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Ever got inspired and made a doll of LLL yourself?

By Alarda - Posted on 04 May 2008

Hi guys?

Since I'm home a lot lately, I've come up with some REALLY crazy Ideas.
I don't know how, But I tought it would be a nic idea to make a doll of LLL to put up in my rome. I have some dolls already, but I'm much to frightend to put them up anywhere. Especially the Lady, because I fear that lovely colored hair will bleach out in time.....
So I made her and her two friends.
I'd like to share the pictures. You can see them here:




The Duchess is still in progress. I need to sew on some buttons for her dress and put it up in my galary....
But of corse, this is only somewhat of a fanart. I did that only for my personal enjoyment.
Some used dolls got turned to something else....

So, did any of you come up with some simmilar crazy ideas lately or some while back?
Feel like sharing the story?
Then go ahead!

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Those are just so cute ^-^ I think you picked good dolls for each girl, and the dresses all look lovely. I must say I like Lady's doll and dress the most, its really good. I can't wait to see the finished Duchess!

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I like how you restyled them and that one can still recognise the LLL-ness of it, although in a new guise and so Smiling
Did you have actual petticoats underneath LLL's skirt? As I think something tulle-y should help make that skirt bit stand out even more.

Why not make an actual costume next? Eye-wink

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Well, I intended to do an petticot for the Lady. But since the skirt itself was sooo volumious (over 3 meters on the bottom edge of the skirt!) I didn't do it. The skirt falls rather nicely on its own, even without the tulle.
And yes, I wanded to use that actually. Smiling
For the other twoo: I had some tulle underneath Curlycrowns at first. But it looked rather stupid. Sad So I took it out again.
But The fabrics I used had a way of falling just wonderfully on their own. Laughing out loud
Glad you like them. Smiling

But a real costume.... Puzzled Shocked I don't know it that's such a good idea.... Seems a bit arge a thing for be to bite off and manage to chew and swallow, to speak the truth.
Don't understand me wrong, I'd love to. But I don't think my sewing skill is up to something like that.
I didn't even know where to get the right patterns.... Sad
Well, maybe sometime n the future..... Who knows ? Eye-wink

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Tulle helps pick skirts up though, and I see LLL's skirt does go inwards in a few areas Smiling

Well.. it's not that tricky and you've done so well on those dolls! And one doesn't need to fiddle that much with patterns if one has a dress form and if one uses existing own clothes as sketch/pattern help and so. As I got a dress form and it was a huge help, but well, my Duchess Ravenwaves costume project hopefully will be done this year, as there has been so much other I've had to deal with first. I made it a two piece too, much easier getting in and out of it, considering the volumous skirts and the tight top bit. So it'd really be petticoat(s) + skirt + overskirt attached to top (covers the two pieceness up). I recommend you start with getting a petticoat or two (or more!) and then take it from there starting with the skirt bit and then the top or vice versa, as you need to make sure they fit together well. I have two petticoats underneath the DR outfit right now (one smaller and one larger), but I'm thinking I might have to get another one still. I'll try and see if I can find some pics to post later.

At least start sketching losely on an own dress, as you never know.. maybe you have a relative that wouldn't mind helping you with the sewing? Eye-wink
Halloween is soon upon us too.. and in October there's the LLL 20th anniversary..

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It does sound rather appealing, I'Ve got to say that much. Sticking out tongue But I must say again: I won't get into it any time soon. It's been a lot of mony to be put into it. And I can't affort that, at the moment.... Sad
There's also the Problem, that I'm not fair haired, and also, my own hairs a bit short ( shoulderlength, though it was once much longer....)
And also: were woul I be wearing it? I usually don't go to cosplay cons, since they're usually so far from my location here....

But still. I might go into it at some point. Smiling Having always loved LLL herself...... Well,well see. But as I said: it's got to wai atthe moment.

But I'd love to see what you made of the Duchess's dress.

Even though I can't do it myself at the moment, I always love to see how others have done their costumes. Eye-wink

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I finally took some pics of the Duchess Ravenwaves dress that I'm making.
You can find them here Smiling

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Wow! That dress is amazing! I love the lace up back that you put onto it to give it a bit more spunk. I cant wait to see the finished dress.

*~Here if any one needs help~*

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The dress looks very amazing indeed! Good luck on finishing it Smiling

Visit my Lady Lovely Locks Website:

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Thank you Smiling
I'll do my best to finish it asap, Halloween is just around the corner, as is the 20th anniversary!

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Thank you Smiling

hehe, well, that part won't be that visible once I put on the wig though Eye-wink
And that shows the black corsetty top I used as base for the top, as I basically just have sewn purple fabric on top of it, and am now in the process of sewing the side flaps to its sides, "underneath" the sides of the top or how to put it. The light plastic boning in it helps keep the side flaps that are part of the overdress part in place too. So it's hopefully going to be easy to get in an out of this dress, as it's really a two-piece. Laceup in the back of a one-piece dress can be a pain to get in an out of I have noticed after I did such a dress type earlier.

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I'm not that fairhaired either, although I used to have long blue hair but I just trimmed it since it got so worn. But ahem, I digress.. If you check the Fan Costumes section of the forum, you'll find links to one LLL costume for which a cosplayer has pics and some description on how she made her LLL wig (and costume itself).

She put together two wigs and then styled that wig so it got locks. Which is what I'm going to do too. I am still sewing together the two wigs though, and I think I'll simply braid the hair and add some hair style products and then see how it goes from there.. as the under-wig is a 60" wig, but I'm probably going to have to trim it. The above is only 40" if memory serves me right. So it's exciting times ahead. I had many progress pics, but since my mum managed to crash her puter I don't think I have those piccies left, but I'll try and take some new soon!

No kids or relatives around that want to dress up as LLL or any other character? As that'd be another way of realising an LLL outfit Eye-wink My daughter seems to have become fond of Maiden GoldenWaves, and it sure is easier with wigs and all when making a costume for a child Smiling

I had this costume idea for some years now, to wear for Halloween.. but well, I evidentally got distracted with other stuff during...

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