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Thank You~

By karnella - Posted on 27 July 2008

We live in times where people don’t openly express themselves and hardly respond to each other, let alone thank each other. That’s why I think it would be nice just to have a board where we can show how much we appreciate those who we interact with.
There are many here who have done so much and have put themselves aside to make others happy.

First off, I think we really need to give Jack Olesker the proper thanks that he needs. He talks with us even though we are just silly women on a fan site of a show that hardly any one knows about. He has taken time out of his busy life just to chat. Not only that, but he is now trying to help us bring back Lady Lovelylocks. Also, He created many of the shows that we know and love from our childhood. Unlike cartoons that show today, his shows were not for kids, but for families. Families that most of us are about to start or have already started. They are in our hearts and even now we wish to share them with our kids.
Thank you Jack Olesker for all the help you have given us and all the wonderful childhood memories.

Next I would like to thank Manon Yapari for making this wonderful site where Lady Lovelylock fans can come together and share thoughts, ideas, and make friends.
Thank you so much Manon for taking time out of your busy life to converse with us and help bring Lady back.

Sorry if this board was a bit cheesy, but people really do need a pat on the back now and then.

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I can't say I know or have met Jack, but from what I read, he is a fabulous person, and its interesting and exciting to know he has/has had so much involvment with many of our favorite shows, and is trying for the rebirth of LLL. So, thank you, for all you've done, and all you continue to do <3

And of course, Manon! What would we be without you and your oh so lovely site, it's brought us all together, where we can share our love for this great childhood memory, that continues to live on. Thank you thank you <3

And what would this site be without adoring and commited LLL fans? Always coming back for more! Girls and gals, men and women, both, of all ages :'D Thank you, you're wonderful. Even though I've been away for a while, just being on here, seeing and reading about all of the members and going-ons and about LLL once again, it's just great.


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Yes, big thanks to Jack and Manon and all of the LLL fans for making this site what it is! And of course, a big thank you goes to Those Characters From Cleveland Inc, that created LLL in the first place!

Although, were there really only females that were fans of LLL? Surely there must've been a few boys that were also fans? But maybe they were or are a bit embarrassed to admit it now Eye-wink

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