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Dutchess RavenWaves, extra bits?

By Athens - Posted on 16 February 2009

Does anyone know if the doll came with the bands seen on her wrists and hair as seen in this photo?

Also, here is something I saw today to update your list with. They are stickers.

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I'm not sure about the bands there.. maybe someone else knows for sure though? As I haven't unpacked my DR doll.

As for the stickers, seems they belong to the Sticker Album, so I'm not sure where one'd put those in the Merchandise section. Perhaps one can edit the image and add it next to the Sticker Album one, as an example of sticker packages Smiling

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The bands were there, but they were all pink. I still have the ones that came with my childhood Ravenwaves; and I also have a MIB doll who has them.
My childhood doll:

They could be used as bracelets or hairclips. They're quite vulnerable though, the shimmery part tends to let loose because the thing is folded a bit in the end when you attach a combgnome. That's probably why you don't see them for sale often: they're small and often were teared and thrown away probably.

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Yeah that would be them, thanks for showing me. Your one gnome looks super pink! I have been collecting LLL for three years now and have noticed tons of variations on LLL items given the year they were made and the country they were made for.

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