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04: The Blue Stone

By Alarda - Posted on 02 November 2005

04: The Blue Stone

And as the titles are always suggesting to what's going on, yes, the second blue stone is found in this story- finally!

It starts with the Duchess being very angry because her magic mirror is broken and yelling at HairBall while the Lady and her friends are playing and celebrating the return of the chain and pendant in the castle's gardens and then they put it around his neck - where it belongs.

Because he has heard so much about it and because he can feel it's magical power, ShiningGlory takes the pendant with the stone with him into his tower to find out more about it and to solve the riddle around Prince.

Meanwhile, the Snake Lee has arrived in RavenWaves' castle. The Duchess needs her to help her get rid of her problems - meaning getting the blue stone from Prince's pendant. She tells her the whole story of what has happened: that her father had chosen the son of a king as her husband when she was young. But he refused to marry her, even with his family having lost all it's fortune only a little while ago.

The witch Lazulila, the most powerful witch in the Blue Mountains, was in debt with RavenWaves's father (and she gave him half his money, which is something that she doesn't tell Lee, but we get to know it later on in the serie) and the witch cursed the Prince to be a dog. But because Lazulila's power isn't enough to make the curse last forever, Prince has to wear the counter curse with him all the time. (It is the blue stone inside of the pendant). But no one had found out until now how this could work.

Well, the Snake promises to help her out, if the Duchess gives her the emerald mine which is in her possession at the moment - the only one in the entire land. The Duchess has agreed to do it (without the intention to keep it, of course). Therefore, as a favor and a sign of her "friendship" Lee gives her some advice and information too. She tells her that Moma gave the Lady the chain and that she should tell HairBall to get her the crystal globe of ShiningGlory. And with the promise to take care of Prince's curse never being lifted, she leaves.

Lady LovelyLocks and her Friends Maiden CurlyCrown and Maiden Fair Hair accompany Tatzel and Matti back to the River. The weather is how its supposed to be for the crossing and so they have to part again, promising each other to meet again very soon.

And while they are away, Prince is bitten by Lee in the castle gardens. At their return, they find him unconscious in the rose garden and send the Pixietails after Matti and Tatzel, to tell them to get them an antidote for snakes from Matti's grandmother.

Meanwhile the Duchess RavenWaves and the Snake Lee have a bad argument, after the snake told the Duches that she bit Prince. And the Duchess wanted Prince to suffer of course, never being able to be human again, forever condemned to life as a dog and now, thinking Lee just killed him, she throws her out.

While Prince is getting worse, the Pixietails have reached the middle of the Misty River - the magical border they can't cross. And the two kids from the Magical Forest have already past it some time ago and can't understand the Pixietails calling after them.

It is again Moma who helps, pushing their raft back to the Pixietails - she is even able to get them an antidote for Prince right away. With the promise to visit her soon, the Pixietails leave for the castle and Moma agrees after talking a bit with Matti and Tatzel to push them to the shore of the Magical Forest.

After the Pixietails have delivered the antidote and it is given to Prince, it helps very quickly. He is soon awake again - but very tiered. To leave him in peace to sleep, all leave the room. The Lady goes to ShiningGlory to tell him the good news - but he has some good news for her too: he has found out where the second blue stone is. So the two of them go to get it.

It is hidden in a sugar box of a family that lives in the near village and has a magnificent garden. They buy the sugar box (knowing very well what's inside) and go back to the castle. But there is some bad news waiting for them: Prince has been kidnaped!

HairBall, sent out to steal the crystal globe of ShiningGlory's, has burned his hands on the globe, and hearing from the Comb Gnomes that Prince is alive, he decides to take Prince with him to the castle of Duchess RavenWaves instead of the crystal globe.

As he supposed, the Duchess is relieved to find out that Prince is alive - but she yells at HairBall, because the important thing about him - the pendant and the stone - aren't there! She tells him that Prince will have to be brought somewhere where he can't be found by the Lady and her friends, and that she wants to have the crystal globe any way!

Back in Castle LovelyLocks, ShiningGlory has already seen that Prince is in the castle of Duchess RavenWaves, and the MC ends with the Lady's resolution that everybody shall go to bed now, for it is already very late. But they will go and get their Prince back first thing in the morning!

