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09: The Magic Well

By Alarda - Posted on 02 November 2005

09: The Magic Well

It begins with Owl Urda and Tatzel arguing. The old owl always brings up old matters, time and time again. This time it is the fire that took place in the previous MC. One can't blame Tatzel for being impatient with her, for everyone else has forgiven him and Matti already.

Well, Urda, always demands to be respected (which is surely not always well earned! She is often really mean to the kids, and wants them to respect her regardless of how she's treating them...). It ends with a command that Tatzel should be sent away. He has enough of her and storms off into the swamp to look for his uncle, who is said to live there somewhere.

Duchess RavenWaves and HairBall are walking through the lopsided castle and arguing about it. Finally HairBall is ordered to adjust the legs of the chairs and tables in the castle so that one can sit straight despite of the lopsided floor...

The Duchess retires into the castle's conservatory where she meets the Snake Lee. She tells the Duchess about a magic well that she found some time ago, and offers her a bargain: she shares it with her, if she get's the promised emerald mine and the conservatory of her castle.

Meanwhile we know RavenWaves dislikes of paying anything. So she sends the snake off to have some time to think about it. But instead of thinking about the payment, she orders the Comb Gnomes to find the magic well, to avoid paying the snake for the use of the well.

In the meantime, Prince StrongHeart has arrived in the Blue Mountains. Through the crowns of the trees he can see the towers of the Duchess' new lopsided castle. He pauses a moment to think for a moment about his daughter.

Then he meets the Snake Lee, who greets him and warns him not to be confident about getting the child back, because neither Lazulila nor the Duchess will return Leilani so easily.

Meanwhile, Matti searches for Tatzel. Because he can't find him, he ends up asking owl Urda if she knows where he is. She suggests that he may be in the swamp, visiting his uncle Ewald. Happy with this information, Matti runs off again, in the direction of the swamp.

In the Blue Mountains, the Duchess is warned by HairBall that Prince StrongHeart has arrived in front of the castle's gates. Not knowing what else to do to keep him from taking his daughter with him, she calles Lazulila, to help her. And as meaningless threats are not successful to stop him, Lazulila puts a spell on him. He is temporarily turned to stone (and his horse, too).

Knowing that Lazulila needs an owl's hoot for her spells to be permanent even when it stops raining (she only can work magic when it rains!), she teases her about it. But Lazulila announces that even if it stops raining, her spell will block his way.

The bad thing is that ShiningGlory looks into his crystal ball at the same moment. Seeing the Prince and his horse turned to stone. Knowing Lazulila's magic and her trademark (a magical belt), he knows it was her and probably that it is only temporarily. But of course, he has to tell the Lady.

Well, after hearing what's happened she sends ShiningGlory away, pretending that she wants to sleep, and of course he respects her wish, because she is still very ill. But instead of sleeping, she calles for Maiden FairHair and Maiden CurlyCrown, ordering them to help her get dressed and get her horse, because she wants to ride to Prince StrongHeart. She makes them promise not to tell anyone (well, nobody would want to allow her to ride off on her own, ill and weak as she is!), but she faints as she sits in the saddle finaly.

In the Blue Mountains, the Comb Gnomes have just come back, reporting that they've found the magic well, some distance behind the castle's cellars. They brought some of it's water back. To see if it works, the Duchess tries it on the wart on Lazulilas nose - which instantly vanishes.

Having seen this, Lazulila leaves, to visit the wizard with whom she has had an argument over the boarders of their realms in MC 5. The rain stops and StrongHeart and his horse are freed of the spell again. In his tower, ShiningGlory notices this as well and storms down to tell the Lady. Reaching her bedroom, he hears from her two friends, that she has again broken down as she wanted to ride to Prince StrongHeart and that the doctor will be here soon.

She soon wakes up, and ShiningGlory tells her about Prince StrongHeart being freed from the spell and supposedly being on his way back. Thinking that he is bringing their daughter back, she sends the Pixietails to greet him. The Prince is indeed on his way back home - but without their daughter.

In the meantime, Matti has reached the swamp to search for Tatzel. He suddenly notices the Bird Rah is circling above him, but there is nothing where he could hide. So he runs, until he falls into a small pond - and then, he hears Tatzel laughing. He finally finds his best friend - and his uncle Ewald as well. He brings Matti - of whom he has already heard very much, because Tatzel spoke of nothing and no one else, something to eat.

Suddenly Bird Rah is outside Ewald's cave, wanting to speak with the two, who have stolen his egg. Ewald begs Rah not to frighten the two boys (he is a friend of his actually) and encourages them to go out. They talk to Rah, thanking him for saving them and telling him that they are sorry for what they have done. Matti is really clever, he makes Rah laugh even though he is angry with them at first and this impresses him. So he suggest that they become friends.

Well, then it's Mattis turn to get angry. He accuses Rah to be the reason that Lady LovelyLocks is very ill and probably is going to die if she doesn't get her child back, because no one can help her. Rah is already sorry when he hears this, he tells Matti that he didn't know this and that Duchess RavenWaves has told him something else.

Matti tells him that she always lies and that she's done many terrible things, and that she's been banned after she tried to poison the Lady and her Prince on their wedding day. After hearing that, Bird Rah is very sorry and promises to bring the little girl back to her parents after his little one has hatched- wich is due in some days.

In the Blue Mountains, the Snake Lee has been called to the Duchess under the pretense that the Duchess wants to speak with her. Well, the Duchess tells her one thing: that the magic well is located on her grounds and belongs therefore to her. And after that she throws the snake into the cellars. The snake is very angry, swearing that she won't forgive her this time.

Back in the Magical Forest, Matti and Tatzel tell Moma that Rah has promised to bring Leilani back to her parents. She is off very soon to tell the Pixietails. When she finally finds them, they were very sad, because they saw Prince StrongHeart returning without Leilani and know that Lady LovelyLocks is even worse then before- she is very seriously ill and may die even though the best doctors are treating her.

After hearing the good news, they make their way back to the castle. But before they reach the castle some time passes. The doctors go in and out of the Lady's bedroom without being able to help.

Understandably the snake isn't allowed to go into the Lady's room, as she wants to visit her, so she goes to Prince StrongHeart, telling him that she might have the means to save the Lady. StrongHeart shows her in and asks the Lady if she wants to take Lee's medicine (some water from the magic well, of course!). Which she does, because she trusts Lee.

Well, to make thinks short: it helps, she wakes up some time later, being alright again. The Pixietails have arrived and the MC ends with them telling the Lady that Rah has promised to bring Leilani back when his little one has hatched, which is due in a few days.

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