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Classic Characters

By miss.jessica - Posted on 10 April 2007

I was searhcing through for Lady LovelyLocks VHS's/DVD's and noticed that a "Classic Characters" VHS has "The Power and the Glory" - I'm having a feeling that maybe this is the only Video that will have TPATG and the volumes dont have it.

here's the cover;

It's being sold for $50.00 which I think is BS so I'm searching around to see if I can get it anywhere else.
does anyone know american greetings official site? isnt it. Smiling

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Oh, the Duchess on that cover too Smiling

Hmm, Wikipedia has this page about the American Greetings company.. in which it is said "American Greetings is also famous for their toy design and licensing division, Those Characters From Cleveland.". Now this I didn't know 'til now!

According to wiki their official site is just, but you say that isn't the case?
Hmm, it does seems there's also but that doesn't really seem to be the more informative..

miss.jessica's picture website only does Cards & eCards, theres nothing about video's or anything Sad and corporate, well..... i think its just branding or w/e....... I do know that video was also made by 3-G Family Entertainment..... and I have tried looking for a website and found nothing.

with love,

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email them! It doesn't matter... They'll see our intrest and might give DIC permission to put it out on DVD!! :DD And then again, they might ruin her with shopping and teenager antics of today. Look what happend to Strawberry Shortcake and Hobbie Hobby...sighs..
I liked them the way they were. Don't you?

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