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03: The Broken Magic Mirror

By Alarda - Posted on 02 November 2005

03: The Broken Magic Mirror

This episode starts with Lady LovelyLocks getting up and meeting Prince in the garden. He tells her that he has found a tunnel and that he will find out where it leads. Well, the atmosphere doesn't remain like this for long. The friends of the Lady meet them, and Maiden CurlyCrown tells them that another girl in the castle has overheard the Comb Gnomes.

Prince insists that this must be important, for the Comb Gnomes are known to the spies and messengers of the Duchess, but Lady LovelyLocks refuses to discuss such matters before breakfast, because the morning is too beautiful for such worries. So the matter will have to wait until after breakfast and they go to the pond instead.

In the meantime, Duchess RavenWaves sits again in front of her mirror and tries to find out more about Prince StrongHeart. But the mirror refuses, telling her that the secret is protected by a spell. So she wants to take a look into the Magical Forest again.

And there she sees Matti and Tatzel again, this time getting ready to visit Lady LovelyLocks to give the chain and pendant with the blue stone back to her and Prince. Not wanting to know what happens further, she sends HairBall off to catch them when they arrive in the Land of Light, and bring them to her.

What she doesn't know then, is that Matti and Tatzel loose the chain again. If falls into the river not long after they've heard someone crying somewhere near them - in the middle of the river!

But instead of being lost forever, the chain with it's precious pendant is found by the "Neebelmoog" (I don't know how to translate this name. Let's just say this much: "Nebel" is the German word for mist. But I don't wanted to call him Mistymoog or something! Sounds aweful...)

He gives the chain to his youngest daughter Moma (not a name with an inner meaning this time), because she is very sad, having no one to play with, having green hair and only being able to come out of the water if her father wraps her in mist. She likes the chain, because the gold glitters so beautifully - and because her father tells her that two kids wanted to give it to Lady LovelyLocks, which Moma has seen and admires.

In the meantime said two kids - Matti and Tatzel - have been caught and brought to the Duchess RavenWaves by HairBall. Because they refuse to tell her were the chain and the pendant are, she sends them into the dungeon without having anything for supper... She goes to bother her mirror to show her where the chain and pendant are, but it refuses again. Because she wouldn't be able to see anything, she smashes it in a fit of rage.

Meanwhile, ShiningGlory has seen what has happened to the two friends of the Lady and he tells her about it. And about what the stars have told him: that a creature who isn't out of flesh and blood will help them to solve the riddle. And that they keep mentioning Prince, over and over, and that he's come to the conclusion that Prince is more than an ordinary dog...

Having heard about Matti and Tatzel, Prince raced to his tunnel and has now, after hours of digging, reached a wall, behind which he can hear Matti and Tatzel. He overhears HairBall giving the two some soup, and how they get caught in the act of trying to break out - by the Duchess herself. Now they get locked in the whine cellar.

Having overheard that, Prince runs back to the Lady - who he finds in ShiningGlory's tower, looking with him into his crystal ball and watching a curious dancing mist, in which it sparkles and glitters.

He tells her about what he has found out, and because the walls of RavenWaves Castle are protected by magic, they've got to call the Pixietails for help. They meet them in the garden. And they tell her that they've met Moma, the jungest daughter of the Nebelmoog, which has cost them time - though they where in the garden before the Lady and ShiningGlory.

That casual mention solves the riddle of the lost chain. Moma has to be the creature of which the stars had been speaking. And while the Lady and ShiningGlory go to the river to meet Moma, and ask her for the chain and pendant, Prince and the Pixietails enter the castle of RavenWaves through the tunnel (the Pixietails can't enter it directly, because of the magical protection - it blocks them out, but under the ground that barrier doesn't exist, so Prince must show them the way.)

They free Matti and Tatzel - for whom Prince has to go upstairs and get the key for the cellar from under the Duchess' pillow. Unseen they can leave the castle of the Duchess and return to their own where they meet Lady LovelyLocks and ShiningGlory. They got the chain and pendant back - Moma gave it back to them, and therefore they will visit them at the next rainy or misty day and they will all play together.

This episode ends with everybody being happy that the chain and pendant are back.

