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LLL Toy Doll Shirt ~ Discovered in a dress-up box from my childhood

By Ella - Posted on 03 August 2008

Well, for the longest time I believed we had nothing of LLL remaining with us. But, my younger sister has recently taken a babysitting job, three children that attend church with her. And;

We have a dress-like box in our basement, that we always called the dress-up box. We filled it with dresses and clothing and items, like purses and necklaces, and in our youth would let our imagination run free.

My sister took her charges downstairs to play around a few weeks ago, and the dress up box was opened for the first time in a long time, since we are all now much older, and rarely play dress up anymore.

A couple of days later, my sister mentioned about how the youngest girl had found a t-shirt/nightgown like thing, and wanted to know if she could put it on her doll. My sister told me, that it was, in fact, a LadyLovelyLocks shirt!!

I had forgotten about it until right this moment, and I just went and looked for it in our living room, where we keep many childrens toys and such. And after looking a bit, I found it!! I am so excited!

I am lacking a camera, since mine is out of batteries, and my parents just took theirs, so I instead scanned it, though later I will take pictures.

There it is! It's about 27 cms (almost 11 inches) long, measuring from the center top to the center bottom. 11 inches wide, from one shoulder to the other across the top. 9 1/2 inches wide in the middle, and about 10 inches from side to side along the bottom. Measurements being done while the shirt is laid out.

I was wondering if anyone knew anything about it? Was it designed to fit a LLL doll, or some other doll? Or was it a t-shirt/nightgown for young children? The tag says; "SIZE Toy Doll" Which makes me think it was for a doll, but I'm not certain.

Anyways, I was just excited, and curious, and thought I would share this with everyone.


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Aw so pretty! You know I always thought they were for little baby girls. But I have seen girl size night gowns being sold with a smaller version for your doll. I believe it was for your doll. The age group LLL was targeted at was, I want to say 6 and up? =3

Do not steal this image.

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I know, just isn't it? ^-^ I love the color of it, the purple is so pretty. Ohhh, that's kind of a cool thing, though I'm sure it's been done before, I still think it's pretty nifty/cute. I wonder if this means we have a LLL nightgown somewhere in our house! I shall ask and search :'3 Thanks LL <33

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This is adorable. Something if the shirt didn't show to be used as a scan for desktop. I could laugh every time I'm down.
Thanks!! Can't wait to see pictures~

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