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Lady LovelyLocks

By Webmistress - Posted on 07 May 2006

Lady LovelyLocks

Guest's picture

I am 32 now and will never forget this doll!! I sure wish this carton would come on so my daughter could see it!

Beth's picture

I'm 25 now, but when I was little Lady Lovely Locks was my favorite cartoon and my mom bought me this doll for my birthday. I loved her and played with her everyday until my evil older brother put her head in a vise and ripped her head off. I'll never forget that doll.

Sanne's picture

This is the doll I played with when I was little!
We could borrow toys from school to play with at home and I brought over this doll a couple of times.
I didn't know she was Lady Lovely Locks, though.
I thought she was a girl from My Little Pony! ^^;
Now I know.

whisperelmwood's picture

Oh my, I remember playing with these dolls when I was very young! I'm 25 now and I still have fond memories of them. It's really quite strange to see them again!

Jennifer's picture

Smiling I found this site and cried...I am 28 years old and some of my first childhood memories of toys was playing with my lady lovely locks doll and her beautiful castle...can't believe she is still around...

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