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Where can I get LLL items?

By Webmistress - Posted on 05 August 2005

The best place to find LLL items is eBay. I got practically everything I have from there!

Some tips to keep in mind:

  • Search for "Lady LovelyLocks" as well as "Lady Lovely Locks"... sometimes it makes all the difference!
  • Check the seller's feedback profile before placing a bid!
  • Ask for shipping/handling costs if they are not listed.
  • When bidding on videos, be aware of the different formats in other countries (PAL/NTSC).

Biggest Ever DVD

An absolute MUST HAVE is the Biggest Ever Lady LovelyLocks DVD!!!

Other places to find LLL items:

If anyone knows of more places to find LLL items, please post the link in this thread! Thank you!

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Hello! I've moved in and out of the country several times in the 80s, so my LLL movies were probably thrown out by my parents. Would anyone mind making some copies of the episodes onto VHS? I'd be happy to compensate.


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Is there anywhere to puchase the complete series on DVD or VHS?

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I've seen periodic sales of the movies on eBay and Amazon (they're REALLY expensive on Amazon).

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I'd love to have that too, but I'm afraid for now the answer would be no. ^^;

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I used to be a big Lady Lovely Locks fan, and have been searching everywhere for the tapes... to no avail though. My house burned down when I was nine and all my Lady Lovely Locks memorabilia went with it. Sad Please let me know if you ever hear anything about any VHS or DVD's coming out. Thanks much,

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