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As I'm unable to reac Manon, and I have been trying for rather a long while now, I'm posting the transscript here.
Curtesy, Manon. If it bothers you, you are free to remove it and put it wherever you like.
I just wanna make sure you recieve this stuff. Got it finished on my hard drive for AGES now. Laughing out loud
So, here goes.....

Lady Lovely Locks (3)
The broken magical mirror

Narrator: Just now the sun has risen over the horizon and makes the tops of the
mountains and the high towers of castle LovelyLocks glow. Here, in the
fairytale Country that is called the Country Of Light, it is just like everywhere
on earth shortly after sunrise. Morning mist is still hanging over fields and
madows, and dewdrops hang on every blade of gras. A soft breeze blows
through the open windows and doors. It's just the breeze of morning coolness
that promises a beautiful summer day.
The little Lady LovelyLocks, who inherrited the reign over this land from her
grandfather, the old king, comes out of her bedroom and walkes over the big
terrace into the castle park. With a nod she greets the stone lions positioned left
and right of the stairs. In a fairytale country, one can't know if they don't come
alive from time to time.

Lady LovelyLocks: (yawns) What a wonderful morning! Prince? Prince, where are you, you sleepyhead?

Prince: (barks and runs over to her) Good morning Lady LovelyLocks! Did you call me.. a sleepyhead?

Lady LovelyLocks: Yes.

Prince: You couln't have meant me! I've been up for hours already!

Lady LovelyLocks: Oh, forgive me, dear Prince. Tell me, did you do something exciting till now?

Prince: You won't think it posible, but I've discovered a tunel underneath the moat. I don't know where it leads yet, but I'll figure that out today!

(In this moment, Maiden Fairhair and Maiden CurlyCrown come out on the tarrace as well. Both are gigling.)

Maiden FairHair: Look. Good morning Lady LovelyLocks.

Maiden CurlyCrown: Good morning, Prince!

Lady LovelyLocks: Good morning, you two. What has happened this early in the morning that's so funny?

Maiden CurlyCrown: (laughs) You know the old cock that sleeps all day on the ladder.

Lady LovelyLocks: Yes, one can't overlook him. But he never crows, does he?

Maiden FairHair: (laughs) Pay attention. A little while back, Tubs, the kitchenlad put an alarmclock beside him.

Maiden CurlyCrown: And as it rang, the cock almost fell from the ladder and then he started to crow like mad!

Lady LovelyLocks: (laughs) Well, then come with me, all of you. We go to the seeroses pond. Maybe the golden sunstar has opened tonight.

Maiden CurlyCrown: Yes, fine! But I may comb the Lady today! FairHair, you promised!

Maiden FairHair: But only if you continue telling me the story about the Combgnomes, CrulyCrown.

Lady LovelyLocks: What is there about the Combgnomes?

Maiden CurlyCrown: Triene has eavesdropped on them.

Prince: Ah ha! This could be interesting. The Combgnomes are beeing the little spys of Duchess RavenWaves and Hairball. One can't know enough about them.

Lady LovelyLocks: (sighs) The morning is much to beautiful to think about unpleasant things. Come. Let's rather go to the pond!

Prince: Lady! Didn't the Duchess do you enough harm since you came to the Land of Light? I bet she's sitting in front of her magical mirror at the moment and thinks the 100th time about how she can take your inheritance away from you!

Lady LovelyLocks: Oh Prince! We wait till after breakfast with that! I don't feel like worring about the Duchess RavenWaves yet. Come on, let's see who's at the pond first!

Narrator: While in Castle LovelyLocks a cheerful day has begun, like so many before, since the young lady moved in, it looks differently inside the gloomy walls of the castle, in which the Duchess RavenWaves lives and leads her iron like regime. The Duchess got up hours ago and sat down in front of her magical mirror, to find out more about the secrets from long ago, but the mirror remains dark.

Duchess RavenWaves: Why can I still see nothing?

Magical Mirror: You demand too much. I only did you a favor the other day, when I showed you things, you woudn't have known without me.

Duchess RavenWaves: Well?! What do I have you for!

Magical Mirror: Don't exagerate your demands. Even magic can pull away from you.

Duchess RavenWaves: You won't dare! I have powerful allies!

Magical Mirror: To whom I don't own any account. You do not use your power wisely somethimes.

Duchess RavenWaves: Och! You belong to those who are envious of me, good that I know!

