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01: At the Trolls'

By Alarda - Posted on 02 November 2005

01: At the Trolls'

The episode starts with Matti meeting his best friend Tatzel who is worrying about a lopsided, old chestnut falling on top of his cave. Of course it does fall on top of it, just as the two are in it waiting for another friend, who is supposed to take it down, a beaver called Knabberjahn, has to help them get out of Tatzel's cave again.

Tatzel lives near a spring, and because he's worried that parts of the fallen tree got into it and may cause a flooding in his cave, they have a look at it. But instead of broken wood, they find the unconscious Lady. They take her (still unconscious) to Matti's family, because his mother and grandmother know much about medicine and this kind of stuff.

Before they reach the house of the troll family, they encounter Snake Lee, who is spying on Lady LovelyLocks from that time onwards for the Duchess, who wants to take over the Kingdom of course, and therefore tries to stop the Lady in reaching her Land.

Well, as I said before, she stays with Matti's family for the (very near) winter. Lady LovelyLocks has lost her memory, all she can remember is her name. Matti and Lady LovelyLocks help the other animals in the forest, like Knabberjahn's family, to keep their holes in the ice open, and the squirrel Lissy to find her nuts and so on, because it is a very strong winter, with loads of snow and terribly cold...

On one such tour through the "Magical Forest" (Zauberwald" in German) they find Lady LovelyLocks' dog, which is Prince of course. She remembers him after caressing him, and that they had been on their way together, so they take him back with them, too.

At home, they discover that Prince can talk like a human (but he does bark, of course, too. Usually before he says something, and after he finished saying something). He can tell her a lot about what she was doing, where she was going and why and so on, and after hearing this, she remembers everything suddenly. She notices also that Prince lost his chain with the pendant (with the blue stone in it) and Matti promises her, that they will find it in the spring.

Well, the family finds out then that Lady LovelyLocks is a princess, which is somewhat like a shock for Matti. Prince is insisting on continuing the journey at once, which, as they are told, is not possible at the moment, for prince is too weak from getting seperated from Lady Lovelylocks and searching for her in the snow and because they've got to cross the river, the "Misty River" ("Nebelfluss" in German).

It is usually swathed in mist, and the crossing is very dangerous, because ghosts are said to live in the mist. Only during a few days per year, on clear days with a blue sky and wind from the south can it be crossed without danger, and then there is the problem, that there are no boats in the Magical Forest. So their friend Knabberjahn has to build a raft for them, which will take some time.

And then, they'll have to wait for a proper day, of course, which together takes all winter, so it is already spring, until they can cross the river. Knabberjahn pushes the raft through the water to the other side of the river, and Matti goes with them, to be with his Lady a little longer (the dawning separation is very hard on him, though Lady LovelyLocks promises him, that they will see each other very soon, because he will visit them, when he has found Prince's chain and pendant.

The episode ends with Matti and Lady LovelyLocks seeing the nearing shore of the Land of Light.

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Sorry everyone! As I was going through my finished transcrip of MC 1 for some ideas for possible sound clips, I noticed there are areas I left untranslated. I Used a typed RTF file from the german transcript to write this, replacing the geman text with the english one. But I didn't constandly worked in the same places, sort of stared here and there! Now I noticed I've left some things in german without noticing it! Shocked
I'm going to go through the transcripts I've send Manon so far, and send her a new edited for.
Sorry about that.....

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What does MC stand for?

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I suspect it stands for Music Cassette Smiling

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Sorry guys, I didn't notice that slip here.
And so did Manon, obviously. But Mira is right, of course.

It's just that the short MC is like saying CD over here: No one uses the longer ' proper name', and I didn't think to change the letters to 'tape', sorry....

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