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My CurlyKitten CreamyCoat

By Lady LovelyLocks - Posted on 14 July 2008

Hello everyone. I need some help. I have CreamyCoat here and she is real dirty. I am a little upset because she was in her package, but I didn't notice that the package had been opened.

I have tried to clean her. I believe their stains. Is their anyway I can remove the spots without damaging her? Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

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Well.. those kittens were scented? So its tricky cleaning them not just due to the fact one wants to keep paint intact.

When googling for "cleaning old dolls" I did find this site though: Doll Care and Restoration Tips - Scroll down to see a table listing with tips.

Seems cotton swabs could be a good start?
As I know in the past tried some wet cotton swabs that I had just about rubbed against a soapbar to try and remove dirt from My Little Ponies. But I'm not sure if this is advisable really..

As Hints on Keeping Your Doll Dollection In Tip Top Condition said
"Always clean your doll with a soft cloth dipped in distilled water. Soap residue can cause discoloration."

Another hit was: Doll Restoration Tips for Baby Face dolls , which featured some kind of plastic cleaner substance. The first linked site also links to some site that offers cleaning products for dolls.

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Thank you Mira. Unfortunately nothing is getting the spots off. I think they might have been stains from dust sitting to long. I will use that tip with distilled water though. I checked my other kittens and cleaned them with a cotton swab. They look great. I think CreamyCoat just got the worst being she is white.

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