Magical Mirror: It's no use to you if you scold me, just as it's no use when you flatter me. I can't grand your wish to know more about Prince Strongheart. A spell my powers can't penetrate guards the secret.

Duchess RavenWaves: All right! All right! I hear the flag creak on the battlements, that means wind from south. Are your weak powers able to look into the Magical Forrest?

Magical Mirror: As you wish.

(The mirror shows her Matti and Tatzel. The two are getting ready to take of with a raft.)

Matti: Here's the other paddle.

Tatzel: It would be easier if Knabberjahn would just push us across the river.

Matti: Surely, but if he's not here, he can't put us across. Besides, won't you do something?

Tatzel: Yes... well... um... you now my dragon skin is very sensitive, and that I get callowses very easily and ....

Matti: Oh, Tatzel! Stop whimpering, or you must stay here and I go to Lady LovelyLocks alone!

Tatzel: No, no, I want to come, too! Besides, I gave you the yellow stone with the black stripe for it!

Matti: Of course, Tatzelchen! I was just joking. But hurry a little!

Tatzel: Yes, yes!

Matti: If someone catches us and tells my father, we will never be allowed to cross the Misty River alone. But there's nothing about it, really.

Owl Urda: Well, you good-for-nothing rascels.What are you playing here, at the Misty river? Aren't you affraid the Nebelmoog catches you?

Tatzel: Owl Urda!

Matti: Och! You wanted to scare me with the Nebelmoog before. But he didn't do anything, even thogh he had come.

Tatzel: And where do you know he had been there?

Matti: We have heard him laugh!

Owl Urda: So, so. But he can do more than laugh, and if he doesn't like Troll-rascals and dragon brats crossing the Misty river..... ( she flies away)

Matti: Oh, man! Now, quickly Tatzel!

Tatzel: Yes, yes!

Matti: Maybe he likes eating old barnowls far more than trolls and dragons!

Tatzel: Oh! You're brave! I think she could still hear that.

Matti: I don't care. If she still mets my father in the forrest, there's soon going to be trouble. Come on, push with me now!

(Together they push the raft into the water.)

Tatzel: Say, didn't you say anything at home?

Matti: Did, to. I told my grandmother that we take prince's golden chain to a save place.

Tatzel: Uh oh!

Matti: Just take care so that the bag doesn't fall into the water!

Tatzel: What's in there?

Matti: You have three guesses!

Tatzel: I mean, beside the chain.

Matti: beech-nut cake, filled with blackberry jam, tastes incredible!

Tatzel: Mh! Och, that's great. Actually, I'm really hungry, aren't you?

Matti: Yes, I'm hungry, too! We had some semolina stuff for breakfast.

Tatzel: Yes, yes, can't stand that stuff, either.

Matti: Mesides, well surly get a lot to eat at Lady LovelyLocks'.

Tatzel: We surely have made the rivers middel already. Do you have some more?

Matti: You can eat very fast. Even faster than me.

Narrator: Untill than the Dutchess has been able to restrain herself with some effort, but now she explodes litterally.

Duchess RavenWaves: Do you want to make a fool of me?! What's that rubbish!
Good, the two kids bring the golden chain with the pendant– and snake Lee told us about that story in every detail – to Lady LovelyLocks. But sadly, it won't get there. The rest of that story you can keep to yourself!

Magical Mirror: Just a moment, Duchess. If you exert yourself a little in the art of selfrestraind in the very next time, it surely woul have some unpredictable advantages for you.

Duchess RavenWaves: Don't talk in riddles! What do you want to say with that?

Magical Mirror: (laughs) Think about it. And don't say I didn't wan you, later.

Narrator: And no matter how the Duchess beggs for an explaination, the magical mirror doen't give her the desired answer. Angry she storms out of her chamber.

Duchess RavenWaves: Hairball!

Hairball: Yes, here I am.

Duchess RavenWaves: I can see that myself, dope! Now listen carefully!

Hairball: Yes?

Duchess RavenWaves: You fetch your Combgnomes and go with them to the Misty river, did you get it that far ?

Hairball: Yes!

Duchess RavenWaves: You catch those to brads from the magical forrest for me, and take them here, got it! Why are you still standing around here, off with you!