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As I'm unable to reac Manon, and I have been trying for rather a long while now, I'm posting the transscript here.
Curtesy, Manon. If it bothers you, you are free to remove it and put it wherever you like.
I just wanna make sure you recieve this stuff. Got it finished on my hard drive for AGES now. Laughing out loud

Lady Lovely Locks
The blue stone (4)

Narrator: A new day has begun in the Country Of Light. In the wonderful farytale-land that is located beyond the blue mountains. The sun is shining here almos every day, but on rainy days it is a pleasure to live in this magical land, too. Many colored birds are singing in the trees and in the clear streams and lakes are more fish than the happy people can catch and eat. With one word: on can live very well in the land, that is ruled by the little Lady LovelyLocks.She inherited it from her grandfather, the old king, as he died in the year before. It could be really wonderful there, if there wasn't the evil Duchess RavenWaves who doesn't stop at any mean thing to take the rule from the Lady. And today she is especially angry. Her wispering magical mirror is broken, the one she could see everywhere with, the one who saved her so many watchful eyes.

Duchess RavenWaves: Hairball!

Hairball: Yes.

Duchess RavenWaves: Can you tell me where you are the whole day? You're never there when I need you!

Hairball: I was on lookout for the Snake Lee, like you ordered me to, ten minutes ago.

Duches RavenWaves: Well?! Is she still not here! Did you reallygive word to her through the Combgnomes or... did you forget that again!

Hairball: means... eh.... yes!

Duchess RavenWaves: Don't put me trough the tortoure! What means yes, what means no?!

Hairball: What?

Duchess RavenWaves: What?! What?! You're driving me mad! Oh, tell me, dear Hairball, didn't you hear anything tonight, hu? While Matti and Tatzel escapte from the dungeon?!

Hairball: I thought the key tothe dungeon whas underneath your pillow.

Duchess RavenWaves: Don't talk nonsense! Rather go and see if the Snake Lee is coming finally!

Narrator: Now you've seen for yourself how unpleasant things are inside the bare walls of castle RavenWaves. Much, much nicer and friendlier it is in the Castle of Lady LovelyLocks. The Lady and her friends have met in the castle park to celebrate a special party. Prince's chain– thats the enchanted dog of Lady LovelyLocks – was droped into the river by Matti and Tatzel after they found it again in the Magical Forrest. Moma, who lives in the river with her father, the Nebelmoog, has given it back to the Lady, later. But the evil Duchess RavenWaves put the two little ones in the dungeon none theless and the Pixitails, the kind spirits in the Country Of Light had to free them.
But to do that, Prince had to pull the key to the dungeon from underneath the sleeping Duchess' pillow first. That has been a really complicated story. But now they're all yoyfull and happy.

(The friends are playing together with a ball while Prince in runningaround, barking.)

Matti: CurlyCrown, throw it over here!

Maiden FairHair: Over here, yes!

Maiden CurlyCrown: To me, no, to me! Here, Matti! Here! No, you catch the ball Tatzel!

Maiden Fair Hair: I want to have it, too, throw it overe here!

Lady LovelyLocks: So, come over here, everyone. Prince, you especially! We'll put you chain back on, the one you lost in the Magical Forrest while searching for me to accompany me here, in the winter. (She puts the chain around his neck again) Now Prince, you look just like in the old days.

Prince: (barks) I.... I don't know how I can thank all of you. You did so much for the Lady and me.

Matti: I don't understand that. We're all friends, and friends always help each other.

Lady LovelyLocks: (laughs) You're right about that, Matti.

ShiningGlory: It really is an exceptionally beautiful day, today. Um...Prince, let me have a closer look at your chain, please. I've hear so much about it already so that I've grown really curious.

Prince: One can open the pandant.

ShiningGlory: Oh! There is a stone inside. A blue stone. Something's scratched into it.

Matti: Yes. Owl Urda read it to us once in the Magical Forrest, but no one understood it, really.

ShininGlory: Find the second stone in the Country Of light. It will be the freedom of Prince.... what comes then, is missing.

