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02. The Cursed Prince

By Alarda - Posted on 02 November 2005

02. The Cursed Prince

And as the title suggests, we get to know a lot about Prince StrongHeart in this episode. It starts with Lady LovelyLocks, Prince, Matti and Knabberjahn crossing the Misty River. The wind has died down at some point, and the mist is coming nearer.

Surrounded by it, they meet the Pixietails, who have come to help the Lady not getting lost in the mist and because they couldn't wait anymore for her to finally reach her land (but they can only fly to the middle of the river, there is a magical boarder there, which they can't cross.)

Well, of course they get safely to the shore, where they part. The mist has cleared away and Matti and Knabberjahn have to get back to the Magical Forest until the mist comes back. The Lady and Prince are picked up by a carriage - made out of glass, pulled by two white horses, and with no one to drive it (well, the Pixietails say, they don't needed anyone to drive it, because the horses know the way...)

They have to drive through a wood to reach Lady LovelyLocks' castle, and because they live there, she is accompanied by the Pixietails. But because there are deep holes in the road (which haven't been there the day before, according to the Pixietails) one wheel of the carriage falls off, and the Pixietails fly to a near quarry, to get some of the men working there to help "repair" the carriage.

While she is alone with Prince, she meets the Duchess RavenWaves for the first time (on her black horse called "Titan") She is very unkind to the Lady, telling her that she had better accept that the Land of Light is her land now, and she won't let the Lady take it away from her. With that she rides off again.

Prince says that this means everything he has heard about the Duchess is true then, she is evil (well, being a dog for who knows how long... who knows how the Duchess was, as she was young... that means... as StrongHeart was still a human...) Lady LovelyLocks, always her good nature, kind and understanding self, thinks that it was perhaps just a misunderstanding. But Prince warns her not to forget that the Duchess is her enemy and makes her promise it - which she actually does.

From the two men that have come to help - and saw, like the Pixietails, the Duchess leaving, she gets to know how bad it is for the people under the regime of the Duchess: she takes all the gems away from the men who work there, they even seem not to get paid! (Under the old king, they where allowed to keep them, having to pay only a little part of their income as taxes.) If HairBall wouldn't let them keep some sometimes out of pity, it would be even worse...

The Lady promises to help them and make their life a better one again. And with that promise they part. The Lady and her companions drive on and the Pixietails part with them at the end of the wood and tell the Lady that she just needs to shake her hair to call them, and they will be with her as fast as a thought.

In the castle they are greeted by ShiningGlory ("Meister des Lichts" in German, which means "Master of light" translated into English). He welcomes her - he saw her approach in his crystal ball - and introduces himself and promises the Lady to help her to get to know about her land, her enemies, her friends, everything she's got to know.

A bell rings and prince runs off to see what it means. ShiningGlory wants to know what spell lies on the dog - which of course Lady LovelyLocks doesn't know! She doesn't even know of the curse yet! Everyone can speak in the magical Forest, so she's never wondered before, how he came to speak suddenly! But ShiningGlory promises he will find out.

He retires into his tower then, leaving the Lady in the company of two girls, who have been sent from the village to serve the Lady - I think that these two are Maiden CurlyCrown and Maiden FairHair. They are later called Princesses, but the two girls always sounded like them, always serve her, so I think this is a background for the two friends of the Lady.

Meanwhile the Duchess has arrived in her castle too. She yells at HairBall because he is in the castle and not at the quarry to get the gems and she's angry at him because the Lady has arrived in spite of his efforts - we get the hint here that it was HairBall how dug the holes in the road. Well, he is sent off to go and collect the stones and we switch back to Castle LovelyLocks where the Lady visits ShiningGlory.

He tells her about a new star that he has recently discovered and about a meeting of the witches on the the Blue Mountain - the highes mountain of the Blue Mountains - on which he will spy, wich means he won't be able to rest - well he never really is, or better, usually he has either not the time or he finds something else to do that is more important as resting, study the stars for example. So he is most of the time "very exhausted" as he himself puts it... Eye-wink

We switch over to HairBall and how he collects the gems and yells at the people, because they didn't have much, but they aren't very enthusiastic (Who would be, knowing that the stones he dug out will be taken away from him anyway?) And HairBall goes back to the castle, where the Duchess has seated herself on her magic mirror, which is actually her greatest treasure. He shows her very much, and tells always the truth.

At this partikular morning, she has seated herself at her mirror after a night without sleep, to get rid of her boredom. The mist is not over the river an that time, so she can have a look into the Magical Forest, and witnesses Matti and Tatzel finding Prince's chain and pendant. They find also the blue stone and see,, that there are words scratched into it. Well, the old owl Urda is the only one who can read, but she doesn't read very well. But we're told what it says anyway. Written on the stone is following sentence: "Find the second stone in the Land of Light. It will be prince ... (there is a something missing) - freedom."

Well, in the MC we don't get to know that yet. Urda, the old owl stutters and before she is at the end HairBall bursts in and the Duchess is busy yelling at him and after that, the mist is back over the river... But she hears it later from the Snake Lee. Well, she commands HairBall to find the second blue stone. Which is - unknown to her - in the possession of a man who works in the quarry and his wife. He smuggled a few gems home, as a saving for better times. There has been scratched something into this stone as well, saying: "StrongHeart in misery."

We get to know than, that ShiningGlory has overheard two witches talking about two blue stones in the Magical Forest, two stones that can break a curse. And because there is no mistaking that it has to be the stone from Prince's pendant, the two plan to solve the riddle about Prince and the spell that surrounds him.

With that, the terms for the next few episodes are set. Because the Duchess RavenWaves found out who Prince is through her magic mirror, it shows her something from her past: young Duchess and Prince StrongHeart dancing at a ball at her father's castle. And he refused her father's wish to marry her- despite his family lost their fortune and his father having lost his honor. He tells her strait into her face, that this wish of her father's will never come true. Te tells her that she is very pretty- but that she's got a heart of stone. And with that he turns around and leaves her.

From the Duchess talking to herself we get to know that she has searched for him a long time, to get her revenge on him for that humiliation. (Actually, she already got it, for she was the one who made the witch Lazulila curse him to become a dog! But okay, she's got pretty large ego and he hurt her pride, I guess.) So, in the next two episodes the two parties search for that second blue stone. Or let's rather say: to get all two into their hands.

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Mannon, if you read it, better change cursed to enchanted, would you?
I tried to go along with the english plotline and called it cursed like in the animation serie. But I've somehow feel more like stiking to the word 'enchanted' meanwhile, because it's translating to the german word 'verzaubert' used for Prince while revering to him being a dog....

Oh, and I'm still working on the rest of the transcripts by the way!

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