Narrator: Unsuspecting, the two friends have made themselves comfortable on the raft and let the warm sun shinde down on their bellys. Suddely, Matti pricks up his ears.

Matti: Eh, Tazel, don't snooze off. Do you hear that?

Tatzel: Oh, yes, there's someone crying
Matti: Strange. That far out on the river. But maybe it's coming to us from the shore.

Tatzel: (gasps in shock) What?What is coming to us from the shore?

Matti. (laughs) Don't worry! Hand me the bag.

Tatzel: Yes. Do you have more to eat?

Matti: No, but look at that! How the chain sparkles in the sun.

Tatzel: Yes, really great! Uh.. you know what idea I've got?

Matti: That you're still hungry! Just joking! Tell me.

Tatzel: Well, maybe I should put the chain around my neck, than nothing can happen to it. I mean – it can't fall into the water.

Matti: Okay, Tatzelchen. Because it is you. Wait, I'll help you. Watch out!

Narrator: And there it happens. If a wave has made the raft buck, or if one of them made an uncarefull movement, who knows. Anyway, the precious golden chain with the blue stone sinks sown into the waves before their eyes. Matti and Tatzel are laying flat on ther bellys on the raft, watching the chain, as it – still sparkling - slowly sinks and sinks till it disappears into the unpenatrable green depth of the river.

Matti: It is gone!

Tatzel: And do we do now?

Nebelmoog: (laughs)

Tatzel: Um... what was that?

Matti: The Nebelmoog.

Tatzel: Yes, but... there isn't any mist!

Matti: Yes, it puzzles me, too... The cring has stoped!

Tatzel: Yes, you're right. Um... Let's go back? Now that the chanin is gone...

Matti: I don't know... No! We visit the Lady anyway ad tell her everything. She will understand.

Tatzel: Ok.

Narrator: One could think that the chain has vanished forrever. But that would be very wrong in this case, for deep down in the river, the Nebelmoog has caught the chain. Did he make the raft buck? Pleased with himself he returns to his palace of artfull plaited seegrass and cobweb-fine algas, to this beloved, green haired daughter, Moma.

Moma: (cries)

Nebelmoog: Moma, my child. Look, what I have brought for you.

Moma: What is it?

Nebelmoog: Well, see how it sparkles.

Moma: (laughs) Oh! That's pretty! Where did you get it?

Nebelmoog: From two kids from the magical forrest. They wanted to bring it to the princess, who lives in that white castle.

Moma: You mean the one with the beautiful, blond curls? The one who did cross the Mist river not long ago? She had such a beautiful laugh and such wonderful hair. No ugly green creeper like – like me.

Mebelmoog: My doll. You're the most beuatiful Mistnixie of all rivers and seas.

Moma: That might be, but I'm tiered of only being able to touch solid groung wrapped in mist. I want to play in the sunshine, too.

Nebelmoog: Aren't you happy about the golden chain?

Moma: Yes, very much, father. I'm sorry if I made you sad.

Narrator: Meanwhile Matti and Tatzel have arrived with their raft, been cought by the wild Hairball,
and brought to the Duchess.
In the rose garden of her casles park, Lady LovelyLocks is cutting a bouquet of her favorit roses. Prince is playing not far away with a red-golden butterfly, who tries repeatedly to land on his nose.
It is a very peaceful picture, that ShiningGlory beholds when he opens the ironwork – garden door.

ShiningGlory: Lady LovelyLocks, I'm glad I found you. The park is very big and you know, I'm easily exhausted.

Lady LovelyLocks: Diden't you sleep well, ShingGlory? Havent you been able to rest enough?

ShiningGlory:What do you mean sleep. I've only rested fleetingly. I used the night to study the stars.

Lady LovelyLocks: And? Did the stars teach you something?

ShiningGlory: Um.... (caughs discretly) Well, I don't want to talk about thatnow, something else brings me to you. I've seen the shore of the Mistyriver in my crystal globe, and a raft from the Magical Forrest with a little green troll on it and a crocodile!

Lady LovelyLocks: Matti and Tatzel!

ShiningGlory: You know the crocodile?

Lady LovelyLocks: (laughs) That's no crocodile. That's a little dragon, who breathes fire and is called Tatzel. Prince! Come, hurry! We'll go to the river to welcome the two!

