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Comb Gnomes

The Comb Gnomes serve Duchess RavenWaves and HairBall. They are mischievous enough, but also very lazy and can be counted upon to botch a job. Even so, they are able to use magic to create whatever the Duchess or HairBall requires, and can even do magical attacks that look like lightning.

The pink one is called Snags. She always talks in rhymes, much to HairBall's annoyance.

The purple one is called Tanglet and doesn't talk, but only grumbles.

The blue one is called Dullah or Dullard?


  • Snags to HairBall: "Our evil duties we'll never shirk. It's time for Comb Gnomes to go to work."
  • Snags to a group of Pixietails: "I'm the meanest Comb Gnome that's around. I'll bring all you Pixies down!"
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Somebody said it was Deliah, when I was younger. But Takuu most know... I haven't gotten to watch a episode yet. Sadly I can't hear it because sound was taken off the business and library computers Sad

A New World Belonging To Lovely Locks

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In German there are actually two diferent sets of names.
I have one tape of LLL, the first two episodes actually, and there they're using the english names, actually. Puzzled

In the audio play, they have different names.
All start with P though.

* Pa -> Prunounced like the Pooh in Winnie Pooh
* Pe -> the A is pronounced like the A in father
*Pä -> The Ä is pronounced like a cross of the A in cat and E in elv

It's actually funny, when you're hearing HairBall shout their neames.

But in the german translation of the animated serie the names are the same than the actual english ones.

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