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By Mira - Posted on 25 October 2008

As you probably have seen, there is a new feedback poll up, namely:

-> I'd like to have desktop wallpaper in [fullscreen and widescreen options]

So even if you voted in the old poll or if you didn't vote in either so far, please do vote now in the new one so I can get a better idea on what resolutions to make the wallpapers in for your viewing pleasure!

Also, if you encountered any errors when trying to download the latest wallpaper, my apologies, but I picked a bad compression method when I first zipped the files up, so I had to replace them. Try downloading again in a bit if you got an error or if the zip file is wonky in any way.

I am working on making the old wallpapers available in more resolutions as well, but that will take reworking on most of them. And I'm currently working on an Enchanted Island wallpaper (yes, the widescreen approach made me redo it slightly to get the additional width for widescreen) and a Sparkle Pretty wallpaper. If you have any requests or other comments, please let me know Smiling

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