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LLL Info 01

By Lady LovelyLocks - Posted on 06 July 2006

Hello ^.^
Here is some info people have asked about. I hope it helps.
They had asked about the pixietail names. So here they are:

Lady LovelyLocks: PixieBeauty, PixieShine, PixieSparkle
Maiden CurlyCrown: PixieCurl, PixieLocks, Pixie-Do
Maiden FairHair: PixieColor, PixiePoo, PixieComb
SilkyMane: PixiePretty, PixieGlow, PixieTwinkle

As for the map I havent been able to scan it. All this info is from things I have collected and read. Everything seemed more established and named by 1987. Anyway have fun! And drop me a line any time. =3

Orca4380's picture

Did somebody know the german names ?

chikara's picture

this is great, would you know the colors for the pixietails that are Maiden Fairhair's?
Thank you.

Lady LovelyLocks's picture

PixiePoo is purple, PixieColor is blue and PixieComb is pink. I hope that helps. If you need more detail just let me know ^.^
But that is the basic.

Do not steal this image.

ladystrongheart's picture

do you know what their colors are? I'm just curious so I can tell a friend what color her pixietails are and which are which.

Thanks for your help Smiling

Lady LovelyLocks's picture

Hi! Maiden CurlyCrown's pixietails are yellow, green and orange. I hope that helps ya! ^.^

Do not steal this image.

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