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Lady Lovely Locks

By Serafina - Posted on 06 November 2008

I still looking for the following things:

German comics:
1, 6, 9, 11 and 13

Plush Wrap

If you have somewhat doubly or to sale please write to me.
Please excuses my bad English - I'm from Germany Smiling

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Duchess Ravenwaves

I am new on here but i've been looking for a lady lovely locks doll for my sister for a long time! we had them as kids, and so far i just have found used ones. i'd really like to get her a MIB one if anyone has one to sell. i also want a Duchess Ravenwaves MIB but i know they are hard to find (and insanely expensive on Ebay!) i know that's a long shot.

thanks everyone! i'm so glad i found this awesome place!

Duchess Ravenwaves


Hi!I'm italian and I have slumber set boxed!We can decide the price together!I have also some pixietail!My email is

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Update Smiling

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