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Looking for SapphireShy CurlyKitten

By Lady LovelyLocks - Posted on 20 June 2008

Hello. I need SapphireShy. If anyone knows where I can find her please contact me.

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Sent you an email. Eye-wink

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hi, I have a sapphireshy lll kitten (the blue one) for sale...
it's used but still in great clean condition for a 20-year-old toy, with perfect paint and beautyful straight hair (thought, I believe, a bit thinner than they must've been originally, but still beautyful...)and it's still scented.
I am not the original owner of the toy.
I haven't noticed any flaws or damage of any kind on it, save a slight yellowing spot right under its neck (it's very slight- I've had this kitty for months and noticed it just yesterday...), but that seems to be quite normal for these old lll toys and I know it can be found also in new-in-box items (actually I have never come across a lll pet or tanned doll that didn't have any of those until now...).
I'm selling it COMPLETE with its 2 pink ribbons, its original yellow flowery comb and a pink butterfly pixietail w/yellow tail (originally belonging to sparkle pretty lll doll- as I never had its original yellow one, this is the most similar to it...).
let me know if you're interested.
I HAVE ALL LLL KITTENS (most with their original pixietail & combs...) FOR SALE.

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Lol I sent you a message. And replied to your topic. Laughing out loud
*Waits with anticipation*

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hi, paypal'd be alright...
I'll tell you something more about the kitties: the purple, yellow, white and orange ones come with their original butterfly pixies, the blue one comes with the pink sparkle pretty pixie and the pink one doesn't have any butterfly pixie but I was going to match her with some other rare sea pixie (if you buy it I'll send you the list and you can choose...).
I also have 3 original kittens'flowery combs (pink, blue & purple- not sure exactly which one is whose... sorry, but the yellow one seems to have been lost somehow :@((().
ALL kitties are in excellent used condition, clean and with no damage (they just have a couple of TINY MINOR stray marks due to their age- most likely you won't even see them, but I told you anyway for I'm an honest person in good faith and have examined them all very closely & carefully... but that can be found in NIB items just as well...).
ah, sapphireshy and peachypuff also have their matching ribbons, while [/i]I gave all the others some lilac ribbons I had (similar to pinkypaws' original, I believe...).
they're such an ADORABLE LOT!!! any lll fan is surely going to fall in love with them all!!!(even though I have others for my own collection, it's quite hard for me to part with these little sweeties, but it's necessary... my room is literally overflowing with toys...).
as for the boat, it is perfectly MINT & beautiful, and there's nothing else to say about it... it looks like it just came out of the factory 2 minutes ago... it's amazing!!!

as for the prices :
swanboat= 30 euros
lot of all 6 kittens w/ so many original accessories= 190 euros (I'd much rather sell them altogether as a lot... anyway, it's 35 euros each for the rarest sapphire & peachy, and 30 euros each for the others, which, by the way, have gotten super-rare as well...). you certainly know better than me it's quite impossible to find all 6 together with so many accessories (you hardly even find 2 of them together, and with NO accessories at all...)!!!
and I assure you might end up paying even more if you seek them out 1 by 1...

unfortunately, such prices are NOT negotiable, since I earn NOTHING from such sale (I bought all the kitties separately and paid somewhat between 25 and 40 euros each with shipping... since, to my great surprise, I found out I had all such items from my childhood, and was able to retrieve them, all items I'm selling turned out to be doubles... and I charge for them just as much as I paid: I just want my money back and don't really seek to make some profit out of them...)

please let me know ASAP if you're still interested, I'll wait for your answer before dealing with anyone else for them (there're already 2 girls who asked me about them ever since, but I told them you came first, being the first one to write me about them...but you understand I can't keep them waiting forever: I have to tell them if they're available or sold to you as soon as I can...), and if you want them, THEY'RE YOURS!!!

NOTE: [i]I'm from italy, but shall gladly ship worldwide to a serious buyer... where're you from???

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I am from Texas. How much for shipping? And yes I am still interested! Smiling
I know what you mean about the room over flowing with toys lol. I also have that problem, I love them so much! I would buy the CurlyKittnes as a lot if Euros were not so much more than USD...

I would like the Swan Boat, SapphireShy And Peachy Puff. My email is if you need to contact me. Thats also my email through paypal.

PS Just out of curiosity, how long would you put them on hold if I were to buy the lot of them? And if so, is their a good deal you can give me for all the kittens plus the boat? I am just asking, not meaning to be rude.

Thanks so much!!!

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