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The Royal Engagement: The Masquerade (LLL fan fiction)

By Aura - Posted on 04 March 2007

Hello all!
Well, for your reading pleasure, I have decided that since there is no other form of Lady LovelyLocks fan fiction out there (of which i have seen), so I decided to solve this problem and write some myself! I'm a bit nervous, because although I've been writing fan fiction for about 4 years now, I don't want to disappoint fans!

Essentially, I've grown up on the cartoon of LLL since a young child, so all the characters in this fiction are the cartoon representations. However, I have also incorporated some of the story lines from the audio play and some ideas from the story its all a bit of a hybrid, but a very faithful hybrid!

So, I may as well start with the introduction. I borrowed the idea that Prince Strongheart was freed from the curse of taking the form of the dog from the audio play and that Lady LovelyLocks and the Prince get married...naturally, RavenWaves wants to cause trouble! So read on, and I would love to know what you think, feedback by fans is a must! I have tried to get it as accurate as possible.


The Royal Engagement: The Masquerade

Part One

A fresh, clear spring evening descended upon the land of LovelyLocks as the melting hues of orange, pinks and reds which bathed the kingdom slowly receded with the setting sun. The sky turned a deep blue, the twinkling stars awoke and winked upon the new evening with their companion, a full moon whose silver beams caressed the peaceful kingdom. A slight breeze whispered through the trees before LovelyLocks castle, rustling their drooping locks. Up this breeze swept about Castle LovelyLocks, gently whooshing past an open window, high up in the castle.

Maiden FairHair looked up from her sampler as the curtains rustled in the peaceful breeze. The serene maiden set her embroidery aside, her brow furrowed slightly as she lightly stepped over to the open window, catching the latch and drawing the window in to close it. But she was interrupted.
"Oh, please leave it Maiden FairHair, the breeze is is such a pleasant evening out there."
Maiden FairHair paused, glancing over her shoulder at her friend. She smiled warmly, leaving the window slightly ajar.
"If you wish, Lady."
Maiden FairHair twirled a lock of her wavy brown hair about her finger, stroking it as she returned to her friend, and ruler of the land of LovelyLocks, Lady LovelyLocks. The Lady rose from her seat at her vanity, tossing her lustrous blonde hair, kissed gold by the sun, streaked the softest pink by the dawn and a gentle lavender-blue by the twilight, venturing over to the window, pushing it open further. As she leaned out to inhale the scent of a mild spring evening, the breeze laced with the scent of flowers that only grew in the Kingdom of LovelyLocks, her blue eyes sparkled. The Lady paused, a pensive smile upon her features as she stared up at the moon, her eyes gleaming.

Suddenly she turned back to her friend, clapping her hands excitedly.
"Oh how I would love to take a walk this perfect evening, or a ride- Silkymane would love it!"
FairHair smiled quizzically at Lady, shaking her head, amused. She folded her hands atop her soft blue skirts.
"Lady, surely you remember that we are expecting ShiningGlory and Prince Strongheart for dinner any moment now! We have been making plans for it all day- they will be here shortly, you should ready yourself."
Lady LovelyLocks exhaled dreamily, smiling as her eyes gleamed with the thought of her impending visitors...especially for one.
"Oh, how silly it was of me to have forgotten! I must hurry-"She gazed at the array of ribbons, glistening jewels and delicate accessories which lay across her vanity. She bit her lower lip in a moment of confusion before she suddenly struck a thought.
"Pixietails!" She called, "PixieBeauty, PixieShine, PixieSparkle!"
With a swish of her silky hair and a giggle she summoned the little creatures that resided within her abundant locks, her friends and helpers. The twinkling noise of light giggles from down the hall signaled that Lady's rabbit-like Pixietails were not far off. Flying and tumbling through the air, PixieSparkle, PixieBeauty and PixieShine glided into LovelyLocks' bedroom, cheerful and cheeky.
"Here-ix Lady-ix!" The trio announced in unison, PixieSparkle and PixieShine hovered about Lady whilst PixieBeauty seized upon the abundance of ribbons that rippled across Lady's vanity.
"Maiden FairHair and I need help Pixietails." Lady explained, seating herself at her vanity, her Pixietails flitting about her, "ShiningGlory and Prince Strongheart-"
The Pixietails exchanged knowing looks at the mention of Prince Strongheart, PixieShine bursting into soft giggles.
"-shall be here any moment now and I am not ready! Can you help?"

