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Desktop wallpaper 05

By Webmistress - Posted on 24 March 2006

Desktop wallpaper 05


Doki-sama's picture

It seems when I click the sizes to download... It isn't allowing me and says the site expired? I can not recall the exact wording, Sorry.

Webmistress's picture

Sorry about that! I could only find the 1024x768 version, but here it is! Smiling

Doki-sama's picture

Thank you very much! I appreciate it~ <3

Mira's picture

Manon uploaded these files to a Geocities account, but that account is no longer active, that is why the files are no longer there, and why they are no longer working.

I'll contact her and tell her she needs to fix these links!

Webmistress's picture

Thanks for the alert!

Patriciaa's picture

nice desktop! fantastic..
where the original pic came from?
the duchess and hairball look so evil and cool in this pic..

Webmistress's picture

This pic was scanned from a German magazine. I hope to add more comic scans later!

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