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07: The Kidnapping

By Alarda - Posted on 02 November 2005

07: The Kidnapping

(This story takes place several months after episode 6.)

After weeks of rain and the sudden heat, the dam in the Magical Forest is severely damaged..

Matti and Tatzel play at the Misty River. They have saved a little rabbit who was caught by the oncoming water - the dam has obviously broken. Therefore they can't hear the long-awaited signal from the Land of Light, meaning that Lady LovelyLocks' child has been born.

It is a girl, called Leilani - meaning "the happy one" according to Lady LovelyLocks. She and Prince StrongHeart are very happy. But ShiningGlory has seen the star of Duchess RavenWaves in the night before the birth of their daughter, and there is a shadow in the shape of a bird too. He says, of course, that this must not mean something bad, but he is very worried - and so is Prince StrongHeart. ( Given his past experiences with the Duchess, one can't blame him for being upset.) Well, Lady LovelyLocks is optimistic, saying that ShiningGlory told them there is great luck ahead of them and announces the christening to be in three days.

In the Magical Forest, Matti and Tatzel are saved by the Bird Rah, who lives in the swamp behind the Magical Forest and is said to lay golden eggs. He drops them in his nest and flies away again. The two boys see that it is true, because there is a golden egg lying in the nest. The two leave the untidy nest of Rah, climbing down the tree in which it is placed - and take the golden egg with them.

Well, the birth of Lady LovelyLocks' and Prince StrongHeart's little daughter has been reported to the Duchess Ravenwaves too, by her Comb Gnomes, and they've seen the huge bird Rah as well. (The Duchess is now living in her hunting lodge in the Blue Mountains.)

Later she gets a visit of sorts from the witch Lazulila, and the two of them see Rah, the huge bird, looking for his stolen egg. Lazulila gets him down to them with a spell. They hear from him that two kids from the Magical Forest have stolen his egg for which he is searching. The Duchess instantly accuses Lady LovelyLocks of being responsible for the theft, and gets Rah to agree to bring the Lady's baby daughter to her and Lazulila - as a punishment.

Matti and Tatzel arrive at the christening party with the gifts from her friends in the Magical Forest - they want to give the little Princess a very special gift, later, when they are alone with her: Rah's golden egg!

The baby Girl is brought back to her room after Matti and Tatzel have seen her (I suppose they are the last ones to have arrived), so that she can sleep uninterupted. The Lady asks Leilani's nanny not to forget to open the window, because the many candles take away the oxigen - a terrible mistake! Bird Rah kidnaps the little girl through the open window and carries her off to the Duchess and Lazulila.

The Guests are sent home. Only Matti and Tatzel remain with the Lady, Prince StrongHeart and ShiningGlory, who try to figure out why the bird has done that. Matti gives the final clue, showing them Rah's golden egg. From then on, it isn't difficult for them to reach the conclusion, that the Duchess must have talked Rah into kidnapping the baby girl.

The episode ends with Matti and Tatzel promising to return home immediately and give the egg back to Rah.

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You are very close with the mean of the name Leilani, it's Hawaiian in orgin and it means "Heavenly flower". "Lei" meaning flower and "Lani" meaning heaven. So together, Leilani means "Flower Heaven" when literally translated.

Good to finally see a different name within the series that has nothing to do with hair, hair care or hair appearance.

"Shimmering Crystals Abound, Our Duchess shall one day rule!"

"Shimmering Crystals Abound, Our Duchess shall one day rule!"

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actually, I've just stated what Lady Lovely locks herself says that name means. So I've simply stuck with that. But I'm impressed by your research, actually.
I think, the prodcers may have reserched for names also. The serie is ver well put together, so you can imagine the afford they proably made.
So that's propably not just coincidence.

For the new style of the name... They did a lot side charakters for the audio play, and most of them have just normal names. The stable boy's called Ben, theres a girl named Trine, tuff like that.
There are also several changed compared to the TV serie. Shing glory isn't bling, andl lives in LLl's castle. Theres no silkypub there either and the Lady's dog is actuually Prince.
So it might be interesting for you guys to read the other transcripts.
I''ve finshed my exams now and I'm back at work with the translations. Hopefuly I'll be quick with them. Anyway, as soon as I've finished another part of them, I'll send it strait to Manon, so she can put it here.

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