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06: The Wedding at the Castle

By Alarda - Posted on 02 November 2005

06: The Wedding at the Castle

It starts with the people in the village near the castle of Lady LovelyLocks preparing for the Lady's wedding. There are only three days left, so everyone's really busy, including the Lady herself and her two friends, Maiden FairHair and Maiden CurlyCrown.

After a meeting with her seamstresses, who have finally finished her wedding gown, the Lady rides down to the Misty River to see if her friends from the Magical Forest have already arrived.

On the way there, she meets an old woman - who later proves to be Duchess RavenWaves. She gives the Lady a set of golden combs, pretending that it was a gift for her own wedding from a king, to whom her fiancé had been a friend of sorts, which actually never took place, because her fiancé was killed in the night before their wedding. She wants to give them to Lady LovelyLocks now, so that she can wear them at her wedding.

Always her good-natured, far to trusting self, Lady LovelyLocks allows the old woman to put the combs into her hair, because the old woman pretends not to be there for the wedding, because she couldn't bear it. After the combs are put into her hair, the Lady faints. Her horse Silkymane returns alone to the castle, and her people start to look for her then, of course.

Meanwhile, Matti, Tatzel and Knabberjahn have arrived in the Land of Light. They know the way to the castle, so they just make their way there after seeing that no one's there to pick them up - but they wonder about it a little. They are almost at the castle when they meet the search party that has just found the Lady. Matti is the one who realises that there is something wrong with the combs and takes them out. The Lady wakes up, but she is still very weak.

They bring her back to the castle, but her doctor can reassure Prince StrongHeart, who has rightfully suspected Duchess RavenWaves to be responsible. Knowing that the Lady will be alright, he rides over to her castle, to talk to her. He tells that he despises her and gets her finally to admit that it was her doing that ruined his father. After that, he tells her that the Lady is alright and she throws the front door shut in front of his nose.

And after not being able to use ShiningGlory's crystal ball to send word to witch Lazulila, she decides to put on another show, return the crystal ball to ShiningGlory and swear to be sorry for all that she's done. On her way to the castle, she overhears a conversation between the Lady and her friends, who have brought her a special wine from the Magical Forest for the wedding.

A little bit later, Maiden CurlyCrown encounters her in the castel hall. The ensuing argument brings ShiningGlory down from his tower. The Duchess gives his crystal ball back to him and he asks Maiden CurlyCrown to tell Lady LovelyLocks about it. But she lingers of course, to listen, until the Duchess has left. (ShiningGlory has at last believed in her lies and even promised that she may come to the wedding, if Lady LovelyLocks agrees to this!)

Maiden CurlyCrown returns with that news to the Lady and her friends, and tells them all she has just heard. But the end of the matter is, of course, that the Lady allows her to come, if she really wants to. Then the great day has finally come. The young couple gets married, and just as they are supposed to drink that wine brought over from the Magical Forest, Snake Lee turns up, warning them not to drink it, because the Duchess has poisoned it.

The episode ends with Duchess RavenWaves being banned from the Land of Light and everybody celebrating.

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