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05: The Evil Duchess RavenWaves

By Alarda - Posted on 02 November 2005

05: The Evil Duchess RavenWaves

This Episode is the only one in the serie not featuring the Lady's friends from the Magical Forest.

It starts with HairBall stealing ShiningGlory's crystal ball for the Duchess. Equipped with heavy gloves and a bucket, he manages to steal it this time. But because it is too heavy he only succeeds in carrying it halfway to the castle.

Therefor he has to come back for it with a handcart - after being yelled at by Duchess RavenWaves for not bringing the crystal ball to the castle right away. After that he and the Comb Gnomes are send straight away to bring Prince to the Duchess' hunting lodge in the Blue Mountains, so that Lady LovelyLocks - whom she expects to be there in the morning to look for her dog - won't find him.

On the next morning ShiningGlory storms down the staircase of his tower and wakes the Lady to inform her about his crystal ball being stolen. They agree to meet in half an hour's time, with Maiden CurlyCrown and Maiden FairHair, to discuss matters over breakfast.

All agree that the Duchess RavenWaves has to be responsible for the kidnapping of Prince and for the stolen crystal ball. The Lady is very angry - very unusual for her kind, understanding self! - and she decides to go and have a serious conversation with her enemy. Her two friends accompany her.

But the Duchess refuses to let them in and speak to them. Even their searching the castle grounds for a trace of Prince doesn't prove successful. A little time later they meet the head groom, who accompanies the three friends back to the castle, telling them Snake Lee had been talking to him this morning. She said she was sorry that Prince is so ill, but is glad to hear that he can recover now in the blue Mountains.

What they don't know is that the Snake and the Duchess had a fallout the same morning over the promised emerald mine, which the Duchess never really meant to give to Lee as payment, even though she did agree to it! But she is silly enough to tell Lee where Prince is, though, suggesting that Lee won't be brave enough to face the Lady - and that the Lady won't believe her either, after what she's done.

That's the reason why she talked to the head groom, passing this vital information to him in this manner. After that, the Lady decides to trust Lee (she always thought her to be nice, if rather inquisitive), believing that she is really sorry for what she did. And accompanied by one of the stable lads called Ben (who has been sent to her by the head groom because he doesn't like the thought of three women travelling alone) and her two friends, and equipped with the two blue stones, she starts the journey to the Blue Mountains.

Meanwhile, HairBall and the Comb Gnomes have arrived at the hunting lodge, where Prince is to be held prisoner in a stable. The Witch Lazulila - the one who cursed Prince - keeps an eye on them. (She is, of course, a friend of sorts to the Duchess.) Of course she can't help but take a look at Prince, telling herself what a fine dog he has become. She notices the absence of the pendant that belongs on his chain and yells at him for it, because he got the stone and the pendant from her.

It is her that reveals the full power of the stone, telling Prince about it, because she thinks there is no way he can use that knowledge (I think she doesn't know that he can talk, he just barks when she is around, and even if he does bark it sounds to me as if he is gagged.)

The two stones have burned for some days in the witch fire and have to be put together again and placed into the pendant. And only if the pendant is put around his neck with its chain at sunrise, the curse will be broken.

And after being rather unkind to HairBall, she goes too, because she has an argument with a wizard over the boarders of her realm. HairBall leaves the hunting lodge too, leaving the Comb Gnomes to stand guard over Prince and see to it that the door to his stable is never opened again by anyone except the witch Lazulila.

In the meantime, the Lady and her friends have arrived the Blue Mountains too. But because there is a magical boarder too, the Pixietails- who accompanied them through the Land of Light, the carriage and the horses have to stay behind. No animals and good magical creatures may cross the magical boarder, which is actually the reason why there are so many pastures in the Blue Mountains.

It is already dark when they meet a little shepherd boy. They where looking for a place where they can stay for the night, but after asking about Prince, and a place where he could be, they notice that the boy knows very much about the Blue Mountains . He tells them about the hunting lodge of the Duchess, which isn't far away and about some curious ruins of a castle. After the Ladys asks about it, the boy tells her a little about a king who ruled here a long time ago, and of whom the old people speak sometimes. He vanished suddenly and the next day his castle was in ruins. His only son - Prince StrongHeart - vanished suddenly too, and has never been seen again since then. (So we are given here a little more background for Prince StrongHeart.)

After hearing about the ruins, the Lady decides to leave her friends in the care of the boy and go to the ruins. The way is simple enough: she has to follow one curious formation of stars.

Meanwhile Prince has been freed by another magical being who lives in the Blue Mountains, "Wolkenweh". (This is another name I don't want to translate, because I don't know how. I don't want to name him Cloudblower or something like that. So, lets just say so much: ' Wolken' is clouds in german, and the ' weh' part comes from the german word 'wehen', which means blowing, referring to the wind of course. So that should be all right for you guys, shouldn't it? It's actually another speaking name, because it says what he does: to tease witch Lazulia he blows the clouds away (she can only work magic if it's raining!). So the sun keeps on shining, and the witch can't cast any spells.

He blows away the Comb Gnomes, who wanted to know exactly how he teases Lazulia (silly creatures). After that he opens the door and frees Prince, who thanks him and tells him that he will be forever grateful for what Wolkenweh's done for him. After that he runs off to the ruins of what used to be his father's castle. And there he meets Lady LovelyLocks - at sunrise. He tells her what the witch has told him about his curse and the Lady fastens the pendant with the two blue stones on the chain around his neck.

The MC ends with Prince being his handsome human self again and embracing Lady LovelyLocks.

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That was really nice of you to post this!! Gracesus... I loved this ending!!!
Very well explained!!!

A New World Belonging To Lovely Locks

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Glad you like it. Smiling I like it very much myself. The hole series so well done. You just can't help liking it. It's so well pit to gether...

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