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The Comb Gnomes serve Duchess RavenWaves and HairBall. They are mischievous enough, but also very lazy and can be counted upon to botch a job. Even so, they are able to use magic to create whatever the Duchess or HairBall requires, and can even do magical attacks that look like lightning.

The pink one is called Snags. She always talks in rhymes, much to HairBall's annoyance.

The purple one is called Tanglet and doesn't talk, but only grumbles.

The blue one is called Dullah or Dullard?


  • Snags to HairBall: "Our evil duties we'll never shirk. It's time for Comb Gnomes to go to work."
  • Snags to a group of Pixietails: "I'm the meanest Comb Gnome that's around. I'll bring all you Pixies down!"
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in the episode "the rallye" hair ball directally points out each comb knome and called them by name
purple-tanglet (could be a girl)
blue- dulla

I have the episode up so every one now can see.


I have a few screenshots of the knomes from this episode and tanglet (the purple one) is looking rather girly.

*~Here if any one needs help~*

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In 03 Vanished, the pink gnome says, "Snags's off to count some sheep, then she'll get her beauty sleep."

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And in sweden they are called; Snagg (Snag), Tovi (Tanglet) and Skummis (hard to translate, but he meaning is like...."weirdo"...I think..

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when my sister got the menance of mirror lake years ago, i watched it and I think Lady does say the 3rd name...I thought it was Nulla or something to that extent, but I'm not sure.....Lady says it when she and the pixietails are in Tangleland Forest and the two comb gnomes have sprung out in front of them and are about to trap lady in a bunch of vines.

Although I think the colours vary a bit depending on which episode you watch.
I think Tanglet is pink.

It's true......
We're all a little insane....

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I just noticed last night that in the 5th volume it does say the 3rd comb gnome name, only once. Int he story where Hairball is tryign to win the race to rule the kingdom for a day he turns around and says "Tanglet and __" you stop her or something like that. I think it started with a D, try and find out from there.

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I just got that episode. Tanglet is actually the purple one's name while snags is the pink one. I think the blue one is nameless. I'll upload the race one after to take a castle.

*~Here if any one needs help~*

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Thanks for the tip, you're right! I thought I heard something like "Dullah" or perhaps "Dullard"? But I'm really deaf when it somes to things like that. I hope the name is some actual word like the other names, but I don't seem to be versed enough in English to make a good guess. If anybody has any idea as to what it could be, please post it! Thanks!

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Hello! I'm a new member and I just watched the finnish version of that episode. So if I translate the names the red one was "takku" and that means "tangle" and the purple one that never speaks is "sotku" and that means "messy" and the mysterious blue comb gnome was called "tärppä" and that means "stupid" I don't know if that helps at all. But I'm sure that it is actually the purple one who never speaks and the blue one is the mysterious comb gnome (and on my tape *she?* has a female voice)

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Maybe it was a mean nick-name they gave her. You think it could of been Deliah from the Bible? A think my friend years ago told me that. What do you think?

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Hi Takkujasotku,

Thanks so much for joining and sharing the info on the finnish Comb Gnome names! I would really love it if you could provide the finnish names for the other LLL characters as well, since I'm trying to collect them all in as many languages as possible. Smiling

~ Manon

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