The Pixietails smiled at each other, huddling together as they whispered. Maiden FairHair approached Lady from behind.
"Well, you must have ribbons in your hair..." She reasoned, picking up two of her favourite shades- a pale robin's eggs blue and a soft sky blue.
"Oh she must-ix!" PixieSparkle exclaimed, suddenly excited.
"I think the blue will suit quite nicely..." FairHair mused, holding the ribbons up against Lady LovelyLocks' golden hair. Lady's brow creased as she pondered.
"Well, they are your favourite colours..."
"What of red-ix and white-ix?" PixieBeauty interrupted, dangling two ribbons in front of Lady's face. Lady LovelyLocks blinked, smiling as she pushed away the unfurled ribbons.
"I think not, PixieBeauty..."
"Green and gold?" FairHair offered again.
"Hmmm..." Lady did not look convinced.
"Yellow-ix and orange-ix?" PixieShine whirled the two ribbons about the room, entangling PixieBeauty within them. PixieBeauty wore a surprised look as she struggled to free herself from the ribbons, plopping down onto Lady's vanity with a muffled sound.
"Everything must be perfect!" FairHair instructed in a serious tone, the remaining two Pixietails nodding in agreement.
"Yellow and orange? I think they are colours that suit Maiden CurlyCrown..." Lady LovelyLocks reasoned, cupping her chin in her hand as she tried to resolve this predicament. The bundled up PixieBeauty made a distinct noise of protest causing attention to turn to her. Lady's hand flew to her mouth as she burst into giggles at her struggling Pixietail. PixieShine and PixieSparkle tinkled with laughter at the plight of their companion and Maiden FairHair gasped.
"Oh PixieBeauty!" Lady LovelyLocks shook her head in amusement at her wriggling friend, "Here, let me help you!"
The other two Pixietails swooped down, each pulling at a different end of the same ribbon, squeezing PixieBeauty tighter. PixieBeauty squeaked. The two Pixietails retreated as Lady leaned in to solve the situation, gently disentangling PixieBeauty with her slender fingers, freeing her. PixieBeauty soared upwards, spinning about, enjoying her freedom.
"Thank you-ix Lady-ix!"

Lady laughed as PixieBeauty nestled within the locks atop her head. Maiden FairHair, however, cared for a little more urgency.
"Lady, quick now, we must be downstairs any moment."
"Oh, you are right FairHair- well...I think the pink and purple ribbons will do quite nicely tonight."
PixieShine and PixieSparkle gently picked up a ribbon each, bringing them together and fastening them to the crown of Lady's hair, catching her tresses of pink and lavender together with her blonde locks. PixieBeauty presided over the securing of the knot. Working in unison the Pixietails created the perfect bow, letting the remainder of the ribbon flow down Lady's waves evenly. Lady shook her hair, smiling at her Pixietails' work.
"Thank you Pixietails."
"Perfect." Maiden FairHair sighed contentedly, clasping her hands together. Just as the company reflected upon their success, hurried footsteps approaching Lady LovelyLocks' bedroom door distracted them.

Her cheeks a little flushed with the dash, Maiden CurlyCrown arrived in a flurry, followed by her hovering bird-like Pixietails. Her green eyes sparkled as she curled her hands to her chin.
"Lady! Maiden FairHair!" She bubbled, "ShiningGlory and Prince Strongheart have arrived!"
The room was suddenly abuzz with the ever-organised FairHair leaping from her seat and the energetic CurlyCrown beckoning Lady out. The Pixietails giggled and twinkled as they trailed behind the three young ladies. Lady smiled as she took the lead, Maiden FairHair and CurlyCrown exchanged excited looks and knowing smiles behind their Lady's back.