Lady LovelyLocks: This can only involve Prince.

ShiningGlory: Yes, I guess so. This is really astonishing. Um, I've got to think about it. Lady LovelyLocks, please excuse me.

Lady LovelyLocks: Of course.

ShiningGlory: I'll go back to my tower, to consult the stars.... Um, well... Alas, as it is still briight morning, my crystal globe may help me for the time beeing.

Lady LovelyLocks: Do that, ShiningGlory. If someone's able to solve this riddle, it is you.

ShiningGlory: Do you allow me to take the pendant with me? Its magical powers are tingling very pleasantly. Surely they'll help my considerations.

Lady LovelyLocks: The second stone... The second stone? Just what does this mean? I'll summon the Pixitails, they shall help us look for it.

Narrator: In Duchess RavenWaves castle, the Snake Lee has arived, finally. While she slitered very quickly through the courtyard the times before, she moves considerably slowly around the corners.

Duchess RavenWaves: Snake Lee, there you are! I already thought the Combgnomes didn't inform you. It's such a upsetminded flock. Come on, we'll talk here, in front of the stables. The animals make such a noice, so nobody will be able to eavesdrop on us.

Snake Lee: An interesting place, Duchess. Well, I've come as fast as I could. Unfortunatly I had quiete a lot to do today. You know, one's got no choice, sometimes.

Duchess RavenWaves: Yes, yes. Imagine, yesterday evening I suddenly had to think about you, and that we haven't seen each other for so long. I thought: Hopefully nothing has happend to her, one doesn't see or hear anything.

Snake Lee: And besides you where surely thinking: now that my wispering magical mirror is broken to a thousand pieces, it is no wonder if I'm in need of the service of Snake Lee soon.

Duchess RavenWaves: You say it so reproachfully! What's there about it? But if we're just at it: how do you know the mirror is broken?

Snake Lee: Oh, one hears this and that, um... And therefor, dear Duchess, you want to claim my services, won't you? Eh, those pics make a hell of a noise!

Duchess RavenWaves: So, I won't deny that you have passed me some informations wich i would have recieved far later without you.

Snake Lee: But if I didn't like to help you, I wouldn't be here. Though, you will have to do me a favor, too.

Duchess RavenWaves: That goes without saying! What do you want?

Snake Lee: I was thinking about that piece of land on the moorway. Um... shortly ahead of where that little poplar wood.

Duchess RavenWaves: (gasps for breath in shock) But the only place in the entire land where they dig for emeralds!

Snake Lee: Precisely. (laughs) They befitting my eyes so well.

Duchess RavenWaves: (gives an unwilling snort) Now that we've agreed about your payment, we can talk about buissines.

Snake Lee: Sure. After all, the to of us haven't time to waste.

Duchess RavenWaves: I will reveal a secret to you, of wich nobody knew, except me and the magical mirror.

Snake Lee: I love secrets.

Duchess RavenWaves: When I was a young girl, my father had chosen the son of a king to be my husband. But that idot refused, he simply said no, even though his father had lost everything he owned a short time ago. There was an ugly scene, but that is totaly unimportant.
Well, the witch Lazulila owed my father a debt, and so she cursed the son of the king, turning him into a dog. But since her powers are not sufficent for an ever-lasting enchantment, he has to wear the countercourse with all the time. But just how it could work, nobody has found out, until now.

Snake Lee: You... you are talking about Prince, the dog of Lady LovelyLocks, aren't you? Um, your story isn't entirely new to me, though I didn't know some of the details.I will help you, um, so that the dog is never freed from the enchantment. Ad I have an idea already.

Duchess RavenWaves: Oh, I knew I can count on you to be a friend!

Snake Lee: Nice of you to say that. But I will prove it to you and tell you something interesting. I've seen Moma of the Misty River give the Lady Prince's chain back, the one with the pandent, with the blue stone inside.

Duchess RavenWaves: Huh?! Then I looked Matti and Tatzel, those little devils up for nothing?! They lost the chain?!

