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10: The Pixietails

By Alarda - Posted on 03 November 2005

10: The Pixietails

This is the last part of the audio play.

It starts with Lady LovelyLocks sitting on a swing in the castle gardens where she meets the Pixietails. They can't tell her if Rah's little one has already hatched, but they've seen the Comb Gnomes in the Land of Light. This gives her some worries, because of Leilanis return.

In the Blue Mountains, the Duchess RavenWaves wants to bath in the water of the magic well, and therefore orders HairBall and the Combgones to fill her bathtub with the water. But first, one of them has to tell the Duchess something he heard: he overheard Moma, telling the Pixietails that Bird Rah is sorry that he kidnapped Leilani and will bring her back to her parents, as soon as his little one has hatched. The Duchess doesn't like this, thinking it is impertinent of the Bird to want to take the child away from her again.

In the Magical Forest, Matti, Tatzel and Knabberjahn play at the Misty River again near the tree in which Owl Urda sits to sleep. After a little argument over her always sleeping where they are playing, Knabberjahn asks her if she couldn't fly over to the swamp and see if Rah's already on his way to take Leilani back, because if they knew, Moma could tell the Pixietails to tell it to Lady LovelyLocks. And it would calm her, if she knew that Rah was already on his way to bring her daughter back. Urda agrees to do it, and leaves in the direction of the swamp.

Meanwhile in the Land of Light, Leilanis room is cleaned up and everything washed. In his tower, ShiningGlory looks into his crystal ball and sees something that makes him worry about Rah's success to bring Leilani back. He tells Prince StrongHeart not to encourage her anticipation over the near return of their daughter.

In the Blue Mountains, the Comb Gnomes and HairBall are sent off to carry out some preparations to set a trap for Rah. In the swamp, Urda has arrived at Rah's nest. The little bird has indeed hatched and Tatzel's uncle Ewald sits under the tree to watch over the little one. He can tell Urda that Rah is already on his way, wich is the reason why he is sitting there: he watches after the little bird until Rah comes back - he has to be back in the evening to feed his little one. With that information Urda returns to the Magical Forest.

Meanwhile Rah is caught in the trap set for him in the Duchess caste. Caught in a net, he is held prisoner. After that, the Duchess orders the Comb Gnomes and HairBall to divert the magic well through pipes into her bathroom - and that in a week's time!

Night has fallen in the Magical Forest, Urda worries about Rah not being back to feed his little one and flies back to the swamp. There Ewald tells her that Rah isn't back. To save the little Bird, Urda caches a mouse and feeds it to the little bird, to save it from starvation.

In the Land of Light, Lady LovelyLocks worries too. She can't sleep because Rah has not brought Leilani back - and he should have by that time. ShiningGlory calms her down a bit and she leaves him after a little while.

Some time later, he gets a visit from the Snake Lee who tells him that Rah has been caught by the Duchess. Someone has told the Duchess about the Bird wanting to bring Leilani back - but she swears that she hasn't done it and suggests that ShiningGlory looks into his magical book to find a way in which Leilani can be brought back otherwhise. He doses off over the book, and wakes some time later from a loud thud: the book has fallen on the floor as the Pixietails tried to have a look into it.

Lee has told them that in the book must be written down a way in which they can cross the magical boarder to the Blue Mountains. And indeed, ShiningGlory finds something: with the help of the elements the Pixietails can cross the magical boarder. Therefore the Nebelmoog has to wrap them in mist.

Of course he does that. The Pixietails fly to the Blue Mountains and free Rah and get Leilani. On the way back, they witness the breakdown of the lopsided castle, because the Duchess has broken a pillar for the diversion of the magic well.

The MC ends with the Pixietails wandering what the Lady will say, when they lay Leilani into her arms and she wakes in the morning...

The series of audio plays stops here suddenly though there would have been enough loose ends and room for the story to go on. I don't know why it was canceled then, probably with the end of the TV series. I can't tell anymore, because I was just four at the time (a little more than 16-years ago from today!), and only saw the TV series once I think... But I was always more into the audio play then into the TV series anyway. Smiling

But I always wondered, what happens from that point of the story... Anyway, this audio play was very popular in German, indeed, it still is. You get them still very easily at eBay, and there are whole forums where people come together who look for them...

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