Meanwhile, downstairs, the wise ShiningGlory and the handsome Prince Strongheart were welcomed into the Castle LovelyLocks reception. ShiningGlory rested, serene and pensive, his pale eyes ever watchful under his grey fall of hair. However Strongheart was anything but calm. The blond prince paced urgently, a look of apprehension, almost nervousness, upon his face. ShiningGlory's watery gaze followed the frantic prince back and forth as he crossed before him, wringing his hands and fretting.
"ShiningGlory, what am I to do?" Strongheart asked his shoulders slumping.
"You tell her what you feel in your heart, Prince. It is quite simple." ShiningGlory's soothing, wizened voice placated the worried Prince somewhat. Strongheart wrung his hands, his brow creased.
"I know! I know it is so simple!...I have been wanting to tell her that I love her for so long, and until now the curse has prevented it- but I am worried ShiningGlory!"
"It is reasonable for you to be nervous Prince Strongheart, but do not let these nerves prevent you from speaking your heart. Remember you did not always have this chance beforehand."

Strongheart resumed his pacing, flicking his cape back, the sound of his pacing boots echoed. Strongheart's voice trembled.
"I wanted to tell Lady how much I loved her when I was in the form of a dog...and I sacrificed my chances. But now I am human and I am able to tell her how I feel...but..." The Prince paused, looking out of the looming doors of the castle, "but what if she does not feel the same way about me as I do about her ShiningGlory?"
ShiningGlory gave a slow, understanding laugh as he rose from his seat. He held the prince's shoulder, calming him.
"Lady cares for you the same way that you care for her. I see it in her eyes. Why, it was she that broke the curse that caused you to take the form of a dog for so many years by putting the blue stones together. When you were Prince the dog, she often spoke to me of a mysterious young man she often caught in reflections that enchanted her so..."
"That...was me?" Prince Strongheart ventured hesitantly.
ShiningGlory laughed again.
"Of course it was you! She could only see your true form in fleeting reflections, but even then I feel you captured her heart...she loved you greatly as Prince the dog and she still loves you now that you are human. But this, I can feel, is a different sort of love..." ShiningGlory trailed mysteriously.
"A different-" Prince Strongheart looked confused however was interrupted when Lady LovelyLocks and her two maidens appeared at the top of the stairs. Strongheart turned, his anxiety dissolving from his features as a gently love-stuck look caused his eyes to gleam and his mouth to softly smile as he laid eyes on the radiant form of Lady LovelyLocks.

The trio descended, above them their Pixietails twinkled. Lady LovelyLocks opened her arms.
"ShiningGlory, Prince Strongheart! I am so pleased that you are here!" She greeted them warmly, clasping ShiningGlory's hands with her own. Her sparkling blue gaze lifted from under her lashes to meet that of Prince Strongheart's, a smile of a very different nature- somewhat shy but very tender- played upon her lips. Maiden FairHair and Maiden CurlyCrown met gazes with Prince Strongheart, their smiles impish as they followed Lady.
"Please, come into the dining room. Maiden FairHair has been planning for this all day..." Lady moved towards the closed doors of the LovelyLocks dining hall, two of the serving staff bowing as they opened the doors for her. Lady was momentarily lost for words as she entered the dining hall, her mouth dropping into a small 'o' of surprise.

It was extravagant. The decorations were something fit for a ball, not an intimate dinner between Lady LovelyLocks and her closest friends! A rainbow of silken ribbons spiraled from the chandeliers, spread out to all corners of the room. Glittering particles hovered about the decorations, magic she knew her Pixietails were capable of summoning. The table was set for a feast- Lady gasped as she saw the amount of food. Serving dishes, bowls and platters overflowed with a banquet fit for an entire kingdom, and in the middle of it stood an elaborately iced cake. Lady wandered in with a look of wonderment. Strongheart raised his eyebrows as he surveyed the magnificence of it all whilst ShiningGlory shook his head, smiling to himself. Maiden FairHair beamed at her effort. Finally Lady LovelyLocks spoke.
"Maiden is lovely...but did you not get a little carried away...?" Her voice was slow and cautious, as not to hurt her friend's feelings.
"I think it is beautiful!" Maiden CurlyCrown sighed as her green eyes appreciated the surroundings. Lady could not disappoint FairHair's expectant smile, radiant with her accomplishment. Lady LovelyLocks' surprise softened into affection. She took FairHair's hands.
"It is magnificent, Maiden FairHair. Thank you so much for your effort."

