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Mira's Lady LovelyLocks Wishlist

By Mira - Posted on 08 May 2006

Please scroll down to read about brochures / stickers / puzzles that I am missing!
[I also right now have a lunchbox I am willing to trade away/sell here.]

- - - - - - WANTED - - - - -

I really want to find a copy of the Sparkle Pretty brochure!
ie the one with the ballerina versions of LLL, MFC and MCC.

Sticker number 33
(I also have duplicate stickers listed, in the for Sale or Trade forum section )

A few that I have, are still in shrinkwrap so they are in excellent condition. However, one of my favourites, the Enchanted Island puzzle, is in overall the worst condition of all puzzles.. So I'd love to find a shrinkwrapped version of that puzzle if possible, or one in very good condition without shrinkwrap. And should it only be the box that you have left, ie no actual puzzle inside it, that'd be ok too. I don't mind just getting a box as long as it is in really good condition Smiling

-> You can find my collection of LLL Puzzles here!

And, so far I know of at least two puzzles that I am missing, of the square kind, as I have seen images of them in Fayelin's LLL collection.

...Square Puzzles I am Missing...

- LLL on a swing, the same illustration that is on the cover of the LLL Sticker album for instance, and on a rectangularly shaped puzzle that I have.

..Rectangular Puzzles I am Missing...
- Maiden CurlyCrown and Lady Lovely Locks and pixietails enjoying hot milk coco in bed together with pixietails. You can see an image of that here.

- The classic LLL line illustration, as seen on backside of LLL, MFH etc dolls. You can see an image of that here.

If you know of any other puzzles, square or rectangular, that I am missing please let me know what they look like! And if you have a pic to show me, even better! And should you have a puzzle to sell that I already have, please contact me as well, I'm always hunting for puzzles in good condition Smiling

~ ~ ~ CONTACT ME ~ ~ ~

miraculousm [at] gmail [dot] com

..or simply click "contact" in my profile here to send me an email..

Last updated: 2013-08-06

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Removed some puzzles that I have found, but I am always on the lookout for new puzzles if they're in better condition than the ones I have Smiling

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If you like I can make a scan of the back of Maiden Mistycurls box.
If you buy a loose doll sometime you and your daughter can be happy Eye-wink

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I'm sorry, that was me as a quest.

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That's nice of you, but I forgot to edit this wishlist. I no longer wish for any dolls, I just want to collect stickers/puzzles/brochures now. And I managed to get ahold of a backside scan of the Enchanted Island series, 'cause I did create an Enchanted Island wallpaper a while back Smiling

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Does anyone have a LLL Sparkle Pretty brochure to sell?
Or would consider at least scanning it in high-res and mail me?

I had one before, but regretfully sold it and am sorely wishing I had at least scanned it before I did, but I didn't have access to a scanner at the time Sad

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I have added puzzles I want/am missing!

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Hi. For you and everyone who search the sticker album , you can find it COMPLETE at just for 15 euros. But they're in french and italian. Good luck!

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Thank you! But I suspect you mean Smiling

As I only found machine products, for document processing and the like on

Hmm, when searching for "Lady Lovely Locks" one does get a few hit results.. but their search function is kind of confusing, one get 6 search hits, when searching via the upper right square, after having chosen region/language in one of the drop down menues at the top of the page.. yet then when clicking on one of the search results, one is to search yet again.. Alas then when searching for LLL, it seems one does get that sticker album as a result Smiling

I ordered the album, will let you know how it goes Laughing out loud

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I bought the dutch/french version a few years back. The fun part is that the stickers aren't in order so you have to do that yourself Smiling

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Whee, package with LLL Panini album and stickers has arrived.
Thank you once again, Niaroche!

At first I did wonder about the shipping cost, but the package was very well packaged and they sent it by DHL, so I got not only a prealert email on the package being on its way, but also a phonecall from the person who delivered it. Was also very smooth since I was able to use an e-card to pay for it, so it all felt very safe. However, seems their database were unable to process Swedish letters, (as yes, those final three in our alphabet are actual letters in Swedish, not accented a and o!).. since I saw such letters in my post address for the shipping label for air use had all been replaced with a dot sign. But they had also printed out a plain shipping label that had all the letters as they should be.

The album and 16 batches of loose stickers kept together in batches by elastic rubber bands arrived still in their shrink wrap, and with some kind of cardboard behind the album, inside the shrink wrap. But I can't figure why the made this piece of supposedly protective cardboard so small. The corners of the album was a bit nudged. And the shrink wrap clearly has been affected by storage/age. All in all, it's still in fantastic condition for its age Smiling

I'll try to make more desktop additions soon!

[edited to remove odd looking characters, seems the forum did not like my Swedish letters!]

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