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Caroline Savard: Teen Duchess RavenWaves

By Niaroche - Posted on 23 March 2007

Caroline Savard: Teen Duchess RavenWaves

A modern style Duchess RavenWaves by Caroline Savard

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Hi there.
I hope that everybody likes my drawings. I just wondering who the characters looks like in a modern way, but I really prefer the classical style of the 80's. It's more "lovely" and innocent thinking in a charming princess than a sophisticated girl who only thinks about shopping and what she's going to wear today in a party. I really don´t liked what they done with Strawberry Shortcake and other remakes of the 80's. So, if anyone it's going to remake LLL, please keep her cutie style! Smiling

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I Think That 4Kids Entertainment Would Re-Made Lady Lovelylocks And The Pixietails During 4Kids TV On Fox Every Saturday Morning.

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Well, If they were to bring the show back, this is what all the characters would look like. It takes away from the "Princess-ness" of the show. Good none the less. beautiful shading on the skin.

*~Here if any one needs help~*

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I checked out your website. Your artwork reminds me of The Odossey... It is a christian line of stories. Which means it's perfect for Christian book stores!
I am a writer and artist myself. Perhaps I'll send some of my work to Mistress, MY! Then you can see what I do too. On top of that, you have a unique style!! Keep it up!!!

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