The dinner passed well, conversation flowed, however Lady could detect a certain sense of excitement and expectation amongst her friends by the way they shared small smiles and held each other's gazes. She paused, a fleeting look of concern skipping across her face, but she decided not to interrupt her friends' meals. Shrugging her shoulders, she returned to her plate. As dinner came to an end, Maiden CurlyCrown and FairHair nodded to each other discreetly.
"It is such a fine evening, isn't it?" Maiden CurlyCrown announced in her dreamy tone, setting her knife and fork down.
"Oh yes Maiden CurlyCrown, Lady was saying earlier that it is the perfect evening for a walk." Maiden FairHair noted, staring across the table at a suddenly fidgety Prince Strongheart. ShiningGlory made a noise in agreement.
"That is quite true Maidens, the castle lake would look quite enchanting tonight, as it is a full moon."
"Oh how romantic!" CurlyCrown sighed dreamily, clasping her hands together.
The thought was successfully planted in Lady's mind by her friends as she spoke up. Her blue eyes sparkled with anticipation.
"Oh, how I would love to go for a walk! Who would like to come with me?"
The dinner party stared around at each other. ShiningGlory was the first to make an excuse.
"Oh Lady, I am afraid these old bones are quite tired tonight. They need rest."
Maiden FairHair nodded.
"And I must see to Silkypup- I hope she is not causing Louis any trouble in the kitchen."

Lady's expression fell with each excuse not to join her, but once CurlyCrown chimed in, her smile brightened.
"I would love to come...!" Maiden CurlyCrown stated but stuttered after FairHair gave her a telling look, "But...but...ah..."
A brief look of panic gripped her face as she hurriedly searched for an excuse.
" Pixietails have promised to braid my hair!" She suddenly brightened as she struck a thought. CurlyCrown's Pixietails, PixieLocks, PixieCurl and Pixie-Do blinked and giggled. Lady LovelyLocks looked disappointed.
"Are you sure? I should not like to be alone..."
"Oh! Lady LovelyLocks cannot be alone!" FairHair exclaimed urgently, "Someone must accompany her...!"
There was a silence as Prince Strongheart spoke up for the first time in the matter.
"I-I would actually care for a walk, Lady."
Lady looked up, a little surprised, then she broke into a pleased smile, a comforting warm sensation glowing within her.
"I would love for you to come with me." She whispered.

Maiden FairHair, CurlyCrown, ShiningGlory and the Pixietails watched on with bated breath. CurlyCrown could barely contain her excitement when Prince Strongheart offered his arm to Lady LovelyLocks, the pair sharing a heartfelt and tender smile. Strongheart glanced over his shoulder at ShiningGlory as he escorted Lady outdoors into the garden. The remaining three strained to see the figures of Strongheart and Lady, her pink bell of her skirts rippling in the gentle breeze. As the pair disappeared from view, CurlyCrown gave an exhale.
"Oh! It is so terribly exciting!" She clapped her hands.
FairHair was more serious of tone.
"Are you sure that he will ask her tonight ShiningGlory?" Her brow creased with anxiety. ShiningGlory chuckled as he rose in from his seat.
"I can assure you FairHair, that Prince Strongheart will ask Lady tonight...I have seen it in the stars."