Snake Lee: And know I have a bit of good advice for you. Order your magician Hairball to bring you the crystal globe of ShiningGlory, let's say,um, here. It will be of use to you and he can't do us any more harm. We'll see each other again, Duchess. Bu next time, please, without a pic concert.

(Snake Lee leaves the Duchess alone)

Duchess RavenWaves: HAIRBALL!!!

Hairball: Yes?

Duchess RavenWaves: My dear, dear Hairball. I've just had a conversation with the Snake Lee. I have to tell you – sadly- that I can't trust her, like I can trust you, for example.

Hairball: So?

Duchess RavenWaves: Now I have a huge favor to ask of you. Be so nice and bring me the crystal globe of ShiningGlory, yes?

Hairball: So? Nothing more thant that?

Narrator: A light wind from south has sprung up, that has made the skys clear and driven away all the clouds.. Lady LovelyLocks and her friends Maiden FairHair and Maiden CurlyCrown have accompanied Matti and Tatzel to the Misty River where they will start on their way home to the Magical Forrest – the crosing of the river is dangerous, and can only be savely made on a day with wind from south. They all hug each other before parting and promise one another to be reunited soon. Then the raft pushes of and the three young girls look after it, until it is far out on the river. While they walk laughing and talking back to the castle, somethng dreadful happens there.

(Prince is still in the park, barking and obviously running about happily. We hear Snake Lees trademark sound, and Prince giving a whail before falling silent. Then we hear Lee again, as she leaves again. Shortly after that, the Lady and her two friends enter the rose garden.

Lady LovelyLocks: I love this rose garden.

Maiden CurlyCrown: Yes, the scent is wonderful.

Maiden FairHair: Look, what's that laying ofer there? Isn't that Prince?

Lady LovelyLocks: (gasps) Oh heavens, what may have happened here? Prince, dear Prince!

Maiden CurlyCrown: He is uncontious. What can be wrong with him?

Lady LovelyLocks: There. I've got blood on my hand!

Maidne CurlyCrown: Here, here's the wound!

Lady LovelyLocks: That looks like a bitining. A snakes biting! Lee! That was surely Lee!

Maiden FairHair: Than she really was it.

Maiden CurlyCrown: I thought I've seen her a short while back, but then I thought I was mistaken.

Lady LovelyLocks: He isn't moving at all.We need help! I have to summon the Pixitails!

Pixitails: Huhoo! Here we are! Yes, here we are! Oh! Has something happend? What's wrong?

Lady LovelyLocks: We don't know. FairHair assumes that it was Snake Lee who bit Prince.

Pixitails: Then we need a antidote now, quickly. We'll need one, I tell you!Yes! It may be best if we ask the witch Lazulila for one. Yes, she might have one that works. Yes, she's surely got one. But, if she'll give us the right one? That's right. Maybe she even send Snake Lee! Yeah, maybe she did that, yes.

Lady LovelyLocks: We need medicin from the Magical Forrest, that's the savest way. Mattis Grandmother knows abour healing herbs, like all trolls.

Pixitails: Yes, that's fore the best! And than we need to work something out to.... We can only fly as fas as the rivers middle. Yes, only as far as the rivers middle.

Lady LovelyLocks: There is no other way. You must catch up on Matti and Tatzel with the raft before they reach the rivers middel, so they can go and tell it at home. Hurry up! They have to be very far ahead already!

Pixitails: We'll do it! Yes, we'll do it! Don't worry, Lady LovelyLocks! Yes, don't worry! Prince will be all right again! Yes, he sertainly will be all right again!

Narrator: As Duchess RavenWaves ist informed by Hairball that the Snake Lee want to have a word with her, she is very astonished. What can the Snake have to report to her after such a short time? She admittes the Snake into the conservatory, where she had withdrawn of a little nap.

Duchess RavenWaves: Snake Lee, what a surprise. It can't be longing that drove you here after such a short time.

Snake Lee: No, it isn't. I came here to tell you that I solved all your problems.

Duchess RavenWaves: What problems are you talking about?

Snake Lee: You have forgotten already? This morning they seamed to be huge.

Duchess RavenWaves: You can't mean said Prince?

Snake Lee: The very one. The little biting and the job was done.

