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Lady Lovely Locks theme song

By crazy aijee - Posted on 09 April 2009

i was listening to the ending credits music, humming along to it, when i realized... i really, REALLY like this melody... so much, that i messed around with it with my musicmaking program, and came up with this:

the overall feel and theme was inspired by the comb gnomes (my fave characters), the verses by the way the pixie tails talk, and the chorus... well, take a wild guess, hahaha...

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Can you describe anyone of the original lyrics?

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Hi Thowra,

The lyrics to the theme song can be found at

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I never did watch the cartoons, so I can't say I have anything to relate to.. but the plan is to watch the LLL DVD (wherever it may be) together with daughter when she has learnt more English, alternatively get my paws on a Swedish version soon Smiling

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Wow, that was really creative! I like it a lot! Laughing out loud

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thanks !

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