The breeze caught Lady's golden locks, whispering tresses of her hair about her face and ruffling her fringe. She sighed as she cast her eyes up to the large, glowing moon that overhung the castle lake. The evening was peaceful and with the next gust of breeze tiny fireflies with delicate shimmering wings encircled Lady LovelyLocks, delighting her eyes. Strongheart smiled lovingly as the tiniest of the fireflies fell into Lady's cupped hands.
"Hello there..." Lady whispered to the little insect gently, who chattered in its own insect language. She watched the little creature flutter its wings, hover for a moment until it looked certain to join the others. Lady blew gently, helping the little firefly buzz off, her eyes watching it join its friends as they swooped in a glittering formation, skimming the still water of the lake. Lady laughed gently to herself.
"ShiningGlory was right, the lake is enchanting at night under a full moon." She mused, looking up to find that Strongheart was behind her shoulder. Her smile faded into a look of adoration. He turned to face her, gently taking her hands.
"Lady, there is something I wish to tell you...something I have been wanting to tell you for a long time now, but until now I have not had the chance..."


Meanwhile, deep in TangleLand, where trees contorted in wiry formations, a storm brewed about Castle RavenWaves. Forks of lightening illuminated the crimson sky and thunder rumbled ominously, but the mistress of the castle, Duchess RavenWaves, was in a temper more furious than that of the threatening storm. She was glaring into her golden spyglass, turning the handle and refocusing the telescope closer and closer.
"Yes...that is it." She muttered to herself tersely as she listened intently to the conversation between the two subjects she was spying on. Prince Strongheart's voice echoed from the spyglass.

"My Lady, you cared for me when I was a dog- you rescued me when I was captured by Duchess RavenWaves and the Comb Gnomes, you broke the curse that held me captive in the form of a dog for so many years-"
"And you watched over me, Prince Strongheart, when I had yet so much to learn!"
"I was loyal to you Lady, and I would have done anything to make sure that you were safe...I cared greatly for you Lady...and now as a man, I still do..."
The pair clasped hands, Lady's hair and pink skirts were tousled by the breeze and Strongheart's cape rippled. Duchess RavenWaves felt sickened by the way the pair looked into each other's eyes lovingly!
"I care for you Prince Strongheart, but in a different way from when you were in the form of a dog. You looked after me, and now, as a man you still do."
"Lady LovelyLocks, I have waited so long and sacrificed many chances to tell you...that I love you, Lady, from the depths of my heart, I love you!"
Duchess RavenWaves rolled her eyes as she saw Lady LovelyLocks break into a radiant smile, her eyes watering with tears of joy.
"Oh Prince Strongheart, from the moment I caught your reflection in, my heart was captured..."

RavenWaves' dark brows creased as she saw Prince Strongheart get down on one knee, his dashing figure bathed by the light of the moon. He still held Lady's hand.
"Lady, it is from the depths of my heart, with all my love, that I ask you for your hand in marriage."
"Oh Prince Strongheart...!" Lady LovelyLocks' eyes watered as she sighed, her heart surrendered to the love that overcame her. Prince Strongheart stood from where he made his proposal, "Yes! I love you so- you are the only husband for me!"
Duchess RavenWaves seethed as she watched the young couple embrace lovingly, then made a face of disgust as she watched them share a tender kiss, confirming their love for each other. Livid with rage and envy, RavenWaves thrust away the golden spyglass with force, sending it spinning. She was scowling and huffing as she stormed about her observatory, her ebony waves bobbing as she paced.
"Oh Prince Strongheart...!" She mimicked Lady LovelyLocks' exclamation sourly, her mouth contorting. She sulked, crossing her arms across her chest. Her glaring dark eyes sought out the nearest thing to release her rage upon. Her attention was drawn towards a bucket placed under a dripping leak by Hairball. Striding towards it she gave it a mighty kick, balling up her fists and shouting as she did it. The bucket was hurled to the other side of the observatory, clanging against the stone wall. The Duchess harrumphed, her anger still boiling. She resumed her pacing.

