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Willing to sell or trade childhood LLL items

By snowsangel17 - Posted on 17 June 2007

Hello, I'm new here. I am looking to sell off my Lady Lovely Locks items. I need to downsize and have decided to sell this part of the many items I collect. I have a Castle Lovely Locks with box that is almost complete. I think that it is missing the center table and one cup. I also have the sea magic salon. It too is missing pieces but for the most part is complete. There are 12 actual pixietails (fish,bunny, bird,snail, and seahorse?) total between the two sets. There are no dolls in these two sets. The boxes are kind of beat up. I also have a few booklets from the sets including instructions on how to put the sets together. I am willing to take pictures if requested. Any reasonable offers will be considered. Smiling

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Smiling Did you ever sell your collection or do you still have stuff for sale?

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I have Lady Lovely Locks dolls for sale. If you are interested I can send you some photos.

Caroline Hudon

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Do you still have the castle available to buy? I'm interested in it if you do.

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Hello, did everything workout with selling you're childhood collection?
I.m interested in the Magic salon with pixietails. Do you still have it?
I also have some LLL things to trade if you like.

Greets Jaimy

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Here is the picture, if anyone wants to see it:

((If you want the URL, right click
on the image and go to Properties,
Look at "Address:(URL)" and copy and
paste the URL for your own usage

I'd post it here, but it's too long and
gets cut off by the shoutbox))

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I'll admit, I have no idea what Castle Lovely Locks is. I know pretty much nothing about LLL merchandise. I'd like to see pictures, mostly just for curiousity. I haven't decided if I will start collecting LLL things. But if I do, I'll let you know ^.^

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Hi there. I would be more than happy to post some pictures. I'm not really sure how to do so though. I took some pictures with my digital camera. If you'd like I can email them to you. I don't know if I can post any of the pictures here or even how to.

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I'm not sure how to do so on here either. I think you could upload the pictures onto an imagehost site (such as photobucket or imageshack) and then use the image button, listed up with the Quote, Link and other buttons. But it would probably be easier for now to just email them to me. So I'll just message you my email!

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Welcome. We hope you visit often!

A New World Belonging To Lovely Locks

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Smiling Hi, thank you for inviting me here.

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I would like to start collecting lady lovely locks. it was one of my childhood favorites. please email me if you have any to sell. or 316-942-8206 thanks.

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