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LongCurl Dragon

Dragons are not native to LovelyLocks Land, but Lady LovelyLocks has befriended a couple of them, namely Longcurl Dragon and her 3 babies: Merrycurl (purple), Sweetcurl (pink), and Bouncycurl (green).

Baby Dragons

Baby dragons are born from the Dragon Tree. This tree grows from a seed planted by the mother dragon. Baby dragons are always born in three's. They actually pop out of giant flowers when those fall down from the tree.

Dragons talk common language with eachother, or say "Rak!" when they are under stress.


The inhabitants of LovelyLocks Village are the loyal subjects of Lady LovelyLocks. They rely on the princess for good weather and even for food on the table! Whenever something happens, they call on Lady LovelyLocks for help.

Some villagers are mentioned by name:
Brian: a little boy with black hair, wearing an orange outfit
Megan: Brian's sister, she has blonde hair and wears a light blue dress and a white headscarf.
Peter: Brian and Megan's father, he has black hair and wears a blue and white
Kirk: Brian and Megan's uncle, he has reddish brown hair and wears dark blue


  • Prince StrongHeart once spent some time in Lady LovelyLocks' company in the guise of a commoner named Mark.


  • Peter, upon discovering a sleeping giant: "Go to the castle, Kirk. Tell Lady LovelyLocks. She'll know what to do."

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I'm not a hundred percent sure what episode it was in, i think it was "The Menace Of Mirror Lake," there is a hot air balloon or something of the sort that comes down from the sky and Lady Lovely Locks talks to the "people" inside - there are a number of voices. They even ask her to come for a ride. To my knowledge, it is never explained to us who or what these "people" are or how Lady Lovely Locks knows them. If anyone has any more information, i would appreciate it.

Also, does anyone remember which Lady Lovely Lock episode is the first?


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I recently bought a video store rental VHS and it was explained that you could send your picture in and you could appear in an episode with Lady Lovely Locks. The example they showed was a little girl's picture inside the balloon and Lady Lovely Locks called her "Janet" and then they had a conversation.

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This series just keep getting more interesting!

"Shimmering Crystals Abound, Our Duchess shall one day rule!"

"Shimmering Crystals Abound, Our Duchess shall one day rule!"

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Awwww..they're born like pixies or fairies. Wow, how did I guess that? Most legends of fairie. Children are born from trees. I always wondered that. Later I will tell you a secret.... Well maye not. it's not time yet! But I have to wait for it. Alwells....

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