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Biggest Ever DVD

By Webmistress - Posted on 07 August 2005

Biggest Ever DVD

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The quality of the episodes on this isn't so great, but it's okay if you want to add it to your collection or don't want to buy all the VHS tapes. Smiling I made my own personal DVDS from my VHS tapes, myself; good video quality VHS tapes of the show is worth it. Eye-wink

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What is the price and where do I purchase them?

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Smiling I saw this on ebay, do you know how many episodes it has on it? Thanks Smiling

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Hi! I have this DVD. These are the episodes that it features. It doesn't list them all on the box which makes it kinda confusing.

Dragon Tree
To Save my Kingdom
Noble Deed
Wishing Bone
The Discovery
The Bundle

Hope that helps. ^.^

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What is the quality like? Thinking of buying this on ebay. Smiling

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Hi there. I bought the DVD and was very happy with the results. I would rate it an 8 on a scale of 1-10 for quality. C:

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Laughing out loud Hi! How do I aquire the DVD? I have looked almost everywhere. Can you help?


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I'm uncertain myself, but I was fairly sure this was discussed somewhere before.

Maybe this listing will help though, unless some auction does list the episodes?

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