Duchess RavenWaves: (almost hysterical) Does that mean you lilled him?!

Snake Lee: Few survive my bitings.

Duchess RavenWaves: It is unbelievable!! Who ordered you to do that!!! Are you out of your mind!!!!!

Snake Lee: How are you talking to me? I did you a favor!

Duchess RavenWaves: A favor would have been to destoy the countercurse on his chain! He shall live forever as a dog! That is his just punishment! Only that way he'll pay for what he did to me back then! And you cango away! I've got no use for servants like you!!! What are you waiting for, out of my sight!!!!!

Narrator: In the castles park, Prince is still uncontious. He still hasn't made the faintest sound. But he is still alive – even though he is very close to death. Lady LovelyLocks and her friends pick him up carefully and carry him inside.

Lady LovelyLocks: Carefull. CurlyCrown, be mindful of edge of the door.

Maiden FairHair:I go and look for some blankets.

(ShiningGlory enters the room)

ShiningGlory: In the name of the knowing stars, what has happened to Prince?

Lady LovelyLocks: We suspect that Snake Lee bit him. Do you think he's going to die?

ShiningGlory: No, my dear Lady, surely not. That would have been a great misfortune for all of us, the stars would have anounced it to me. But..... No, no,no,no. That occurence is still very far away. Don't worry.

Lady LovelyLocks: That's really comforting to me. Now I see a sighn of hope for Prince, for the first time. ShiningGlory, did you find out about something about the second stone?

ShiningGlory: Until now I have been thinking about it in vain. I have to research in my magic boog. I don't like to do it. It exhaustes me very much. Um, but before I do that I'll go out for a little walk, so I might clear my head. I hope Prince will get better soon.

Lady LovelyLocks: (sighs) Yes, hopefully. And hopefully the Pixitails managed to catch up to those two.

Narrator: Matti and Tatzel don't know any of that. They worried mch more about their reception back in the Magical Forrest. Actually, it wasn' very well behaved of them to go out to cross the dangerous Misty River alone without a real permission.

Matti: You know, Tatzelchen,with my mother, it isn't going to be sobad. She'll be glad when I'm back. But my father.... My Grandma can become really angry, too. 'You're walking on the edge of getting your ears boxed.' Oh man!

Tatzel: Sometimes I envy you because of your family. But sometimes I'm really glad that dragon are realy lone animals.

Matti: You're sure? I mean, maybe it't just because there aren't so many dragons left. Apart from you, I don' know somebody who can breath fire. (laughs) And Owl Urda certainly, too. Or she wouldn't always be whinning about it: 'Dragonbrat! You're gonna burn the whole forrest down someday!'

Tatzel: Owl Urda! Do you think she told everyone where we went?

Matti: Surely. Wait a moment. Do you hear that?

Pixitails:Tatzel! Matti!We have to tell you something important! Come back! We can only fly up to the riveres middle!!

Matti: Man,Tatzel! It's the Pixitails!

Tatzel: Mh hm.

Matti: What could it be they want of us?

Tatzel: Come on, let's go back!

Matti: We won't manage on our own. We'll never manage to turn arount that havy raft!

Pixitails: Matti! Matti! You Grandma must send a antidote for Prince!! Or he will die!!! Yes, or he will die!!!

Matti: Did you hear that? They said, Prince is dying! Oh no, that can't be!

Tatzel: Yes, and that your Grandma must send an antidote.

Matti: Um... FOR WHAT ?????

Pixitails: For Snakes! Prince has been bitten of one! He is very ill! Yes, sadly, sadly....

Matti: Oh Tatzel, what do we do? I can't understand, the raft's got to much speed. We are going ever farther away from the Pixitails.

(In a bit of mist, Moma emerges from the waves.)

Moma: Hello, can I help you?

Matti: Who...Who are you?

Moma: (laughs) I am Moma, a mistnixie. My fahter is the Nebelmoog.

Tatzel: Alas, the one who's always laughing so loudly?

Moma: Might be, but he is very nice. He gave me the chain for a gift, the one you two threw into the river.

Matti: 'Threw'?! You're out of your mind!