"Why! Why?" RavenWaves exclaimed to herself, "Why does she have everything?!"
She slammed her fist on the stone surface of the table filled with Hairball's bubbling potions and concoctions.
"First she has the kingdom and the protection of that old fool ShiningGlory..." Duchess RavenWaves looked to one hand, and then the other, "...and now Prince Strongheart! That wretched Prince should have stayed the mutt he was cursed as!"
She stamped her foot in fury and as she paced the glass flasks of Hairball's many and varied a potion quivered. A threatening rumble of thunder then a crack of lightening followed.
"And what am I left with?" The Duchess gave an exasperated sigh of self-pity, "A crumbling castle with leaks-"She gave the bucket another kick.
The shadow of a Comb Gnome loomed from the doorway. Tanglet opened his mouth to speak when he was frozen in fear as Duchess RavenWaves turned on him in a fury. The Duchess grasped one of Hairball's potion flasks threateningly, her hair swimming a raven halo about her livid face. Tanglet took one look at his mistress then fled, narrowly escaping the hurled flask which shattered into shards.
"-and fools as my helpers!" She shouted after a panicked Tanglet who raced down the hall.
"Grrr!" RavenWaves exclaimed, "What am I to do? The lovely Lady has her Prince by her side now- it will be impossible! I will never get that lock of her hair, and the kingdom of LovelyLocks will never be mine! It is not fair! HAIRBALL!"

The Duchess continued to pace, her fists balled up in anger as Hairball, her furry sidekick with a penchant for magic, scurried into the observatory upon his mistress' call.
"Huh-huh, you called, Duchess?"
Hairball's eyes widened as his mistress turned around, her wrath visible. He shrank back, suddenly becoming nervous, holding his rat-like tail to his chest, his smile strained. He gave an uncertain laugh.
"What am I to do, Hairball?" The Duchess demanded as she returned to her spyglass, lifting the spy-hole to her gaze. The cogs tinkered as she refocused upon the Lady and her Prince. She felt sick to the stomach once she laid eyes upon their happiness, sending the telescope spinning once again in her fury.
"Do...? Do...?" Hairball's uncertainty turned into dread as he realized that he did not quite understand the cause of the Duchess' rage. A drop of water from a new leak dripped on Hairball's head.
"Those lazy bums! I told Snags to fix those leaks! Don't worry Duchess, huh-huh, Hairball will have-"
"Shut up Hairball!" Duchess RavenWaves yelled, leaning forward over the bubbling potions on the table. Hairball was silent immediately.
"Why am I surrounded by such stupidity...?" RavenWaves wondered aloud. Hairball gave another tentative laugh but shut his mouth when RavenWaves sent him a withering glare.

"Those leaks will be fixed-" Hairball ventured nervously, his eyes widening as he dodged a flying flask which crashed behind him.
"I am not talking about the leaks Hairball!" Duchess RavenWaves threw another potion bottle in the direction of her subordinate.
"Ah!" Hairball exclaimed, diving to catch the decanter, heaving an exhale of relief when he did.
"Lady LovelyLocks..." The Duchess began in a sarcastic tone, accidentally knocking another round flask off the edge of the table as she flailed her arms. Hairball lunged to catch it.
" getting married!" She finished in a disgusted tone. Hairball retreated, cradling his precious potions and magical ingredients, wiping his brow.
"Huh-huh married?" Hairball chuckled.
"Yes!" RavenWaves screeched, another glass container headed his way. Hairball fell backwards as he caught it, "To Prince Strongheart!"
"My plans are ruined Hairball! All my effort, my toil- my hard work over these years- ruined! If that curse had not been broken I would have had a chance to snatch that lock of Lady's hair!" A crash of lightening illuminated the room behind RavenWaves, "But now that...prince...that mutt is human and intends to make that goody-two-shoes Lady his wife- I will not even have a chance to get close to her!"
Just as the Duchess finished speaking, Snags entered.
"D-" Hairball clapped a hand over Snags' mouth to silence him. The Comb Gnome wriggled in protest, but his eyes widened as he saw a projectile heading his way. More flasks soared, bombarding the pair, as their mistress vented her rage. Hairball juggled six of his treasured magical ingredients, however missed one. As it smashed, the contents within it burst into flames, scorching his tail.
"Ye-ow!" Hairball howled, jumping with the pain, throwing the bottles he held up into the air as he blew on his singed tail. Snags' mouth fell open as he saw six glass flasks descending rapidly, contorting himself into all different positions to catch them without one single breakage. Snags stood as still as a statue, precariously balancing the objects on his toes, his tail and his nose, he daren't even exhale.