ShiningGlory:There's something else. I'm sorry to spoil your heapiness, but the magican Hairball has ocught them and broughtthem to the Duchess. He looked very grim.

Lady LovelyLocks: So? The Duchess will regret that!

Narrator: In the moment, the Duchess doesn't regret anything, though, to thecotrary!She is in a very good mood.

Duches RavenWaves: (laughs) So, who do we have here?

Hairball: The two from the raft, like you ordered.

Duchess RavenWaves: I didn't ask you, be sliennt!

Hairball: Of course, but I

Duchess RavenWaves: Didn't I tell you to keep your mouth shut?!

Hairball: Yes, but I....

Duchess RavenWaves: You try my patience! Why don't you look after your dear Combgnomes?

Hairball: Och, that's not necesary, I just saw them.

(Matti and Tatzel laugh)

Duchess RavenWaves: You two seem to find this fery funny. Hopefully you find it just as funny to go to the dungeons without any supper. Well! How are you called?

Matti: Matti.

Tatzel: Tatzel.

Duchess RavenWaves: Ah! That's better. I see, we can become good friends. Imagine, I know already that you found Prince's golden chain and that Owl Urda deciphered the line about the blue pendant: Find the second stone in the Country Of light. It will be the freedom of Prince .....
Well, you see that you don't need to make up some fairytale for me. I'm going to find that second stne. But where is the chain! Where!? Where!?
You won't tell me? Ok. You're going to the dungeon without anbats will fly like wet y supper than. There the spiders will keep you company and the bats will fly like wet scouring clothes around your ears! Well! Still nothing. GOOD! HAIRBALL! To the dungeon with them!

Narrator: While Hairballtakes the two to the dungeon, the angry Duchess runs about in her chambers.

Duchess RavenWaves: Those little devils! Mirror, show me where the chain is!

Magical Mirror: I can't do that.

Duchess RavenWaves: I can't means I won't!

Magical Mirror: (laughs) You wouldn't see anything.

Duchess RavenWaves: Show me, anyway!

Magical Mirror: (laughs)

Duchess RavenWaves: I can force you! ( she starts hitting at the glass)

Magical Mirror: No, you can't.

(The mirror breaks underneath Duchess RavenWaves savage beats.)

Narrator: The magical mirror has broken to thousand shards. The evil Duchess stares at the shards and barely hears a violant thunderstorm has broken out over the Land of Light. And it is that thunderstorm that attracts ShingGlorys attention.

ShiningGlory: What is the meaning of this?

(There is a knock on his door.)

ShingGlory: Who is it?

Lady LovelyLocks: Me. Lady LovelyLocks.

ShingGlory: Come in.

Lady LovelyLocks: I wanted to check on you because of that thunderstorm. You are all alone in the tower.

ShiningGlory: (laughs) How many thunderstorms I have come through alone here in the course of my life... Good that you have come, Lady LovelyLocks. Look at the crystal globe. Something must have happened.

Lady LovelyLocks: Maybe we can see into the castle of Duchess RavenWaves now and see if Matti and Tatzel are there.

ShiningGlory: No. I doesn't work. The magic that surrounds the castle is to strong, still. But see here. There is mist at the Misty ricer.Strange. That reminds me of the new star I have seen in the third square of Atlantica.

Lady LovelyLocks: Yes? What was with it?

ShiningGlory: Ah yes. Strange, but the stars told me, that the beeingthat is not of flesh and blood will help us, to solve a riddle. Yes. And the happyness was written in the sky, but very thin and meager and hard to decipher. And then Prince. Always again Prince.

Lady LovelyLocks: My dog?

ShiningGlory: Lady, one thing has become clear to me. Your dog Prince is more than just a dog.

Narrator: And said dog Prince has not been idle in the meantime. No sooner than he hears from ShingGlory that Matti and Tatzel have been cought by the Duchess, he had gone to the tunel he had discovered in the morning. Now, after hours of digging he has come to a brick walled passage way. How can he know that he's barely few meters away from Matti and Tatzel! And even if he did know, this brick wall he can never surmount.

Matti: Come on, Tatzelchen. Don't look like that. Surely we'll soon get freed.

Tatzel: Och, by whom? Nobody knows we're here.

Matti: Shurly it's gone around here.