Moma: (laughs) I just wanted to tease you. What do the Pixitails whant of you?

Matti: Sadly, be couldn't understand them very good. We where too far away already.

Moma: Shall I push your raft those few meters back?

Matti: Can you do that? I mean, you're just a girl.

Moma: Yes, but a Mistnixie-girl. A Mistnixie-girl can do that.

(Moma pushes the raft back to the rivers middle.)

Pixitails: Thank you, Moma. Thank you. That was very nice of you. Matti, listen. You need to go back home to the Magical Forrest very quickly. Yes, to the Magical Forrest. We need the Snake antidote from your Grandma. Do you think she's got it ready? Do you think?

Matti: Phhh. I don't know. Some medicins she has to make first,cooking them and that kind of stuff. Then it's always smelling very badly.

Moma: I can give you a snake antidote. It heven helps with bitings of the black swomp-snake, the most poisonous of all. Wait a moment.

( she dives down into the river again)

Matti: Do you mean it is really so bad with Prince?

Pixitails: Yes, very bad. Yes, yes. He was still uncontious. Yes, uncontious. And such poisons are working very slowly. Yes, very slowly. That was certainly the false Lee! Surely the mean Duchess RavenWaves is behind all this. Oh yes, I think so, too.

(Moma emerges from the water again)

Moma: I'm back again. I've got it. Here. Every hour 3 drops, until he wakes up.

Pixitails: Thank you very, very much, Moma. We'll come to visit you, soo. Yes, certainly! Bye!!

(The Pixitails head back to the castle)

Matti: Tell me, isn't it boring to be in the water the hole day?

Moma: (laughs) Sometimes yes. Sometimes no.

Matti: Just as it is with us, Tatzel.

Tatzel: Say, couldn't you push us back to the Magical Forrest?

Matti: Tatzelchen! That's a great idea! You know Moma, the thing is, that we've been away from home for very long.

Moma:Too long, huh? I understand.

(And indeed their new friend proceeds to push them back toe the Forrest)

Narrator: In Lady LovelyLocks castle, the mood is very low. They're still sitting around Prince's bedside and wait for a sighn that he's starting to get better. Every now and again a kitchen lad or a housemaid is looking into the room with a questioning look, but since they only get a shake of the head for an answer, they pull the door shut softly behind themselves.
So passes hour after hour. Prince has not stired yet, nor has he made a sound. Only if one leans very close over him, you can hear his soft breathing. The entire castle is shrouded in silence.

Lady LovelyLocks: What is that? Dear heavens, it's the Pixitails!

Pixitails: Here we are. We have the medicine. Here. Here we are again. Three drops every hour, until he wakes up. The stuff helps even with bitings of the black tailed swomp-snake. And that's the most poisonous snake in the world. Yes, the most poisonous one. Mh hm.

Lady LovelyLocks: FairHair, hold his mussle open. ( she administers 3 drops of the antidote) Now it is waiting again.

Pixitails: We'll say here for a while, Lady LovelyLocks. Yes, I agree. Maybe we can still help, somehow. Yes, maybe. We wouldn't have any peace, anyway. Yes, no peace.

Lady lovelyLocks: That's very nice of you.

(In this moment,Prince wakes up)

Prince: What .... happened. Where am I?

Pixitails: So the medicin did help! Moma has given it to us! The girl from the Misty River.

Lady LovelyLocks: Wonderful!

Pixitails: How nice of her. Yes, it is. How good that Prince is feeling better!

Prince: I'm really feeling better. But ... I'm very tiered. I want to sleep now.

Lady LovelyLocks: Of course, Prince. Sleep is now best for you. We'll all leave the room, so no one will disturb you. Come on, everyone.

Pixitails: We'll go then. But you know: if you shake your hair, we're with you as quick as a thought. Yes, shake your hair niecly. But it only works with you that fast. Otherwise we have to fly normally. And that takes time.... See you! Bye!

Lady LovelyLocks: A nice flock.

Maiden CurlyCrown: It's lucky we've got them.

Lady LovelyLocks: Right. I'll be going to ShiningGlory, into his tower. He has to hear the good news, too.

