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Seek & Peek Game

By Webmistress - Posted on 05 August 2005

Seek & Peek Game

Mira's picture

I now have two almost complete sets of the Seek & Peek Game, and I noticed the backside and front edges of game board I just recieved is pink, whereas the other is dark blue!

So now I am curious... what background and front edge colour does your game board have?

Lady LovelyLocks's picture

My Seek & Peek Game is pink. I never seen blue, that is interesting.

Do not steal this image.

Mira's picture

Aha! Noting that down Smiling
Where did you find yours?

Suffice to say, the blue one will be the game board used when niece and daughter wants to play, and I'll try to keep the pink one as is, hopefully!

Lady LovelyLocks's picture

I believe I bought mine off eBay a while back. :3

I have always wondered when there is a difference between toys, if it makes it worth more or less...

I have a Moondreamers doll where they left the star off her face. And that is her trademark. Shocked

Do not steal this image.

Pam's picture

I would like to have the instructions for the Seek & Peek game.

EK's picture

Oh, my sister and I had this game! Seeing it again has brought back so many memories.

Mira's picture

I know it's some time since you asked for the game instructions... but here they are!

EricaVee's picture

This game was the BEST. I was a child of the nineties so I never got to see the cartoon or the dolls, but I got this at a yard sale because I thought the characters were pretty. I used to play this by myself because I liked it so much! My favorite was the villain--Team Brunette!

I also found a LLL book at a yardsale when I was little and was so happy to have another LLL thing. Even though it wasn't the franchise's heyday it still made a big impact on me! I would love to own some of the dolls, they are adorable!

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