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My favorite LLL character is

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I had to vote other because my favorite is still Maiden GoldenWaves...I still have the one I had as a child...but she much loved aka much played with. So I serached long and hard and now I have her, alongside the other LLL dolls (expect Misty Curls) in mint condition.


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I'm a horsey girl so of course Silkymane was my favorite!!

Silkymane is my precious...

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Eye-wink I forgot that female comb knome!! lol!!!

A New World Belonging To Lovely Locks

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I'd have to say all the cutsie pixietails and Silkypup. She's such a sweet loving puppy!!!

A New World Belonging To Lovely Locks

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My favourite character is Duchess RavenWaves. She is beautiful. I'd like to look like her... Laughing out loud

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Yeah, duchess is just a fun character because she's allowed to be every where with her emotions. perhaps there is some good in her.

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Hylas, Prince of Tides...

Duchess ravenwaves makes me think about Liz Taylor... violet eyes, darked haired and white skinned... beautiful...
Maiden fairhair is beautiful too... my vote goes for the second one because she hasn't so much votes... Eye-wink

Hylas, Prince of Tides...

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There's a Hylas, Prince of Tides in LLL or is that their name??? Shocked

A New World Belonging To Lovely Locks

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Goes to a kid Lady Lovelocks was the fave, but nowdays I have a thing for redheads....

I am a Barbie-collector and recently I have fallen in love with the redheads!

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Maiden Goldenwaves. She's beautiful.


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I´ve voted for Maiden FairHair as my favourite character.

When I was a child (long-long ago *smile*) - Maiden FairHair out of the first line with blue dress was my first doll out of the Lady Lovely Locks line. She was so cute and I still haver her in my personal lll collection in lovely shape even is now nearly 2o years old.

Nowadays I would say, maybe if the Enchanted Island Dolls were also availalbe in Germany - Maiden MistyCurls could be my fav. doll. I like her hairs and the pink colour in it.

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I voted for Maiden Misty Curls as my favourite character. As a kid, my father used to read me the comic books and i always loved Maiden Misty Curls because of her exotic look. She is also the doll i always wanted as a kid along with Maiden Goldenwaves (who i have now Smiling still looking for Misty curls always)
So that's why i voted for her.


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Of course you are also welcome to say why the character you vote for is your favorite!

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