(She klimbs up the stairs to the tallest tower and knocks on ShiningGlory's door.)

Lady LovelyLocks: Master? Hello! Master! Master, wake up!

ShiningGlory: Yes? What is it?

Lady LovelyLocks: You have fallen asleep. It is very uncomfortable here. Do you want to lay down instead?

ShiningGlory: No,no.Um, how's Prince? You look more happy than before.

Lady LovelyLocks: Yes. He will make it. The Pixitails brought an antidote and it worked very fast. He's asleep now.

ShiningGlory: That makes me happy. I have to tell you about my dream. I have seen the second blue stone.

Lady LovelyLocks: That's wonderful! Where is he?

ShiningGlory: Well, there is a little problem. I know now where he is, but I don't know where she is!

Lady LovelyLocks: What? Um... I don't understand.

ShiningGlory: The blue stone is in a sugger-tin. Somebody is hiding him in it. But unfortunatly I don't know where that sugger-tin is!

Lady LovelyLocks: How does she look like?

ShiningGlory: It is roundisch, white with a blue edge and it's got a pictue of a cat on the front side.
Mh. I couldn't see the backside.

Lady LovelyLocks: Well, that's a very detailed descirption. Where could she be?

ShiningGlory: Wait. Just know the sun is breaking through the clouds. We'll push the crystal globe into the light. Maybe... maybe.....

Lady LovelyLocks: Can you see anything, yet?

ShiningGlory: Wait. Just a moment.

Lady LovelyLocks: Yes.

ShiningGlory: Almost... There! That's the house!

Lady LovelyLocks: Yes! I know that one! They've got wonderful flowerd in the garden and around the house. The man digs for gemstones and the woman takes care of the little farm. Come on, ShiningGlory, we'll go there now to get the stone!

Narrator: In the park, hidden underneath some dark rhododendron bushes Hairball has watches The Lady and ShiningGlory leave and go down the path to the village. He waves his Combgnomes and they sneek into the caslte quietly. Hairball is on his mission to steal ShiningGlorys crystal globe..

Combgnomes: Oh, how beautiful it is here! It is great! Oh, the paintings! Oh, that's the old king!

Hairball: Now come on, already! We have much to do today!

(Hairball reaches ShiningGlorys tower, first)

Hairball: Ah, there it is. The crystall globe. How it gleams shimmers. Now, I take you down from your stand....OW! OW! OW! Oohh! OW!

(The Combgnomes come in, laughing about him before they report to him, what they have seen in the castle)

Combgnomes: Hairball! Hairball! Prince! Prince! We have seen Prince!!

Hairball: I don't care at all! I have burned my fingers on that stupid crystal globe! And how much! Ow! Oh! ...... What did you say? Prince is alive?

Combgnomes: We opened every door. Yes, of course, just to have a look. And there he was, sleeping. He was there, laying in one of the rooms.

Hairball: The Duchess must be informed about that, imidiatly. Yes, but on the other hand, she wants the crystal globe. But it's too hot. One can't touch it. Instead of the globe, I'll bring her Prince. Mh. That will make her happy.

Combgnomes: Yes? Alas...

Hairball: Any you have the honour of organising the transport! And now,we won't discuss how you're going to do that. In a hours time I want to see Prince delivered to the castle RavenWaves! Move on!

Narrator: The Lady and ShiningGlory have arived in the village. At the end of the main lane they see the little house with the roove made of straw. In the garden around it grow the most beautiful flowers: sunflowers and aqueliegia, white and red peonys, mignonette and mariegold. The fence is almost complitly covered by colorful sweat peas and the gardenpathes are surounded by pansy and wallflower.

ShiningGlory: What a magnificent garden.

Lady LovelyLocks: Yes.

ShiningGlory: Alone for that sight, it was worth to come here.

Lady LovelyLocks: Of course, but that's not the reason why we are here today. I'll knock.

Woman: (opening the door) Yes? What do you want? Oh! Lady LovelyLocks! What an honour! Feel free to come in! And you must be ShiningGlory.

ShiningGlory: Yes.

Lady LovelyLocks: Thank you.

ShiningGlory: Yes, thank you. Um...