Duchess RavenWaves finally calmed somewhat to be approachable to a very sore and cautious Hairball. Whimpering over his tail, he gathered the potion bottles from Snags, who promptly fell flat on his face with relief, and placed them back on the table. RavenWaves was by the window, staring out at the rolling clouds of the storm and the splintering forks of lightening.
"Ah- Duchess...?" Hairball ventured submissively. RavenWaves' almond shaped eyes narrowed, causing Hairball to shrink several sizes smaller.
"What?" She snapped, folding her arms.
Hairball returned to his normal size.
"If it is true that the Lady LovelyLocks, huh-huh, is getting married to Prince Strongheart-"
"Of course it is true! I saw it with my very own eyes!"
"- then it could give us the perfect opportunity, huh-huh, to seize that lock of hair and rule the kingdom!"
Duchess RavenWaves stared disbelievingly at her sidekick, her disbelief simmering into rage once again.
"Have those potion fumes gone to your head Hairball?!" She yelled, "We will never get close enough! The Prince will always be by her side!"
Hairball lifted a finger, laughing to himself, so pleased was he with this idea.
"Huh-huh, but the Lady will most likely hold a ball and invite all the rulers of the surrounding kingdoms to celebrate the royal engagement..."
The Duchess raised her eyebrows, looking intrigued.
"Hmmm?" She tapped her foot.
"Huh-huh, well then I have the perfect plan!" Hairball announced self-importantly before beckoning his mistress to bend down so he could whisper the plan into her ear. RavenWaves expression turned from interested to suspicion, then plain outrage.
"Haven't we done something like this already Hairball? And it didn't work!" RavenWaves put her hands on her hips and marched across to the other side of the observatory.
"But this time it will work Duchess! I promise-"
"I have had enough of your hair-brained schemes that always fail Hairball!"
"But this time it will be all of us! You, me and the Comb Gnomes! There will be no escape for the Lady!"
Snags looked up from where he lay, flat on his face, with a look of concern that he was involved.
RavenWaves gave Hairball a suspicious look before turning her back on him swiftly.
"This had better work Hairball! This may be the last chance we have!"
"Huh-huh, Hairball can guarantee success my Duchess-"
RavenWaves swept back towards Hairball, holding him up by the scruff of his neck so that his eyes met hers.
"I don't want your guarantees Hairball! Whenever you say that it never works!"
Hairball squeaked and swallowed.
"It might work, Duchess...?" He laughed nervously but was barely finished when his mistress dropped him. He landed hard on the cold, damp floor.

"I need that lock of hair Hairball, I need that kingdom! Lady LovelyLocks has too much her own way!"


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Yes! ^-^ Finally! Some good quality Lady LovelyLocks fanfiction! Woo-hoo! Keep up the great work! I've been thinking about writing some LLL fanfiction myself, but I haven't because my knowledge of the story is limited. I've seen some of the episodes of the series, but most of my knowledge of the story comes from the books (which of course is also limited). Please consider posting your story on so that other LLL fans will be encouraged to write as well! I agree with our Webmistress. The characters' personalities match the way they are portrayed in the series, and it feels like this is a lost episode of the cartoon! Please continue!
God bless!
Allura Arwen

Allura Arwen

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OMG, I love it!! Laughing out loud The way you captured the atmosphere of the cartoon and all their personalities is just perfect!

I especially love the scene where they make LLL and StrongHeart take that walk together, heehee, very subtle! Eye-wink Very romantic too!

Gosh, I'd love to read more! Thank so much for posting this and keep up the good work!!

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