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A little Troll boy. He has brown eyes, green fur, pointed ears and a long tale with a quate. He lives with his family in a treehouse and his best friends are Tatzel and Knabberjahn, Prince StrongHeart and Lady LovelyLocks, of course, whom they have found unconscious somewhere in the forest.

He is a little impertinent sometimes, but very nice to and very helpful to others. And he is very loyal towards his friends - especially towards Lady LovelyLocks. He is intelligent and brave and collects blue feathers.

A little green dragon. His best Friends are Matti, Knabberjahn, Prince StrongHeart and and Lady LovelyLocks. He lives on his own in a cave and collects colored stones.

He thinks he is the last of his kind for a long time until he finds his uncle. He likes everything that sparkles and glitters and is hungry most of the time. He is usually nice and friendly, if a little frightful, but he can be a little impertinent too, sometimes. He can breath fire and Owl Urda likes to call him "Dragon brat!"

A reasonable beaver, friend of Matti and Tatzel - and of Lady LovelyLocks and Prince StrongHeart. He mumbles and he smacks when he speaks sometimes. He lives with his familiy at the dam somewhere in the near swamp, I believe. He is very loyal to his friends.

Snake Lee
At the beginning of the series, she is a spy and a friend of sorts to Duchess RavenWaves. She lives in the Magical Forest in the first half of the series, but then she lives in the Blue Mountains.
After some serious arguments with the Duchess (RavenWaves doesn't keep her bargains) she deserts her.

Lady LovelyLocks trusts her, thinking her nice, if rather inquisitive, and this seems to have left an impression. Lee starts helping Lady LovelyLocks in MC 5 and keeps to it through the whole series from there on at various occasions, from helping out with vital information, to small suggestions, to warning her about the poisoned wedding wine...

She's always kind of a mercenary soul, though she changes herself for the better.

Witch Lazulila
She has been the ruler over the Blue Mointains since StrongHeart's family vanished. She can only work magic when it rains and needs an owl's hoot so that her spells and curses become permanent, and she's a friend of sorts to Duchess RavenWaves. She's also the one who ruined Strongheart's family and cursed him to live as a dog. She's got a magical belt and her trademark is the wart on her nose.

The youngest, green-haired daughter of the Nebelmoog. She lives with him in a castle out made of sea grass in the deepest region of the Misty River. She is a Mistnix and can only come out of the water wrapped in mist.

She likes Lady LovelyLocks too, and they become even friends of sorts. At first she is very sad, because she has no one to play with, but then she befriends Matti, Tatzel, the Pixietails and Lady LovelyLocks.

He lives with his youngest daughter Moma in a castle made out of sea grass in the deepest region of the Misty River. He is the one who makes the mist and has to be some sort of a male mermaid or something. He laughs a lot and loves his daughter Moma very much.

He takes down boat rafts to the ground of the river sometimes so that his kids can play with them, but apart from that he seems to be a good kind of character, always helping when asked to, never harming anyone.

Owl Urda
A terrible know-it-all, who wants to be respected all the time. She likes to gossip very much and is sometimes called "chatter owl".

She is very intelligent and is the only one in the Magical forrest who can read - if not very good, though. But she can be very nice sometimes too. She keeps an eye on what Matti and Tatzel are doing most of the time.

She's an eagle owl by the way, but Matti likes to call her "old barn owl!"

Leilani (meaning "the happy one")
The little daughter of Lady LovelyLocks and Prince StrongHeart. She has red curles and green eyes. She is kidnapped by Bird Rah when she's only three days old and later brought back to her parents by the Pixietails.

Bird Rah
He lives in the swamp behind the Magical Forest. Only once every 5 years he can lay a golden egg.

He saves Matti and Tatzel after the dam has broken and kidnaps Leilani after being told lies about Lady LovelyLocks by Duchess RavenWaves. Later he wants to return Leilani to her parents, but gets caught by the Duchess and held prisoner, until he is freed by the Pixietails.

He is a friend of Tatzel's uncle Ewald.

Uncle Ewald:
He is Tatzle's uncle, but everyone calles him "Uncle Ewald". He is a friend of Bird Rah and lives in the swamp somewhere near to Rah's nest. He's already an old dragon, he can cook and is not together with a female dragon - and doesn't want to! He is very nice, unless teased, and very loyal to his friends.

Matti's family

Grandmother Troll
She knows very much about herbs and medicines.

Mother Troll
She has a big heart for every helpless creature. She is very kind and a great cook. She does like Lady LovelyLocks a great deal.

Father Troll
He is very famous in the forrest, gets called if somethings wrong. He is very stern with Matti sometimes, but he really is very nice. And he too, likes Lady Lovely Locks a great deal.

She is Matti's sister, likes bathing, does always what she's told, and does like Lady LovelyLocks a great deal.

Minor characters

A stable lad in Castle LovelyLocks. He is a good lad, as the head groom once put it, trustworthy, direct and loyal. If he is assigned to do something, he does it without delay and as long as it takes him to complete his task.

Head groom
He is very loyal to Lady LovelyLocks, but usually doesn't leave the stable grounds very often. He behaves like a fatherly friend towards the Lady sometimes.

Wizard Mandozi or Kandozi
He appears to be a neighbour of sorts to witch Lazulila. At first she has an argument with him over the borders of their realms, but then she goes to visit him, so they obviously get along when they aren't fighting over their borders.

He is a magical being who lives in the Blue Mountains, though it's never explained just what exactly he is. I think he may be a wind spirit or wind elemental or something like that.

He likes to tease witch Lazulila by blowing away the rain clouds, because she can't work any magic when it's not raining. He frees Prince from his prison in the stable of Duchess RavenWaves' hunting lodge, because he can't stand it when Lazulila tortures someone.

Charakters that came from the serie and were changed a little bit in the audio play:

Other than in the TV series, he is not known to change his height or form, but he is said to be Duchess RavenWaves' wizard and servant, so he may be up to it though - it isn't clear. Usually, he is her first punching ball and has to do a lot of her dirty work. But he is capable of feeling pity sometimes, and disobeys the Duches therefore sometimes. But he can be truly mean at times, too.

(His name in German "Meister des Lichts" means "Master of Light" in English.)

ShiningGlory isn't blind in the German audio play, though he is old and easily exhausted. He lives in the highest tower of Lady LovelyLocks' castle.

Prince StrongHeart
He can't change out of his form as a dog, like he is able to in the TV series. He only transforms back once the curse is broken. He doesn't live with ShiningGlory, but with Lady LovelyLocks.

In the TV series he is fair haired and has blue eyes, but in the audio play his hair is brown and his eyes are green.


There are only three of them in the audio play, and all of them are female. What's more, only Lady LovelyLocks can summon them, by shaking her hair. If she does they are with her as quick as a thought, otherwise they have to fly normally.

And there are sertain magical borders they can't cross without the help from elemental powers like rain, sun, mist, wind, etc... The boarders mentioned in the play are the one in the middle of the Misty River and the boarder to the Blue Mountains.

Comb Gnomes
Again, there are only three of them in the audio play and all of them are male. Their names are Paa, Pee and Puu. They are not very bright, can be really mean, but they don't seem to be as evil and mean as Duchess RavenWaves.

They call her and witch Lazulila mean, so under a different master, they could be different too, I guess. They are the spies of the Duchess, and they can go everywhere. Their limitation is definitely the lack of intelligence.

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