Woman: Santo, hurry over to your father, he should hurry home! Hurry along, boy!

Santo: Why is it always me?

Woman: May I offer you something? A little spirit from juniper berrys maybe? It is selfmade.

ShiningGlory: We won't refuse that offer. But only a little one, please.

(She gets a little glass with the juniper spirit for each of them)

Woman: To good health!

Lady and ShiningGlory: To good health!

ShiningGlory: Kind woman, we have come here to ask you about your sugger-tin.

Lady LovelyLocks: The one with the cat's picure on it.

Woman: What is with the sugger-tin?

ShiningGlory: Oh, nothing, you don't need to worry about it.

Woman: But what if the Duchess gets word about what's inside of it....

ShiningGlory: Sugger, of course. What else?

Lady LovelyLocks: And we want to buy that sugger-tin from you with all the sugger that's inside of it, for the prize of to gold coins.

Woman: For two gold coins....?

Lady LovelyLocks: Here. Here they are.

ShiningGlory: Thank you, kind woman.

Lady LovelyLocks: We don't want to keep you from your work. Surely you must be very bussy.

Woman: Good-bye Lady LovelyLocks.

Lady LovelyLocks: Goo-bye.

Woman: Good-bye ShiningGlory.

Lady LovelyLocks: Give our greetings to your husband.

Woman: Yes, thank you. Get home savely!

(she goes back inside)

ShiningGlory: So. We've got the second blue stone. Did you see how afraid the people are of the Duchess, now? There must be an end to this, someday!!

Lady LovelyLocks: Yes, you're right. Look, the castle! Every window is lit. Something mus have happened there!

Narrator: Hairball has gone to the Duchess an reported to her, that her worries have been in vain, that Prince is alive.

Duchess RavenWaves: My dear Hairball, you did really well.

Hairball: Yes. I thought it was best that way.

Duchess RavenWaves: But if you still alow me some critism: Where is the golden pendant with the blue stone thats normaly attached to his chain?!

Hairball: I don't know.

Duchess RavenWaves: I'm inclined to ask if you ever know something. The dog isn't important. The blue stones are! Will you ever realise that, slowcoach!

Hairball: I thought it would make you happy.

Duchess RavenWaves: Leave the thinking to me, next time, that would make much more sence!

Hairball: Shall I take him back, then?

Duches RavenWaves: Have you gone absolutly mad now? They've already noticed that he's gone. And here he has to dissapear, too!

Hairball: Maybe into the secludes horse stable. Nobody goes there, ever!

Duchess RavenWaves: Och, you idiot! They're going to search every corner around here! Ever squere inch! That reminds me of the hunting lodge in the blue mountains. And you, Hairball, will take care of him being brought there in the very next time! You're dismissed!
But don't believe that I will go without the crystal globe because of your bravery!!!

Narrator: The Lady and ShiningGlory reach the castle totaly out of breath, that fast have they been running.Portals and doors are open. Out of the nightly park the voices of Stableboys and kitchenlads can be heard and in hte castle itself one can hear hurried steps and doors hasily beeing opened and closed. Everything is in a great tourmoil.

Maiden FairHair: Lady LovelyLocks!

Maiden CurlyCrown: Thank heavens, your here! We where afraid somethings happened to you, too!

Lady LovelyLocks: What do you mean? What has happened?

Maiden CurlyCrown: It is so awful!! Prince has been kidnapped!

Lady LovelyLocks: No. I can't believe it. He was still so ill!

Maiden FairHair: We have looked everywhere. He isn't here, anymore.

ShiningGlory: I will consult my crystal globe about that matter.

Lady LovelyLocks: Come on, FairHair. Let's go look another time.

ShiningGlory: Lady LovelyLocks, for once i have good news! I just needed to glance into my crystal globe, then I've already saw Prince.

Lady LovelyLocks: Oh.

Shining Glory: Though he is in Duchess RavenWaves castle, he is unharmed, well and alive.

Lady LovelyLocks: This really are good news. Today it is already very late, and I guess all of you al really tired. But first thing in the morning, we'll all go over to Duchess to take our Prince home. Well then, good night!

End MC 4

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