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Location names and names in general

By Guest - Posted on 16 February 2006

I idly debated starting a LLL RPG but I've drawn a serious blank on some important information. Besides Castle Lovelylocks, Mirror Lake and Glory Manor, I have absolutely no memory of any of the locations. If anyone can help me - that'd be terrific. Also, does anyone remember if Fairhair and Curlycrown's pixietails had names? I know Lady Lovely had hers named in the show.

Any help will be appreciated Smiling

My email's if you want to reach me

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Wasn't there a snow kingdom somewhere? I think CurlyCrown got bitten by a bug and Lady had to travel to some kingdom that was covered in snow. I forget the name of it though

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What all do you need?
I have a map! And I have all pixietails names. Just let me know if you want me to post them. ^^

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oh please do post their names, im having such a hard time figuring out the purple bunny pixietail's name

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hello you have a map? is it of lovely locks kingdom?

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I'll post here, but also email you these answers, so further replies won't overlap Smiling

Well.. there was the Enchanted Island where the enchanted ones lived Eye-wink and Tangle Land, home of Duchess Ravenwaves where she also had her own castle.. then, there appears to be a lot of woods, with that special curly hair that only trees in the world of LLL can have Laughing out loud

As for character names, I can't help you though. I've never seen any cartoons, didn't know there were any 'til a few years ago.

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I just remembered, when reading one of the booklets.. they speak of Pixietail Park, which seems to be where the Pixietail Treehouse is located.

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Yes, I'm pretty sure that the other characters pixis had names, just that i can't remember them right know....

And of course, I would only knw the swedish once....

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