Tatzel: Anyway, I'm hungry. And tristy, too.

Matti: What a luck we ate the cake before now. Or the stupid Hairball would have eaten it instead. Try sleeping a little.

Tatzel: Yes, yes. Good.

(They hear a dog, barking)

Matti: Listen! A dog!

Tatzel: Yes, yes. If he's looked up, too?

Matti: Oh man! That is Prince! He is behind this wall! We're here! Here! Can you hear us?

(Hairball comes in, dragging his feet.)

Hairball: What noise are you making?One is afraid the walls will crash from it.. Listen. I will bring you soup. But you must never tell anyone! Even if you're rosted over a fire!

Matti: By the great Troll. Even if we're rosted over a fire.

Hairball: Good. Now fink your soup and hide the bowls underneath the straw. I'll fetch them tomorrow. I can't open the door, I had to give the key to the Duchess.

Matti: That's not so bad. And thank you, Hairball.

Hairball: Hush! Don't make so much noise!

(Hairball goes away again.)

Matti: He's gone! Pay attention Tatzelchen, I've got an idea. We put the straw on a pile and you put it on fire – just underneath the lock. Come on.

Tatzel: I don't know. Do you think that will work?

Matti: Of course.

(The two put the staw on a pile underneath the lock.)

Matti: Now. Breath fire! Do you hear, prince is scratching on the wall. Soon we're free.

Tatzel: Attention! ( he breathes fire)

Matti: Great! Great, it burns! We'll wait a little, and then we'll through us together as the bars of door!

Tatzel: Mh hm!

Matti: Then it'll surely spring open!

(Steps can be heart approaching quickly.)

Matti: Be quiet for amoment. I hear something.

(Duchess RavenWaves is coming into the dungeon.)

Duchess RavenWaves: So! Just what I thought! But you have made a miscalculation!

(Matti and Tatzel start to whimper as she grabs them roughly by the ears.)

Duchess RavenWaves: What are you whimpering about. Seems like no one's pulled your ears in some time! I have an even cozier place for you! The winecellar has an oak-door and nobody can reach the key!

Narrator: Prince has heard enough. Like the wind he heads back through the tunel to the castle, through the park, down many corridors and up the stairs, till he sees light in ShingGlorys tower.
There ShingGlory and the Lady are still looking into the crystal globe, in hopes of fining a trace of Matti and Tatzel anywhere ans anyhow. But instead they only see the strange mist at the Misty river, in which it sparkels and gleams.

(Prince barks and scrtches on the door till it is opened for him.)

Prince: Finally I have found you, Lady LovelyLocks. I come to tell you that your friends from the magical forrest are locked in the winecellar of the evil Duchess.

Lady LovelyLocks: Oh Prince, my dear! You have found them!

Prince: The tunnel I discovered this morning ends in the cellar of castle RavenWaves. But I couldn't make it through the wall of the dungeon. I even tried to dig a tunnel underneath it – I tried everything!

Lady LovelyLocks: Oh Prince! You're bleeding!You poor one! I just saw it. Does it hurt very much?

Prince: Och, it is nothing, don't worry. But what shall we do with the two? I don't know what to do anymore.

Shining Glory: It looks as though we had to resotr to magical powers now.

Lady LovelyLocks: I go it! The Pixitails! Now the Pixitails must help. Come with me, all of you. We go down and meet them at the firefly hedge!

(In the meantime, the Pixitails are already there, waiting.)

Pixitails: Uh hu! Here we are! Hello. Isn't anyone there, though. But the Lady specificly said she wanted to meet us, here, at the fireflys. Yes. It is very romantic.. I love the romantic. And how beautiful they're glowing.. Hey you sweetys, couldn' you organise some lanterns? Yes, borrow us some lanterns. They don't have any lanterns. They're glowing themselves. At least, they could have answered. I asked politly, after all. I hear them. They're coming.

Lady LovelyLocks: Hello! You're there already! That was quick.

Pixitails: Oh no, we have been delayed. By Moma, of course. That is the youngest daughter of the Nebelmoog.

ShiningGlory: The stars! Lady LovelyLocks, remember what I have told you about the stars!

Lady LovelyLocks: Excuse me, ShiningGlory. I haven't heard what you said. Everyone's talking at the same time. Well, you Pixitails. What was with the daughter of the Nebelmoog?

