bright night
Rosey Love
SHS Sweet Blossom

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I have a soft sleepy newborn hushabye and can't find any info on her. She is for sale. Are you still lookin gofr her?

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Oh, I'm interested in her too! I have lots of double LLL and MLP (some Dutchies and French included) for trade.


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Im interested in your Hushabye pony if you still have her and she is available!

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I'm very interested in the MIB dolls. I have a few ponys but I don't know the names - only in German but I try the English names too.

Blue Belle
Moonstone Mondfee - Italy
Posey Blümchen - Italy
Confetti Konfetti - Italy
Baby Moondancer Sternentanz
Baby Heart Throb Wonneklößchen - without Beddy Eyes - German
Love Melody Herzchen
Princess Serena Aquamarin
Baby Northstar Sternlein
Baby Bouncy Flummi
Chief Funki
Raspberry Jam Himbeere
Sandstern Sand Digger Sandstern
Whirly Windrose
Sweet Celebration Mother
Apple Delight Sister
Baby Lucky Leaf
Bright Night
Baby Nightsong
Chatterbox - still works

Please let me know if you can need some ponys!
Here you can see pictures of the ponys I have also a few German My little Pony Comics and books.

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Aw. I only have a few vintage My Little Ponies... and none are on the list. If no one else makes you an offer. I will give you 20-30$ for each. Just let me know. Thank you! XD

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