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New here - and price check possibly?

By Roswita - Posted on 02 August 2006

Hi! I just joined this forum. Smiling I'm 25 and live in Europe.

I used to love Lady LovelyLocks when I was younger. I still collect pixietails (I got the two gnomes last year, yay!), but I confess I am more of a My Little Pony collector, definitely.

I still have most of my LLL toys and their are in excellent conditions (hardly payed with, as I was an extremely careful kid), but recently I decided I may like to part with some of them, in particular:

Tree House - out of box, but in excellent conditions. Clean, and complete with all accessories, minus the pixietails (which I am keeping)

Silky Pup - excellent conditions, but out of box. Comes with comb and possibly her original ribbons, but no pixietails.

I wanted to ask you if you could help me figuring out the value of these items. If you are by chance intersted in them, I can of course provide lots of selling and trading references from the MLP community (I have been active there for six years) and eBay. Or if you could just help me with prices, I would e grateful, as I am not experienced with LLL stuff enough and wouldn't know what a fair price would be for them and I already have some potential buyers/traders.

Thanks in advace,


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