ShiningGlory: That's it! That's the prediction!

Pixitails: She was very said. Yes. Because she's got no one to play with. Any always has to go around in the silly mist. And there we promised her to come for a visit when we have an oportunity. Yes, we have promised. She is very nice. Maybe we can chear her up a little.

Lady LovelyLocks: You'll surely manage.

Prince: As funny as you are.

Lady LovelyLocks: Yes. But call you wwe did because of a bad story. Matti – you know him already – and his little friend Tatzel are beeing held prisoner in Duchess RavenWaves wine cellar.

Prince: We have to free them. Who knows what the evil Duchess will do to them. She already didn't give them any supper.

Pixitails: Oh, we'll manage that. How did you get into the castle? Around the castle are very powerfull magical barriers, we won't get through them. No, we can't get through. Though something very bad must have happened today. But we don't know what. No, we don't know that. What might it me?

Lady LovelyLocks: Something bad.... Could it have something to do with Matti and Tatzel?

Pixitails: No, no! Don't worry yourself. Don't worry! It has something to do with a powerful magic. Yes, but we'll find out! Yes, we'll find out, don't you fear!
Well then, how did you get into the castle? Tell us.

Prince: I would have told you, if I had had the chance.

Pixitails: Yes, of course. We're always talking so much! And so fast! Nobody can come between so quicly! No, no one can come in between!

Prince: I give up.

Lady LovelyLocks: Well then, I'll tell you that princegot into the castle through a tunnle.

Pixitails: That's great! Oh, that's really great! Why didn't you tell us sooner? Underneath the earth there are no problems for us. Let's go! Let's go! What are we waiting for? We could ask some of the fireflys to accompany us. It sure is dark in the tunel. Hey, you. Do you wanna go on a strole-fly? Hey, you, hey you! Hey!

Prince: The do no say a word. They simply do it. How restful.

Pixitails: Prince! What's taking you so long? Hey you Prince! Where are you? You have to show us the way! Yes!

(Finally all to them leave together, leaving only ShingGlory and Lady LovelyLocks at the firefly hedge.)

ShiningGlory: What wonderful silence. Just listens, the sounds of a summer night.

Lady LovelyLocks: Yes.

ShingGlory: And the sparkling, fortune bringing stars at the sky. In such nights I love the life. .... Um... (clears his throught) Um, well. What I wanted to bring to your attention: the daughter of the Nebelmoog might be the luck brining beeing who ' is not of flesh and blood'.

Lady LovelyLocks: Why don't we stroll down to the river? Maybe she's still there! Then we could talk to her – and help her, if she's really so unhappy.

ShiningGlory: That's a wonderful idea. Come on, we'll go right away.

Narrator: And while the two walk through the magical summers night down to the river, the Pixitails and Prince are already in the tunel and under the the castle. They to must halt at the wall where Prince couldn't go on. But the Pixitails can fly after all. And so they race around the tunelfrom here to there and it didn't take them long to find a way through.

Pixitails: The important thing is, where in here. We're in it now. Now we just need the two little ones from the magical forrest. Yes. I look ofer here. Yes, then I'll look there, yes? But they're not there. They aren't here either! Well, quickly! I've got them, I've got them! Come here, all of you. Quiete, quiete! How cute. They've cudled close together.

(Prince comes in as well.)

Pixitails: Shht! Well, have you squeesed through the hole as well?Look, here they are. Hey you two sweeties! Wake up! Wake up!

Matti: Wha... Whe...Where am I? What is it, who are you?

Tatzel: What has happened? What do they want off us?

Pixitails: We're the Pixitails. Yes, the Pixitails. Lady LovelyLocks has send us . We'll free you.

Prince: Hi you two. Nice that we see each other again.

Matti: Should we tell him right now?

Tatzel:Uh hu. Then we'll have it behind us.

Matti: Um... wel, Prince. We atually came here to bring your chain back.

Tatzel: The gold one with the blue stone.

Matti: But... but we droped it into the river.

Tatzel: Yes, we're terribly sorry.

Matti: And we hope that we can make it up, somehow.

Pixitails: So Prince's chain it is. Oh, the chain of Prince! The famous chain from the magical forrest. The one the Duchess is running after so wildly.

Prince: You know where it is then? You're talking so strangely about it. Hm.

Matti: Yes, do you no something about it? Isn't it lost, maybe?

Pixitails: Moma has it. Yes, Moma has it. The daughter of the Nebelmoog. She's even offered it to us as a gift if we visit her. Yes, she did that, that's right. But we do it without it. Yes, we do not take gifts for that, right? Though it sparkeled very beautiful. Yes, it did! And how it did...

Prince: Maybe Moma is still at the river. Let's hurry.

Matti: Mh.

Tatzel: Oh yes!

Matti: Mybe we are lucky!

Prince: (barks)

Narrator: But it was easer said than done. The Pixitails got through everywhere. For Prince, it was a little harder already. But for Matti and Tatzel it was impossible to squeeze through the little chrack high up in the cieling. Now good advice was expecive. They thought here and there but there was only one way.

Pixitails: Just you be careful! Yes, be careful!

Prince: It must be! And what should happen to me?

Pixitails: Sadly, we can't do this. This area is of limits to us. Yes, off limits. We'd fly against an ivisable wall as soon we got up there. Yes.

Prince: Don't be so afraid. I'm gonna manage. And the fireflys will light my way.

Matti: It is very nice of you that you want to save us, but really, we can't accept it.

Prince: Now, don't make it too exciting.

(Prince squeezes out and is gone)

Narrator: Now they had to wait down there in the winecellar. Prince sneeked on soft paws up into the castle, in search for the key. A long time passed. Then, silent dogpaws came softly down the cellar stairs again.

Prince: Hush! (barks softly) Not a sound! She has heard something. But it seems, she doesn't know what it was, until now. ( He opens the door for them) Go, quickly! Hurry!

(Duchess RavenWaves voice can be hear throughout the castle)

Duchess RavenWaves: Who dares breaking into my castle! It is an insult! Hairball! Find be the burglars! They're going to regret it!

(The little group manages to go on without further troubles.)

Pixitale: Huury! That was just in the las second! Oh, if they had cought us! Prince, you where wonderful!So, we're almost out. I can see the stars.

Prince: Wonderfully! We are home! (barks)

Matti: Oh! Is that the cstle of Lady LovelyLocks?

Tatzel: Yes....

Matti: Magnificent!

Tatzel: It is huge! Look Matti, the lions, how friendly they're smiling at me!

Matti: Oh, Tatzel, they're made of stone!

Tatzel: Doesn't matter...

Matti: Where is the Lady, anyway?

Pixitails: I believe she's gone to the Misty river with ShiningGlory, to meet Moma. Heavens! We wanted to go there, too! To ask her if she'll give us Prince's chain. We'll promise her to visit her very often. Oh, I think the Lady is coming back, already. Yes, there she is!

Matti: Oh Lady LovelyLocks, I'm so happy to see you!

Lady LovelyLocks: hello little troll! What a joy !Hello Tatzel!

Tatzel: Hallo!

Lady Lockenlicht: Well, are you feeling okay?

Tatzel: Mh hm.

Lady LovelyLocks: How nice of you two to visit us. May I introduce? Tha it ShiningGlory. He has foretold me that you two would come. He is a wise man.

ShiningGlory: Good evenning, you two.

Matti and Tatzel: Good evening.

Matti: Lady LovelyLocks, did you see her?

Lady LovelyLocks: Whom?

Matti: Moma, the Nebelmoogs daughter.

Lady LovelyLocks: Yes, we did, Mati. We invited her to the castle, too. On the next rainy day, or when there is mist, we'll all play together.

Matti: Oh, great! But... where is the chain?

Lady lovelyLocks: ( pulls the chain out) Here.

Prince: That really my chain!

Matti: Oh, how great! How it gleams!

Tatzel: What a luck that its back again.

Pixitails: Oh, what a luck it is back again!

Matti: And we thought we'll never see you again.

Pixitails: (laugh)

End of MC 3

Tilly's picture

Thanks so much for translating the mc's. I'm going to read them all, finished 1 and 2 already, but it's time for bed now.

It's a very interesting story and so different from the comics and series.

Tilly's picture

Thanks so much for translating the mc's. I'm going to read them all, finished 1 and 2 already, but it's time for bed now.

It's a very interesting story and so different from the comics and series.

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